By the King. The Kings most excellent Majestie, finding that the infection of the plague is at this present dispersed and scattered ...

By the King.

PUBLISHED BY Robert Barker



THe Kings most Excellent Majestie, finding that the Infection of the Plague is at this present dispersed and scattered, aswell into severall Parishes of the Citie of London, as into sundry other parts of the Kingdome, and now lately come into severall houses of the Citie of Westminster, some of them not farre from the place where the Courts of Justice are usually holden; And foreseeing, that if the generall resort, and concourse of people from all parts of the Kingdome to Westminster, for the occasions of the next Terme, should be continued in the ordinary course, the same might bee an occasion of further dispersing the sayd Infection, aswell in the said Cities of London and Westminster, as in other places, especially in the Throughfare Townes, which yet (by Gods mercie) stand free; And hoping that by the deferring and putting off the businesse of the next Terme of S. Michael, for some of the first Returnes thereof, and thereby keeping the Sicke from the Whole, till the coldnesse of the yeere come further on, may (by Gods blessing) bee a good meane to prevent the further spreading of that Contagion, whereby His Majestie, the Queene, and Prince, may afterwards with more safety come & abide at their usuall places of Residence & accesse, and His Subjects, aswell for their Suits in Law, as for their Trade and Commerce, resort to the sayd Cities of London and Westminster, Is therefore of His especiall favour and Princely goodnes, resolved to Adiourne the sayd Terme of S. Michael, (That is to say) in, and from the Utas thereof, unto the fourth Returne of the sayd Terme, called Mense Michaelis next comming, which his Majestie signifieth to all his loving Subjects of this his Realme, to the intent that they and every of them, who have cause or commandement to appeare in any of his Highnesse Courts at Westminster, in, or at any day or time from and after the sayd Utas of S. Michael, may tarry at their dwellings, or where their businesse otherwise shall lye, without resorting to any of the said Courts for that cause before the sayd Returne of Mense Michaelis next comming; And that without danger of forfeiture, penaltie, or contempt to bee incurred towards his Majestie in that behalfe.[Page] And neverthelesse His Majesties pleasure is, that two of His Justices (that is to say) of either Bench one, shall the first day of the said Terme of S. Michael, called Octabis Michaelis, according to the ancient order of the Lawes keepe the Essoynes of the said Octabis Michaelis. At which Utas of S. Michael Writs of Adiournement shall be directed to the said Justices, giving them authoritie to Adiourne the said Terme of S. Michael from the Utas thereof, untill the said fourth Returne of Mense Michaelis (as aforesaid.) And the said Adiournement shall be made in the first day of the said Utas, commonly called the day of Essoynes. And further His Majesties pleasure is, that all matters, Causes and Suites depending in any of his other Courts, betweene party and party, aswell in His Highnes Courts of Chancery, Starchamber and Exchequer, as in the Courts of Wards and Liveries, Duchy of Lancaster, and Court of Requests shall have continuance, and the parties shall have day from the date of these presents, untill the said fourth Returne, as before is said. Provided alwayes, and His Majesties Pleasure and Commandement is, That all Collectors, Receivers, Sheriffes and other Accomptants, and all other persons that should or ought to accompt or pay any summe or summes of money in any of His Majesties Courts of Exchequer, Court of Wards and Liveries, and of his Duchy of Lancaster, or in any of them, or to enter into any Accompt in any of the said Courts, shall repayre unto the accustomed places at Westminster where His Highnesse hath appointed such Officers and Ministers, as for that purpose His Majestie hath thought expedient, and there to pay and doe in every behalfe, as though no such Proclamation of Adiournement had beene had or made. And His Highnesse further pleasure and Commandement is, That all Sheriffes shall returne their Writts and Proces against all such Accomptants and Debtors, at the dayes therein appointed. And if any person or persons who ought to Accompt or pay any summe or summes of money to His Majestie in any of the Courts and places aforesaid, doe make default therein, That then His Highnesse Writts and Processe shall be awarded against them, and duly served and Returned by the Sheriffes and other Officers, as the same should have been if this present Proclamation had not