Holy Incense for the Censers of the Saints

A method of Prayer, with matter,
and formes in selected Sentences
of sacred Scripture.
A PRAXIS upon the HOLY
OYLE shewing the USE of

Choyse Places taken out of the
singing PSALMES, digested into
a Method of Prayer and Praises.

Pray alwayes, with all prayer, and supplication in the Spirit, and watch thereunto, with all perseverance, and supplication for all Saints. Ephes. 6. 18.

Printed FOR obert Milbourne, at the signe of the Greyhound in Pauls Churchyard. 1634.

PUBLISHED FOR Robert Milbourne
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1. The Second followes,
which is

PETITION. The second part of prayer, which is Petition.

PEtition is either for

  • Our selves.
  • Others.

[Page 31] 1 Our selves, and is called Supplication, consisting of two branches, viz.

  • Apprecation.
  • Deprecation.

1 Apprecation, or collation of good, which also consists, in desiring;

  • 1 Supply of all wants
    • Spirituall.
    • Corporall.
  • 2 Continuance and encrease of all blessings both
    • Eternall.
    • Spirituall.
    • Corporall.

1 Apprecation, for bestowing of all good blessings, viz. 1 Supplying all our wants of things, 1 Spirituall, viz.

  • Grace.
  • Encrease of Grace.
  • Meanes of Grace.

Apprecation for 1 For the grace of free Pardon for our sinnes, that God for his mercies, promise, Christs sake 1. Pardon of sinne. (even the abundant merits of our Lord Jesus his bloudy passion, who hath satisfyed for them to the utmost farthing, by pouring out his soule for an oblation for [Page 32] the sinnes of the whole world) would be pleased freely to forgive, and blot them out of his booke, never laying them to our charge before men, to shame us in this world; or to our everlasting confusion before men and Angels in the world to come.

2. Faith in Christ. Of which that we may more fully bee assured, wee pray for a lively and apprehensive Faith, by which we may be inabled to lay hold on, and apply the generall and free Promises of Salvation, to our selves in particular, that God would seale up the assurance hereof to our consciences, by the gracious testimony of his holy spirit, giving unto us the spirit of adoption, whereby we may with comfort and confidence cry ABEA father, that so being justifyed and freed from the guilt and punishment of all our sinnes wee may have peace of conscience, being reconciled to him in his Sonne.

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2 Repentance unto life, whereby3. Repentance.our stony hearts may be softned & broken wth godly sorrow, & our eyes run down wth rivers of teares, for our falls and faylings heretofore, and we quickned to new obedience to serve the living God, in holinesse and righteousnesse all our remaining dayes.

3 All other sanctifying graces,4. All sanctifying grace. accompanying & furthering our everlasting happinesse,

  • 1. as saving knowledge, that we may understand what the holy and acceptable will of the Lord is.
  • 2 Fervent love to God, our brethren, yea our very enemies, for his sake that loved us when wee were enemies.
  • 3 Ardent zeale.
  • 4 Lively hope.
  • 5 Son-like feare of God.
  • 6 True humility and contrition of spirit.
  • 7 Sincerity and boldnesse in the profession of the truth. Perseverance, patience and strength under the crosse, Contentation in [Page 34] all
    2. For growth and encrease of Grace.
    estates, either of weale or woe, want, or abundance.

2 Encrease and growth of all these graces, that the bruised reed may not be broken, nor the smoking Flaxe quenched, but that our graces, like the light, may shine more and more to the perfect day; and our works be more at last, than at the first.

3. The meanes of grace continued and sanctifyed to us.3 The meanes of grace continued and sanctifyed unto us: as

  • 1 Gods Word
    • preached at Church.
    • 2 Read in private,
    that the holy Ghost blessing it from heaven, may bring it close home unto, and savingly worke it upon our hearts, that thus the heavenly spirit breathing on his own ordinances, they may quicken us, and become effectuall to our salvation:
  • 2 Sacraments.
  • 3 Sabbaths.
  • 2. Petition for supply of temporall wants.4 Prayer.
  • 5 Fasting, etc.

