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  • Plouto-Mastix: The Scourge of Covetousnesse, by Thomas Foster, 1631, (English)
  • The Curse of Corne-horders: With the Blessing of Seasonable Selling, by Charles Fitz-Geffrie, 1631, (English)
  • The raging Turke, or, Baiazet the Second A tragedie written by Thomas Goffe, Master of Arts, and student of Christ-Church in Oxford, and acted by the students of the same house, by Thomas Goffe, 1631, (English)
  • The Historie of Samson, by Francis Quarles, 1631, (English)
  • Englands Hallelujah, by John Vicars, 1631, (English)
  • The most pleasant history of Tom a Lincolne that renowned souldier, the Redrose Knight, who for his valour and chivalry, was surnamed the boast of England. Shewing his honourable victories in forraigne countries, with his strange fortunes in the Fayrie land: and how he married the faire Anglitora, daughter to Prester John, that renowned monarke of the world. Together with the lives and deathes of his two famous sonnes, the Blacke Knight, and the Fayrie Knight, with divers other memorable accidents, full of delight., by Richard Johnson, 1631, (English)
  • The complaint of Christmas, and the teares of Twelfetyde by John Taylor, by John Taylor, 1631, (English)
  • Whimzies: or, a new cast of characters, by Richard Brathwaite, 1631, (English)
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