Shadow and Sunlight

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1. The Parched Foot-hills of Jammu

1.It is raining on the parched foot-hills of Jammu
while snow falls on the mountain range
O my beloved from Chamba
my body shivers in the cold
but my heart burns with the fire of unrequited love,
O my beloved from Chamba.
2.Many feet of snow cover my roof
And the watchman calls out his warning
O my beloved from Chamba;
how can I alone remove
all these chunks of snow?
O my beloved from Chamba.
The dark and menacing storm-clouds
have surrounded us on all sides
O my beloved from Chamba;
but rising even higher than them
my loving heart is calling out to thee
O my beloved from Chamba.
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जम्मु दिया कंडिया

१.जम्मु दिया कंडिया बरखा लग्गी दी ते धारें पवै दे पाले
नी तेरे सो,धारें पवै दे पाले
ओ शौंकिया चम्बे देआ !
देह सीतै कत्रे डग डग कम्बै दी ते मनैं इच पवै दे जाले
नी तेरे सो, मनै इच पवै दे जाले
ओ शौंकिया चम्बे देआ !
२.गज गज पाला साढ़े कौठे पेआ दा
ते रपटी देआद्रा आले
नी तेरे सो, रपटी दे आदा आले
में इकली ने कियां कियां चुकने न ?
ए पालें दे ठाले
नी तेरे सो, ए पालें दे ठाले
ओ शौंकिया चम्बे देआ !
३.चौने चफेरें गै छाई छाई गेदे न
बदलू काले काले
नी तेरे सो, बदलू काले काले
बदलुएँ कोला बी उच्चा होई होई
मन तुक्की देआदा आले
नी तेरे सो, मन तुक्की दे आदा पाले
ओ शौंकिया चम्बे देआ !
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2. Behold our Lovely Dogra Land

1.Behold our lovely Dogra land,
Oh friend, behold our glorious land.
2.Behold the groups of lion-hearted men,
and women who seem the very incarnation
of the Goddess Durga and Chandi,
behold our glorious land.
3.Behold the colourful country
of green ranges, joy and happiness,
the lovely hills of Chamba and Bhales,
behold our glorious land.
4.Behold the beautiful girl
growing to maturity like the waxing moon
fed on the nectar of our springs and streamlets,
behold our glorious land.
5. Behold the twisting streams
rippling like serpents in the embrace of towering mountains,
and the milky Tawi
flowing down with serpentine bends,
behold our glorious land.
6.Behold the exquisite lakes
of Mansar and Sanasar,
behold in every home
maidens of beauty like the full-moon;
for centuries bards and minstrels have sung
praises of our glorious Dogra land.
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१. दिक्खी लै डोगरा देस ,
ओ मितरा, दिक्खी लै डोगरा देस ।
शेर मरदें दियां ढानियां दिक्खी लै
दुरगा दा रूप जनानियां दिक्खी लै
दिक्खी लै चणडी दे भेस - ओ मितरा, दिक्खी लै डोगरा देस ।
२.सैलियें धारें दी दुनिया दिक्खी लै
मीजें ते बहारें दी दुनियां दिक्खी लै
दिक्खी लै चम्बा भलेस- ओ मितरा, दिक्खी लै डोगरा देस ।
३. दिक्खी लै अमरत पी पी ऐ पलदी
दिनों दिन चन्ने नेई बददी फलदी
गोरी दी चढ़दी बरेस--ओ मितरा, दिक्खी लै डोगरा देस ।
४. परबतें नाग सौ साधेदे दिक्खी लै
द(?) नेई तवी नै खादे दे दिक्खी लै
नागनी आले पलेस --ओ मितरा, दिक्खी लै डोगरा देस ।
५.मानसर दिक्खी लै, सन्नासर दिक्खी लै
चत्र पुत्रयां दे घर घर दिक्खी लै
गांदे सराहना दरेस --ओ मितरा, दिक्खी लै डोगरा देस ।
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3. Anxious Questionings

1.The land is being prepared for sowing
and the young girls impatiently ask
"When will our brother return home?
He must come to protect the crops
which will soon be waist high."
2.Laughingly the mother replies
"Your father is constantly mending the fence,
do not worry, the maize is quite safe."
The land is being prepared
and again the girls ask
"When will out brother return?
The maize is now up to our necks,
who will look after it?"
4. Laughingly the mother replies
"Till now the crop is still unripe
and your brother is far away,
but as soon as the maize begins to flower
your brother will return to his home
and the village drums will begin to throb joyously,
do not worry, dear children, do not worry."
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गोडिया लग्गी दियां