2 Supply of wants temporall, [Page 35] our owne personall concernements, and all outward blessings appertayning to this present life, Health, Liberty, Friends, Rayment, Food, giving and preserving to our use the kindly fruits of the earth, so as in due time wee may enjoy them: preservation in our persons and estates, Direction in all our courses, thoughts, words, actions: the blessing of God upon all our labours, a right and sanctifyed use of all Gods blessings, and chastisements.

2 Deprecation of Evills, personall, 2. Deprecation.nationall, both of sinne and punishment, either before or after it comes: Before it comes, aversion & prevention; After it comes, ablation or removall.

1 Wee pray against the evill of sinne, that we may be, 1 Delivered, freed and acquitted of the guilt and danger of all our sinnes. 2 Endued with watch- [Page 36] fulnesse, power, and dominion over them all: in our judgements to dislike them, in affections to hate them, in heart to bewaile them, and in life to forsake them —

1. To be freed from the guilt of Sin.1 From the guilt and danger, that our sinne may not shame us before men, and torture our consciences here in this life, nor condemne us body and soule in the world to com; yt our doing evil, omitting Personallgood, particular failings, frailties, distractions, indisposednes to serve God, our ignorance, Atheism, infidelitie, hypocrisie, inconstancie, pride, vaine-glory, envy, uncharitablenesse, putting off our repentance, forgetfulnesse, distrustfulnesse, unthankefulnesse, dulnesse, unchearfulnesse, [s]elfe-love, strife, wrath, flattery, idlenesse, gluttony, uncleannesse, covetousnesse, all inordinate desires, and all the evill of our good workes — etc — may never bee imputed or layd to our charge.

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As likewise the Nationall unthankfulnesse,Nationall.heresies, schismes, swearing, oppression, security — (which crye open mouth'd against us) may not enter into the eares of the Lord of hosts.

Secondly, That we may from on, high be indued with power over those corruptions, and lusts,2. To have powerto which pleasure allures, profit provokes, sinfull custome most1. Over Sinne.of all swayes us; the plague of our own heart, that the lusts of our flesh may be crucifyed, and the whole body of sinne abolished, and we leade our captivity captive.

  • 2 Victory over all the deceits of the whole world (which lieth
    2. The world.
    in wickednesse) and all the temptations thereof, that neither the persons, nor things therein, may become our snare.
  • 3 Over the Devill, that archenemy
    3. The Devill.
    of our salvation, and his fiercest and craftiest assaults: that [Page 38] he may never finally prevaile over us: that the God of peace, would tread downe Satan under our feete, and so make us more than conquerors, through our Lord Jesus, who hath loved us.

2. To bee freed from the evill of punishment. Secondly, Deprecation of the evill of Punishment:

  • 1. All those dreadfull curses due to our sinnes, that they may not be inflicted on us.
  • 2 Deliverance from all plagues, which we now feele, or hereafter may feare. viz.
    • 1 Judgements nationall, which the whole Land mournes under: Plague of the pestilence, famine, warre, sedition, conspiracie —
    • Personall2 Afflictions personall, that lie on our selves, either in soule, body, or in estate; troubles and terrours of conscience: griefe of minde, scandalls and offences, imprisonment, banishment, sicknesse, poverty, disgrace, losse of [Page 39] friends or any other afflictions of what kinde soever: preservation from and in all dangers, Death it selfe, the king of terrours, the day of judgement, from Hell, and chaines of darknesse, from Gods wrath, and everlasting damnation —etc.

Secondly, We petition for others, which is Intercession: and2. Intercession for the Catholike Church.thus here, wee pray for the Catholike Church of Jesus Christ, militant every where on earth, which is either,