beene made. And if any Sheriffe or other Officer shall make default, or bee negligent in Serving, Executing, or Returning of any the Writts or Processe aforesaid, That then every such Sheriffe and other Officer shall incurre such paines and penalties as by the said Courts, or any of them shall bee Taxed and Assessed; Willing and commanding all and every His Majesties Sheriffes, Officers, Ministers and Subjects to whom it doth or shall appertaine to observe and keepe their Assemblies and Apparances with all their Returnes and Certificates in His Highnesse said Courts at Westminster, in Mense Michaelis next comming, then and there to be holden and kept, and there to doe their Offices and Duties in every behalfe, in like manner and forme, as they should or ought to have done if this present Proclamation had not beene had or made, as thy will answere to the contrarie at their perils. And further His most Excellent Majestie, upon the same reasons, and out of the same provident care to take away all other occasions of needlesse resort and concourse in this time of danger, doth hereby straitly charge and command that no person or persons upon pretence of seeking helpe or Cure of the disease commonly called The Kings Evill, doe presume or attempt to come to His Majesties Court, or to the Cities of London or Westminster for that purpose before Palme Sunday next comming, upon paine of His Majesties high displeasure, his Majestie[Page] hereby declaring himselfe, that his resolution is not to sit for healing untill after that day; And therefore his Majestie doeth further charge and command all his Officers and Ministers to whom the same may appertaine to make stay of all such as shall be comming against this his Royall Commandement, and returne them backe to the places from whence they came, with such condigne punishment for their misdemeanour, as they shall thinke fit. And lastly, because his Majestie hath observed, that divers Noblemen, Knights, and other persons of qualitie, have beene accustomed towards the Winter season, to give over their House keeping and hospitality in the Countrey where they dwell, and to come up and live or soiourne at London or Westminster, or other Cities and Townes; A thing which hath beene usually forbidden, not onely in the times of the late Queene ELIZABETH, and of his Majesties Father (of blessed memorie,) but in the times of other his Royall Predecessors, and is of very evill consequence, the Winter time being a time when the Countrey hath most need of their Residence and keeping amongst their Neighbours, and attending the publique Services and occasions thereof, but above all other times, is not to bee permitted in times of Infection and Dearth; His Majesties expresse pleasure and will is, and hee doth hereby straitly charge and command (for the reasons and considerations aforesayd,) That they continue at their usuall dwellings and habitations in the Countrey for the Winter season now comming, without remooving themselves and their Families from the places of their abode to London or Westminster, or other Cities and great Towns, saving that such as for attending their Suits in Law, or other just cause shall bee occasioned thereunto, may come up to London or Westminster, leaving their Families in the Countrey, and to returne againe thither after their businesse dispatched, aswell to avoyd their owne danger, as to be a comfort and reliefe to such of their poore Neighbours as shall stand in neede thereof; And if they have any place of authority, (as being Justices of Peace, or other Officers) to take due care aswell for preventing the further spreading of the Plague, as to see that the Markets be well served with Corne and provisions at reasonable Rates and Prices: All which his Majesty straitly chargeth and commandeth to bee duely observed by all such whom the same shall any way concerne, upon paine of his Majesties high displeasure, and of such further punishment, as by the Lawes, or his Majesties Royall Prerogative may bee inflicted upon them, for contemning or disobeying this his Majesties Commandement at their perils. Given at his Majesties Court at Wansted, the ninth day of September, 1630. in the sixt yeere of his Majesties Reigne of Great Britaine, France and Ireland.

God save the King.

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Title: By the King. The Kings most excellent Majestie, finding that the infection of the plague is at this present dispersed and scattered ...

Author: England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I)

Publisher: Robert Barker

Publication date: 1630

Edition: 2nd Edition

Place of publication: London

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