१.गोडिया लग्गी दि यां
पुछदियां धियां माए !
बीर साढ़ा कदूँ घर औग ?
मक्कां लक लक आइयां ,
इन्दी कियाँ राखी होग ?
मक्कां लक लक आइयां !
२. हस्सी हस्सी आखदी ऐ मां,
मेरी लाडलियो !
बापु तन्दा देआदा झलाट,
तुस चिन्ता नईं बुज्जो,
मक्कां नरियां नरोइयां !
३. गोडिया लग्गी दियां
पुछदियां धियां माए !
बीर साढ़ा कदूँ घर औग ?
मक्कां गल गल आइयां !
४.आखदीऐ मां धियो !
मक्कें दे दमालदे गै
बज्जी पौने खुशियें दे ढोल,
अजें पूनियाँ निं आइयां
अजें वीर परदेस,
मक्कां नरियां नरोइयां !
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4. Monthly pageants

1.'Rim-jhim','Rim-jhim' falls the rain upon her bed,
and she stands outside her house
listening entranced to the flute of Krishna
2.Comes the month of Chaitra
and the garden overflows with flowers,
she gets up before the break of dawn
and picks them for her beloved.
3.Comes the month of Vaisakha
and the branches are loaded with flowers,
and the fragrance of the blossoms
fills the countryside.
4.Comes the month of Jyeshtha
and the hot sun scorches the earth,
my heart thirts for your love
like the fishes for water.
5.Comes the month of Asharh
and the mountain streamlets swell to gushing torrents,
those alone who have meditated on Him
will cross safely the broad stream of life.
6.Comes the month of Shrawan
and the maidens dress in flaming red
and shed their perfume in all directions.
Comes the month of Bhadra
and the nights are deep and dark,
those alone who have worshipped the sacred Tulsi plant
will cross safely the broad ocean of Existence.
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१. रिम झिम रिम झिम मेंह बरे
तेरे पलंगै दे उप्पर लगी झड़ी
घिर फिर कृषण मुरली बजावे,
बाज सुनकर बाहर खड़ी !
२. आया चेत नीं कोई फुल्ल जे बाग भरी
उठ कर मालन कलियां जे तोड़ो रैन रै गई एक घड़ी ।
रिम झिम .. .. .. ..
३. आया बसाख नीं कोई फुल्ल जे फुल्लें डाली भरी
डालियां दे उदर कलियां जे खिलियां इन्हां फुल्लां खुशबो घनी
रिम झिम .. .. .. ..
४. आया जेठ नीं कोई धुप्पां जे पौवन जोर घनी
जल बिन मेरा जियरा तरसे मछली तड़पे एक घड़ी
रिम झिम .. .. .. ..
५. आया हाड़ नीं कोई नदियां जे आइयां जोर भरी
जिन्हें ओ तपसिस्यें तप जे कीते उन्हें ते जाना पार तरी
रिम झिम .. .. .. ..
६. आया सौन नीं कोई सुआ जे पैनन अंग भरी
जिन्हें ओ सखियें सुआ जे पहना उन्हां सखी खुशबो घनी
रिम झिम .. .. .. ..
७. आया भादों नीं कोई रातां जे पौवन न्हेर घनी
जिन्हें ओ सखियें तुलसी जे पूजी उन्हें ते जाना पार तरी
रिम झिम .. .. .. ..
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5. Fly merrily,Bumble-bee

1. Fly merrily,bumble-bee
wander at pleasure
over the trees and the hills.
2.Your wings are small
but your flight is very long,
fly merrily over our beautiful land
decked in ther costume of Spring.
3.The hillside is covered with red and yellow flowers
and lovely peacocks dance in ecstacy,
the pathways and ravines alike
are covered with green verdure.
4.Flowers of myriad hue
cover the hillside,
lovers laugh and make merry
but secretly my heart is heavy and sad.
Your coat is black,O bumble-bee,
and its button white,
and your turban is yellow
to match the beauty of Spring.
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१. उड्डी भँवरा उड्डी भँवरा धारें केरी सैलाँ हो,
धारें केरी सैलाँ भँवरा बूटाँ केरी सैलाँ हो !
२. छोटे तेरे फंग भँवरा, लाँबड़ी उडियारा हो,
प्यारी एरे देस भँवरा, आई बसंती बारां हो !
३. धारें फुलौरी चीऊं ते सुने, मोरें पौरी पैलां हो,
हरे भरे हन नाले खोले, हेरी भेरी सब गैलां हो !
४. फुल्ल फुलौरे रंग बरंगे, कन्नें फुलोरी गुलबासी हो,
प्रेमी मानूं हसे ता खंगे, मने लगोरी उदासी हो !
५. कालो तेरो कोट भँवरा, बीड़े छित्ते छित्ते हो,
बसंती रंगे साफो तेरो, फागने री रिते हो !
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6. Beautiful Kablas