  • 1 Uncalled (yet belonging to the election of grace) that they may be converted as
    • 1. Jews (our elder sister, which was in the covenant before us)
    • 2 Pagans and Infidels,
    that they may heare the glad tidings of salvation, and that the Sunne of righteousnesse may arise on them, with healing in his wings, that they may enjoy Gods Word, Sacraments, Sabbaths, that God would bring [Page 40] home them that goe astray, instruct the ignorant, and forgive them that rebelliously transgresse; Heretickes, yea the Enemies, and Persecutours of the Church, that they all may bee converted, or (if implacable) confounded: beseeching God to forgive our Enemies, Persecutors, and Slanderers, and to turne their hearts —
  • 2 Already
    2. Called.
    called, that the Lord would purge it from Schisme, and Heresie, and appease all unhappy differences in the Church, making all Christians keepe the unity of the spirit, in the bond of peace: and that he would warme and enliven the setling and cooled affections of these secure and earthly-minded times. To watch over it for good, whether in the transmarine
    3. In forraine {p}arts
    parts, and forraigne countries abroad, or our owne nation at home, & herein especially our gracious soveraigne King Charles, and his Highnes Domi- [Page 41] nions, with all his sacred Stocke and Lineage, the Queene, young
    2. Our land at home.
    Prince, Princesse, Duke: the Lady Elizabeth the Kings onely sister, and her Progenie. The Lords spirituall and temporall, those of his Majesties most honourable Privie Councell: the Nobility, Majestra[c]ie, Ministrie, the two Universities, the Gentry, and Commonalty, our Parents, Kindred, Friends, Benefactours, all such as we stand obliged unto by nature, desert, duty, or any speciall relation.
  • Thirdly, Afflicted in soule,
    3. Afflicted.
    body, or in estate, being oppressed, and persecuted under Popish tyranny, or Mahumetan cruelty: those that bee destitute of all comforts of this life, that want foode, rayment, harbour, liberty, peace, health, that grone under poverty, famine, nakednesse, etc. — that all the Israel of God may bee delivered from all their troubles.
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Printed for Robert Milbourne 1632.

2. A Praxis upon the Holy Oyle, shewing the Use of the Scripture Phrases, In
Praying, meditating, writing Letters, exhorting, comforting, reproving, etc. yea in any Christian dutie, on any occasion to be performed.

For Example.
Wouldst thou in the time of dearth, and famine, insert a seasonable petition or two, into thy prayers, that God would please to provide for thee, thy family — and the poore — etc. to remove this judgement, and send plenty — Turne then to the Heads, Famine, Poore, Plenty, provide — etc.

Let me (if thou wilt) spell thee out this lesson, and shew thee the way — thus then —


Numb. <2>7. 16.

O Lord, the God GOD of the Spirits of all flesh — who givest Psal. 247 9 to the beast his food, and to the young ravens which [Page 224] Scriptures. Heads. cry — the God which hast fed us all our life long unto this day — and hast Gen. 48. 15. said thou Heb. 13. 5. wilt never leave us, nor forsake us, Math. 6. 11. Give us this day Competencie our daily bread — feedFro. 30{.} 8. us with food convenient for us — The Psal. 145. 15-16. eyes of all wait Provide. upon thee, and thou givest them their meate in due season, thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living Deut. 26. 15. thing:— Look Scripture. Deut. 26. 15. downe now from thy holy habitation, from heaven, and Famine. kill Exod. 16. 3. not the assembly of thy people with hunger Amos 4. 6. — Thou hast given us cleannesse of teeth in all our Cities, and want of [Page 225] Scriptures. Heads. bread in all our palaces —Hos. 2. 9. thou hast taken away thy corne in the time thereof — Ezek. 5. 16. and hast sent upon us the evill arrowes of Famine — O Hos. 4. 3.Lord the LandSatisfie. mourneth, and every one that dwelleth therein doth languish — they that were1 Sam. 2. 5. full have hired out themselves for Eccles. 6. 7. bread, — and yet the appetite is not filled.

