Anniversaries Upon His Panarete

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― Par nulla figura dolori.
Imprinted by Felix Kyngston, and are to be sold by Robert Bostock, at the Kings Head in Pauls Churchyard. 1634.

PUBLISHED BYFelix Kyngston,
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1. Anniversaries upon his

O Nïobe! that Story writ of thee
Shall borrow life and lineament from mee.
I'm stupid growne, and by continuate mone
A livelesse-senselesse metamorphos'd stone.
Where shall I then retire, dejected man?
But like the Desart-hanting Pellican,
To some darke Lawne, close Cell, or remote place,
Where I may take full view of Sorrowes face;
And make my selfe the Embleme? Where delight
In melancholy walkes, and Birds of night
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Shall feed my pensive passion, and in time
Make my retired bosome Sorrowes Shrine.
The throbbing Turtle having lost his Spouse,
Will not on any bloome or blossome brouse,
Nor roust on any twigge that's fresh or greene,
But like a Recluse live unknowne, unseene.
The chaste-choice Bird Porphyrio, left alone,
(Reft of his Mate) converts his mirth to mone;
Famine's his food, darke silence his repose,
Lost Love the Loome, his Life the Webbe of woes.
Retir'd hee lives, not seene converse with any,
His comforts few, his discontentments many;
Dew-trickling teares, like Christall Rills distill,
Which forme a funerall habit to his will.
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bloom, food, green, life, passion, twig

Source text

Title: Anniversaries Upon His Panarete

Author: Richard Brathwaite

Publisher: Felix Kyngston

Publication date: 1634

Edition: 2nd Edition

Place of publication: London

Provenance/location: This text was transcribed from images available at Early English Books Online: Bibliographic name / number: STC (2nd ed.) / 3553 Physical description: [48] p. Copy from: British Library Reel position: STC / 1195:25

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Original author(s): Richard Brathwaite

Language: English

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  • 2 ) image no. 4 (O Niobe ... funerall habit to his will).


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