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  • A New Account of East-India and Persia, in Eight Letters, by John Fryer, 1698, (English)
  • Akbarnama Vol.1, by Abul Fazl, 1897-1939, (English)
  • Akbarnama Vol.1, by Abul Fazl, 1873-1887, (Persian)
  • Akbarnama.Vol.2, by Abul Fazl, 1897-1939, (English)
  • Akbarnama.Vol.3, by Abul Fazl, 1897-1939, (English)
  • Diwan-e-Naziri Nishapuri, by Naziri Nishapuri, 2016 , (English)
  • Hyberniae Lachrymae, by Anon, July 14, 1648, (English)
  • Marcus Tullius Ciceroes thre bokes of duties, by Marcus Tullius Cicero, 1556, (English)
  • Noble Blastus, by John Randal, 1633, (English)
  • Padshahnama Vol.1, by Abdul Hamid Lahori, 1873-1887, (Persian)
  • Tabaqat-I-Akbari.Vol.02, by Khwajah Nizamuddin Ahmed, 1936, (English)
  • The Cognizance of a True Christian, by Samuel Gardiner, 1597, (English)
  • The Complete Poems, by Ben Jonson, 1975, (English)
  • The Curtaine of Churchpower and Authoritie in Things Called Indifferent, by James Henric, 1632, (English)
  • The Travels of Monsieur de Thévenot Into the Levant in Three Parts, by Jean de Thévenot, 1687, (English)
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