OurGen. 49. 20. bread formerlyPlentie. hath bene fat, and we have enjoyed royall dainties — theDeut. 7. 2. Lord our God hath beene with us, and we have lacked nothing —[Deut.]— 8. 9. we have Abound. lived in a Land, wherein wee have [Page 226] Scriptures. Heads. eaten bread without Judg 18. 10. scarsenesse — in a place where there is no want of any thing that is in the earth —2 King. 8. 1. But now for our sinnes thou hastFamine. called for a Famine, andPsal. 105. 16. it is also come — and thou hast broken the whole staffe of Job 20. 22. bread — such as havehitherto beene in the fulnesse of sufficiencie, are likely now to bee in straits —1 Sam. 25. 36. some thatFeast. have held feasts in their houses like the feasts of a King — are Isai. 8. 21. hardly bestead & hungryJudg. 19. 5. — & would now comfort theirEat. heart with a morsel ofDeut. 15. 8. bread — Many that have opened their hand wide un- [Page 227] Scriptures. Heads. to their brethren — distributingRom. 12. 13. to theLiberall. necessitie of the Saints —Lev. 25. 35. are nowAlmes. themselves waxen poore and falne into Jam. 2. 15. decay — and arePoore. de<s>titute of daily food.

LordDeut. 28. 12. open unto us thy good treasureGen. 41. 30. — and let notPlentie. the Famine consume the2 Cor. 9. 10. land — minister bread for our foodFeed. — andLuk. 1. 53. fill the hungry soule of thy people with Psal 144. 11. good things — that there may bee no complaining in our streets.

Thou hast promisedPsa. 132. 15. thou wilt abundantly blesse our provision, and wilt satisfie the poore with bread — Open [Page 228] Scriptures. Heads. now unto us the windowes Mal. 3. 10. of heaven,Plenty. and poure us out a blessing —Psal. 144. 13. that our garners may be full, affording all manner Gen. 27. 37. of store — with Abound. corne also and wine doePsal. 104. 15. thou susteine us — and with bread which strengthens mansEzra. 1. 1. heart. — StirrePerswade. up2 Sam 19. 14. the spirit — bow the hearts of — the mighty 2 Kin. 15. 20 men ofRich. wealth — that have plenty of bread —Abound. whoseHab. 1. 16. portion is fat, and their meat plenteous — to remember the poore — Almes. toIsai 58. 10. draw out their soule to the hungry, and satisfie the afflicted Job 31. 17. soule — not eating their morsell aloneNehe. 8. 10. — but sending [Page 229] Heads. Scriptures. portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared — andEsth. 9. 22. gifts to the poore. — O make them put Col. 3 .12. onCompassion. the bowells of mercy — being kindEph. 4. 32. to their brethren, and tender hearted — rich in good1 Tim. 6. 18. workes — ready to distribute, willing to communicate —Deut. 15. 17. not hardening their heart, nor shutting their hand from their poore brethren — that wee may all, eate in plenty, Iocl 2. 26. and bee satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord our God, that hath dealt wonderously with us — giving us 1 Tim 6. 17. richly all things to enjoy. Amen.

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2.2. In the time of Drought thou mayest thus poure out thy soule to God in prayer.


O Lord, thou art the Job. 38. 28. father of the raine, thou hastRaine. begotten the drops of Deut. 28. 12. dew — Wee bese<e>ch thee to open now unto us thy good treasure, the heaven to give us raine unto our land inJer. 14. 4. his season — because the ground is Drought. chapt — [Ier.]— 9. 12. the land perisheth and is burnt Drie.up like a wildernesse Psal. 68. 9.In our wants heretofore thou O God didst send a plentifull Raine, whereby thou didst confirme thine inheritance when it [Page 231] Heads. Scriptures. was weary — but now thou stayest Job. 38. 37. the bottles of heaven — Clouds. the showersIer. 3. 3. are with-holden from us, and there hath beene no latter raine—. Thus Lev. 26. 19.for our sinnes thou hast made our heaven as iron, and our earth as brasse — and hast commanded the Isai. 5. 6. clouds that they rain no raine upon us —

How doe theIocl 1. 18. beasts mourne, and theDrought. heards of cattell are perplexed, because they have no pasture? — HowJer. 12. 4. doth the land mourn and the herbes of every field wither? — Command now therforePsal. 78. 23. O Lord the clouds from above, [Page 232] Scriptures. Heads. and open the dooresPsa. 65. 10. of heaven — and waterHeaven. the ridges of the earth abundantly, settle the furrowes thereof, make it soft[Psa.] — 104. 14. with showres — cause the grasse to grow for the cattell, and herbe for the service of man — that thou mayest bring forth food out of the earth. — Drop Raine, downe then yee heavens from above, and Eccles. 11. 8. let the skies empty themselves upon the earth — Lord Job 26. 8. why bindest thou up the waters in thy thick clouds, and the cloud is not rent under them? — O Eze. 34. 26. cause the showre to come downe in his season, let there [Page 233] Scriptures. be showres of blessing — that the earth Jam. 5. 18. may bring forth her fruit — that we may Jer. 5. 24. feare thee the Lord our God, that givest us raine, both the former and the latter in his season — Amen. [...]