1.Behold the beautiful Kablas range
clothed with masses of glittering snow;
the peaks are encircled by rumbling clouds
and there falls a fine drizzle of rain
on the beautiful Kablas range,
Lovely meadows and deep ravines,
myriad butterflies and multi-coloured flowers away
on the beautiful Kablas range.
Thick clustered deodarand fir trees
give deep, cool shade,
and there are sweet pastures
where docile cattle graze
on the beautiful Kablas range.
High up in the mountain
are springs bubbling with icy water,
and from there are sweet pastures
where docile cattle graze
on the beautiful Kablas range.
On the darkest night of Bhadra
the pilgrimage reaches here
bringing countless men and women
to the beautiful Kablas range,
My eyes are never satisfied
watching the beauty of this range;
Lekh's only prayer is
that his whole life should pass
in contemplating the glory
of the beautiful Kablas range.
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१. कुन्ता कबलासे री धार, छित्ते छित्ते हिंवरे हिआर,
घिरी घिरी घेड़ां घेड़ां लाए बिदलार,
निके निके देवरी फुहार !
२. रोड़ां रोड़ां पधरां ते डुग्गे डुग्गे नाले
भांतंई चिड़ेलू ते फुडू हज़ार, हैरां कबलासे री धार !
३. घने घने गेईड़ सलां ठेण्डी ठेण्डी छावां
मिठड़ो घासे ते गवां केरी गहार, हैरां कबलासे री धार !
४.धारी बहा डल्हे ते ज़ठा निरु चले
निकां निकां नैग्गनूं ते पानी ठंडू ठार, हैरां कबलासे री धार !
५. भादूं अमासी ऐड़ी जातरा पूज़चे
मेनूह केरो भोए न कोई शुमार, हैरां कबलासे री धार !
६. रज़े न मन हेरी हेरी ऐसे धारी
उमरां ज़ोते 'लेख' इठी गुज़ार, हैरां कबलासे री धार !
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7. Cool are the shades of Haripur and Nurpur

1.Cool are the shades of Haripur and Nurpur,
in the shadow of this Barut tree
tarry awhile, O my beloved,
stay here for the night, stay here.
Climbing this steep ascent
my body has to bend and twist
and in my arms is a baby boy,
tarry awhile, O my beloved,
stay here for the night, stay here.
Snow white rice and pure milk
is the food of the Katoch,
taste awhile, O my beloved,
stay here for the night, stay here.
Snow white tents and green awnings
are the home of the Katoch,
pause here awhile, O my beloved,
stay here for the night, stay here.
5. Bright red beds with snow white beddings,
this is how the Katochsleeps,
sleep here awhile, O my beloved,
stay here for the night, stay here.
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हरिपुर नूरपुर ठंडियां नीं छावां

१. हरिपुर नूरपुर ठंडियां नीं छावां
हेठ बरूटिएँ दी छावां, सच्चें जानी छावां हो
पल भर बेई जाना , बेई जाना हो, चंदा !
रातीं रेई जाना रेई जाना हो !
२. ढक्किया जो चढ़दे त्रै बल पौंदे
गोदियें बालक ञयानां सच्चें जानी ञयानां हो
पल भर बेई जाना, बेई जाना हो चंदा !
रातीं रेई जाना रेई जाना हो !
३. चिट्टे चिट्टे चावल, दुध वै मांझा
इयै कटोचें दा खाना, सच्चें जानी खाना हो
पल भर खाई जाना, खाई जाना हो चंदा !
रातीं रेई जाना रेई जाना हो !
४. चिट्टे चिट्टे तम्बु ते सबज कनातां
इयै कटोचें दा रौना, सच्चें जानी रौना हो
पल भर रेई जाना, रेई जाना हो चंदा !
रातीं रेई जाना रेई जाना हो !
५. रती रती पलंग ते चिट्टा बछौना
इये कटोचें दा सौना, सच्चें जानी सौना
पल भर सेई जाना, सेई जाना हो चंदा !
रातीं रेई जाना रेई जाना हो !!
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8. Question and Answer

1.Wherefrom arises this dark cloud,
O Prithee Singh,
wherefrom rains this ice cold water?
From my heart arises this dark cloud,
2.Who was it made your bright fans,
O Prithee Singh,
who has embroidered your handkerchief?
My sister-in-law made my fans,
O Indra Devi,
my dear wife embroidered the handkerchief.
What are your sisters-in-law like,
O Prithee Singh,
and of what manners is your wife?
My sisters-in-law are like you
O Indra Devi
but my dear wife, she is much more beautiful.
4. May the lightning strike your sisters-in-law
O Prithee Singh,
and may the black cobra bite your wife!
Wherefrom arises this dark cloud,
O Indra Devi,
Wherefrom rains this ice cold water?
From my heart arises this dark cloud?
O Prithee Singh,
from my eyes rains this cold water
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कुत्थूं दा उटठी काली बदली ?

