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  • A View of Englands Present Distempers, by William Beech, 1650, (English)
  • Sad and Serious Politicall Considerations, by William Prynne, 1650, (English)
  • A Declaration, by Wellingborough (England), 1650, (English)
  • Virgo Triumphans, by Edward Williams, 1650, (English)
  • An Appeale to All Englishmen, by Gerrard Winstanley, 1650, (English)
  • The Key of Wealth, by William Potter, 1650, (English)
  • Londons Charity Inlarged, by Samuel Hartlib, 1650, (English)
  • The Nations Claim of Native Right, by Thomas Harby, 1650, (English)
  • The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up In America or Severall Poems, by Anne Bradstreet, 1650, (English)
  • Sion and Parnassus, by John Hoddesdon, 1650, (English)
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