Dost thou goe to visit some sicke friend, with whom thou shalt happily be desired to pray; and wouldst thou bee able to speake a word in season to him — Run over with thine eye some of these heads — Pardon, Sinne, Sicke, Die, Death — Heaven, etc. and some choyse phrases of more speciall note and use, will offer themselves, which thou occasionally maist turne into Petitions — or make matter of comfortable meditation and discourse. Yea sup- [Page 234] pose thou thy selfe, wert falne sicke of the sicknesse wherof thou maist die — having received the sentence of death in thy selfe, — and that some friend (as Isaiah to King Hezekiah) should advise thee to set thine house, and heart in order, for thou must dye and not live, thou mightst weepe out (with Hezekiah) this comf<o>rtable meditation — under these Heads, Heaven. Desire. Glorified. Death. Grave. Resurrection.

Scriptures. Heads. O Heaven, the citie of our solemnities, a quiet habitation, Isai 33. 20. a tabernacle that shall notHeaven. be taken downe, not one of the stakes thereof shall ever bee removed, neither shall any of [Page 235] Heads. Scriptures. the cords thereof bee broken! — O Psal. 63. 1. how my soule thirsteth Desire. for thee! how my flesh longeth after thee, in a dry and thirstie land, where no water is! — But now (O blessed day! thrice welcome Die. newes!) — the messengers of death Pto. 16. 14. tell mee, that theGen. 47. 29. time drawes neere that I must dye —

1.Death. And shall I so Math. 25. 23. soone enter into the joy of my Lord? is the time of my DEPARTING so Tim. 4. 6. neere at hand? then bl<e>sse the Lord O Psal. 103. 1. my soule, and all that is within mee bless<e> his holy name! World. — I have long lyenDan. 7. 2. upon this great SEA [Page 236] Scriptures. Heads. — the world looking longly for this happy day, when one sweet gale of wind, my last breath, shouldHebr. 11. 10. waft me over unto a better countrey, that is an heavenly, [Hebr.]— 3. 11. — where I shall enter into REST, Col. 1. 12. and bee partaker of the inheritance of the Saints in light.

2. Alas! I am but a Stranger on this earth Psal. 120. 5. — and woe isWicked. me that I Sojourne in Mesech, that I dwell in the tents of [Psal. 120.] — 6. Kedar — my soule hath Mal. 3. 15. too long dwelt with such as — tempt Profane. GodEphe. 2. 2. — children of disobediencePro. 30. 12. — that are not washed from their filthynesse — [Page 237] Heads. Scriptures. I have beene long absent Ungodly. from the Lord — But now Eccle. 12. 5. I am going to my longDeath. HOME — to my Heaven. Fathers HouseJob. 14. 23. where are many mansions — whither my Saviour is gone before to provide me a place — there1 Sam. 20. 3. is now but a step betwixt me and life everlastingGlorified. — I shall2 Cor. 5. 8. now shortly be present with the Lord —Hebr. 7. 26. being seperate from sinners, and made higher than the heavens.

3. I dwell nowJob.. 4. 19. in a house of clay, whose foundation is in Body. the dust — an 2 Cor. 5. 1. earthly Tabernacle which may bee crushed before the [Page 238] Scriptures. Heads. moaths — But (blessed bee God) now I am flitting to an House, Heaven. not made with hands, but eternall in the Heavens, whose Heb. 11. 10. builder and maker is God —

4. Why should I then feare death, Death. though a King of terrours Job. 18. 14. to ungodly men? nay, with holy Job, All the dayes of my Job.— 14. 14. appointed time, I will waite till my CHANGE come — f<o>r death is but a Change, yea and aGlorifie. Change, also for the better — for thereby, Phil. 3. 21. Christ shall Change our vile body, that it may be fashioned like unto his glorious body — mortalitie 2 Cor.. 5. 4. shall bee [Page 239] Heads. Scriptures. swallowed up of life — then I shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more — nor sinne any more, O blessed Change! (for my sinning against my God, hath grieved me sore — hath even Psal. 69. 20. made me weary of my life — and broken my heart) but I shall then follow Rev. 14. 4. the Lambe whither soever hee goeth.

5 WhatDie. is Death, but a putting off the rags of mortalitie? 2 Cor. 5. 4. and why should I feare to be uncloathed, or be loath to put off this corruptible, yea rather why should I not be glad when I can [Page 240] Scriptures. Heads. find Job 3. 22. the grave? For 6 — Job 7. 21. Now I shall Die. SleepeJob — 14. 12. in the dust — I shall lye downe, and not rise againe, till the heavens bee no more [Job] — 17. 13. — I shall make my bed in darkenesse 1 Thess 4. 14. — I shall fall asleepe in JESUS, and Acts 13. 36. bee laid to my Fathers — where though wormes be spread under mee, and wormes cover me, and though afterJob 19. 26. this skin, they shall destroy this body, Resurrection. yet in my flesh I shall see God —

Therefore as the Hart Psal. 42. 1. panteth after the water-brookes, so panteth my soule after thee O God — My [Psal. 42.] 2 soule thirsteth, for God, for the li- [Page 241] Heads. Scriptures. ving God, when shall Life. I come and appeare before God? — My times Lord Psa. 31. 15. are in thy hand — thou breathedst into me, Gen. 2. 7. at first, the breath of Die. life — commandTobit 3. 6. now therefore, my Spirit to bee taken from me, that I may be dissolved and become earth — and my soule returne to God that gave it. Father into thy hands I commendPsal. 31. 5. my spirit, for thou hast redeemed mee, O Lord thou God of truth — Amen.

[Page 261]

3. In the time of Pestilence, thou mayest thus order thy complaint, and meditate -


RIghteous art thou, God. O Lord, Jer. 12. 1. when I plead with thee, yet let mee (who am but dust Gen. 18. 27. and ashes) talk with thee of thy judgements. Wherefore — Man. hast thou shewedPsal. 60. 3. thy people hard things, and made us [Page 262] Scriptures. Heads. to drinke the wine ofJer. 14. 19. astonishment? why hast thou smitten, Afflict. and there is no healing for us? Psal. 74. 1. — why doth thine anger smoake against the sheepe of thy pasture?Isai. 24. 11. All joy is darkned,Plague. the mirth of the land is gone — [Isai. 24.] — 7. all the merry-hearted doe sigh — weep, Jam. 5. 1. and h<o>wle Mourne. for the miseries that Psal. 83. 15. are come upon us — for thou persecutest us with thy tempest and make<st> us afraid with thy stormes — The Job. 6. 4. arrowes of the A<l>mi<g>hty are within us, the poyson Afflict. whereof drin<k>eth up our spirits, the terrours of God do set themselves in ar- [Page 263] Heads. Scriptures. ray against us.

For (Loe!) Death Pestilence. is come upJer. 9. 21. into our windowes, and is entred into our palaces, to cut off the children from without, and the young men from the streets — thy anger Deut. 29. 20. and thy jealousie smoake against us — and thou hast [Deut. 29.] 21. separated us unto evill Plagues. — there is a 1 Sam. 5. 11. deadly destruction, throughout all the Citie, and Country, the hand of the Lord is very heavie there, upon us — The Sword of the Lord, 1 Chr. 21. 12. even the P<e>stile<n>ce — fills all p<l>aces with Psal. 110. 6. the dead bodies — Slay. the carkeises of men Jer. 9. 22. fall as dung upon the [Page 264] Scriptures. Heads. open <field — the valliant Jer. 46. 15. men are swept away Rev. 2. 23. — and thou hast killed our children with death — O Jer. 47. 6. thou Sword of the Lord, how long will it be ere thou Peace. be quiet? put up thy selfe into thy Scabberd, rest and bee still.>

Surely Jer. 13. 22. for the greatnesse of our iniquities, Plague. our skirts are discovered, and our heeles made bare — Ezek. 33. 10. Our transgressions and ourSinne. sinnes bee upon us, and wee pine away in them, how should we then live? — We are Isai. 65. 3. a people that provoke thee, continually — Psal. 78. 8. a generation that set not our [Page 265] Heads. Scriptures. heart aright, and whoseUngodly. spirit is not stedfast with our God — therefore Dan. 9. 14. hath the Lord watched upon the evill, and brought it upon us — therefore the Psal. 106. 29. PlaguePlague. breakes in upon us — thouIsai. 14. 23. sweepest us away with the beesome of destruction — the Deut. 28. 21. noysome Pestilence cleaveth unto us — and we dye of grievous Jer. 16. 4. deaths — thusDeut. 32. 23. thou heapest mischeifes upon us, and spendest thine arrowes upon us — for surely Job. 31. 4. destruction is to the wicked, and a strange punishment to the workers of iniquitie —

O that we would1 Kin. 8. 28. [Page 266] Scriptures. Heads. know every mā{n} the plague of his owne Sinne. heart1 Chr. 21. 12. — then the sword of the Lord even the Pestilence Pestilence. — which thou bringest Lev. 26. 25. upon us to avenge the quarrell of thy covenant — should [Lev. 26.] — 6. no more goe through Jer. 44. 7. our land — to cut off from us, man and woman, Slay. child and suckling — thou Mic. 6. 13. wouldst then no longer make us Afflict. sicke Isai. 57. 18. in smiting us — thou wouldst then heale us, and leade us also, and restore comforts unto us and to our mournersComfort. — O Jer. 14. 7. Lord though our iniquities testifie against us, doe thou it for thy names sake, for our backe-sli- [Page 267] dings are many, wee have sinned against thee — Amen

[Page 276]

4. For Marriners or Seafaring men, etc.

O Jer. 5 22. Lord the great and dreadfull God, which hast placed the sand from the bound of the Sea, by a perpetuall decree, that it cannot passe it; and though the waves thereof tosse themselves, yet can they not prevaile, though they roare, yet can they not Job. <38>. 8. passe over it, for thou shuttest up the Sea with doores and barres, and sayest to the waves, hither shall yee come, and no further. Thou art the hope of all the ends of the earth, and of such as abide in the broad Sea, wee O Lord, whose imployment and calling is in the deepe, in this heape Psal. 107. 23. of great waters, in the midst of the Seas, that go down to the Sea in ships, and doe businesse [Psal. 107.] 24 in great waters, we see thy [Page 277] works and wonders in the deep. For thou commandest and raisest the stormie wind, which lifteth Psal. <1>07. 25. up the waves thereof. We mount up to the heaven, we go downe againe to the depths, our [Psal. 107.] 26. soule is melted because of trouble, wee reele too and fro, [Psal. 107.] 27. and stagger like a drunken man, and are at our wits end. O teach us to [Psal. 107.] 28. cry unto thee in our trouble, and doe thou bring us out of our distresses: make thou (we beseech thee) the storme a calme, that the [Psal. 107.] 29. waves therof may be still, and so bring us to the desired haven, then shall we praise thee Lord [Psal. 107.] 30. for thy goodnesse, and for thy wonderfull works, towards the [Psal. 107.] 31. children of men.

Thou art our refuge and strength, a very present helpe in Psal. 46. 1. trouble, therefore will wee not feare though the earth be removed: and though the mountaines be carried into the midst of the Sea: though the waters thereof [Page 278] roare,Psal.. 46. 3. and bee troubled; though the mountaines shake with the swelling thereof: for unto thee, O Lord belong the issues from death. O make us to cast the anchor of our hope still on thee, who hast hitherto mercifully delivered us from so great a death, and dost deliver us, in whom we trust that thou wilt yet deliver us. Let not the depths, we pray thee cover us, neither let us sink into the bottome as a stone, though the flouds compasse us about, yet let not the waves and billowes passe over us: thou makest a way in the Sea, and a path in the mighty waters, thou art the God that hast made the Sea and the dry Land, doe not thou suffer that there be the losse of any Acts 27. 22. mans life among us, let not a hayre of our heads perish. Appease the mighty tempest when it ariseth, that our Ship may not be broken, rebuke the wind, and say unto the waves peace, and be [Page 279] still. O teach every Ship-master, and all the company in Ships, Ezek. 27. 29. those that handle the Oare, the Marriners, and all the Pilots of Rev. 18. 17. the Sea, and as many as trade by Sea, to trust in the saving helpe Mar. 6. 48. of thy right hand, when we be toyled in rowing, and the wind is contrary unto us, and not to rely on our owne skill: take from us that desperate boldnesse, fearelesnesse of thee and danger, that Atheisme, Swearing, and Prophanenesse, and notorious Ungodlinesse, which is too often found in many of us: Make us to be at peace with thee, in the blood of thy Sonne, that he may be advantage unto us both in life and death. There is continually but a step betwixt us and death, yea even but an hand-breadth, Psal. 39. 5. for thou hast made all mens dayes as an hand-breadth,and our age is as nothing before thee; Be thou our life in death, and to trust thee with our bo- [Page 280] dies and soules, knowing that the Sea shall at the last day, give up the dead that are in it, and our spirits shall returne unto God that gave them. If thou please to bring us safely to land, O make us to remember our vowes, which we uttered with our lips when wee were in trouble, Judg.10.13. lest otherwise thou shouldst deliver us no more — Grant this grace unto us for Jesus sake, to whom with thee, etc. Amen.

5. Husbandman in Seed time.

O[I]say 28. Lord, doe thou teach me to cast abroad the fitches, and scatter the cummin, and cast in the principall wheat, and the appointed barley, and rye in their places, [O]vid. vers. 24 [a]d finem. capit.and that I may plough and sow in hope make me to breake up the fallow ground of mine owne heart: that the earth bring not forth bryars and thornes, and thist[l]es unto me, when it is tilled, neither be cursed for my [Page 281] Sinne. Make me to sow my selfe in righteousnesse.

6. 2. Spring-time.

Blessed bee thy name that Psal.65. 11thus renewest the face of the earth, that crownest the yeare with thy goodnes, and thy steps drop fatnesse — the winter is past, the raine is over, the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voyce of the turtle is heard in our Land — the pastures are clothed with flocks, the valleys also are covered over with corne, they shout for joy and sing. O make my barren heart to flourish in grace, to abound in the fruits of rightousnesse.

7. For Seasonable weather, Plentie — etc.

O Lord give us the raine ofIsay 30.23. our seed, that we have sowed the ground withall, and bread of the encrease of the [Page 282] earth, that it may be fat and plenteous. Let not the Locust, Catterpillar, Cankerworme, Blasting, Mildew, or unseasonable weather, deprive us of the fruits of the earth, but blesse them, and bring them to maturity, that our garners may be full, abounding in all manner of store, let our oxen be strong to labour, let the mower fill his hand, and hee that gathereth up the sheaves, hisPro.3. bosome, that our barnes may bee filled with plentie and our presses burst with new wine. Reserve for us the appointed weeks of harvest, and though wee deserve not the least morsell of bread we eate, yet thou that art goodnesse it selfe, and canst not but put on bowels of pitty, wilt fulfill thine owne gracious promise, that Seed-time and Harvest, summer and winter, may not cease: true it is Lord, we deserve not onely that the fruits of the earth, but even that [Page 283] our selves also should be swept away like dung from off the earth; for thou art pressed under us as a cart is pressed that is full of sheaves, — thou changest the seasons, because we change our obedience; our hearts are stony, and the heavens weepe for their hardnesse, yet we lay not all this to heart. —

— teach mee to provide my meate in summer as a Sonne of wisedome — and although theHab.3.17.fig-tree shall not blossome, neither fruit be in the vine, though the Labour of the Olive shall faile, and the fields shall yield no meate, the flock shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be18 no herd in the stalls: yet that I may rejoyce in the Lord, and joy in the God of my salvation — Amen.


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