१. कुत्थूं दा उटठी काली बदली ?
ओ मुंडेआ पृत्थीसिंगा !
कुत्थूं दा बरसेआ ठंडा नीर ओ
दिलै दा उटठी काली बदली, ओ कुड़िए इन्दरदेइये ! ओ
नैनें थों बरसेआ ठंडा नीर ओ !
२. कुन्ने बनाइयां तेरियां पक्खियां ?
ओ मुंडेआ पृत्थीसिंगा ! ओ
कुन्ने ओ कडेआ रमाल वे !
भावियें बनाइयां मेरियां पक्खियां, ओ कुड़िए इन्दर देइये ! ओ
नारै ने कडेआ ए रमाल वे
३. केई जनेइयां तेरियां भावियां ?
ओ मुंडेया पृत्थीसिंगा !
केई जनेई तेरी नार वे
तेरी जनेइयां मेरियां भावियां, ओ कुड़िए इन्दरदेइये ! ओ
तेरे थमां सोनी मेरी नार वे
४. बिजली जे पवै तेरियां भावियां
ओ मुंडेया पृत्थीसिंगा !
नारै गी डस्सै काला नाग वे
५. कुत्थूं दा उटठी काली बदली ?
ओ कुड़िए इन्दरदेइये ! ओ
[Page 93]

9. My Beloved Comes Not to Me

1.The clouds tempestuous gather overhead
and the cold-rain drops begin to fall,
but alas, my beloved comes not to me!
2.The bulbuls chatter in the flowering garden,
and from the distant hill-tops
reverberates the call of the beautiful peacocks,
high above the papihasings in ecstacy
and from the bushes the chakor,
and the cold rain-drops begin to fall,
but alas, my beloved comes not to me!
3. The thunder booms, filling with sky with sound,
and in the trees the noisy birds twitter and sing,
the simple villagers carelessly leave their homes unattended
and thieves have a field-day,
but alas,my beloved, the thief of my heart,
comes not to me!
[Page 94]

घिरी घटा घनघोर ठंडियाँ बूंदाँ पेइयाँ

१. घिरी घता घनघोर, ठंडियां बूंदां पेइयां
आये नईं चित चोर, ठंडियां बूंदां पेइयां
घिरी घटा घनघोर !
२. बाग-बगीचें बुलबुल बोलै
धारें सुँदर मोर,
गासा गीत पपीहा गांदा
जाड़ें मस्त चकोर
ठंदियां बूंदां पेइयां !
३. चार चफेरै बिजली कड़कै,
पैञछी पान्दे शोर,
साधें होश नईं बिंद घरै दी
राखियां करदे चोर,
ठंडियां बूंदां पेइयां !
[Page 97]

10. The Bogus Contractor

1.We walk along the river bed
and he makes me carry the firewood,
but to people whom we pass
he says he is a contractor.
2.This torn shawl, the only one I possess,
was bought by my brother-in-law,
my husband never brings me
even a yard of coarse cloth.
3. This meagre plot of land we live on
belongs to my brother-in-law,
my husband falsely claims
to be a partner in its ownership,
4. He does not give me enough to eat
nor does he bring me anything to wear,
why,then,does he go about telling people
that I am his dear wife?
[Page 98]

नाले नाले जान्दा मिकी लकड़ी ढुआंदा

१. नाले नाले जान्दा मिकी लकड़ी ढुआंदा,
लोगां की गलांदा ठेकेदार बेलिया !
ओ लोगां की गलांदा ठकेदार बेलिया !
२. चादर जे फट्टी, देवरा दी खट्टी ,
ओ ते इक गज लट्ठा नईं लेऔन्दा बेलिया !
नाले नाले जान्दा मिकी लकड़ी ढुआंदा !
३. जितनी ए जिमी मेरे देवरा दी जिमी,
ऐवें जिमीं दा गलान्दा हेस्सेदार बेलिया !
नाले नाले मिकी लकड़ी ढुआंदा !
४. खाने जो निं दिन्दा मिकी लाने जो निं दिन्दा
ऐवें लोगां की गलांदा लाड़ी मेरी बेलिया !
नाले नाले जान्दा मिकी लकड़ी ढुआंदा !
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crops, milk, parched, rice, spring, streamlet, चावल, दूध, बरखा, मक्कां, मक्कां

Source text

Title: Shadow and Sunlight

Subtitle: An Anthology of Dogra-Pahari Songs

Editor(s): Karan Singh

Publisher: Asia Publishing House

Publication date: 1962

Edition: 1st Edition

Place of publication: London

Digital edition

Original editor(s): Karan Singh

Language: Dogri, English

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  • 8 ) pages 77 to 78
  • 9 ) pages 93 to 94
  • 10 ) pages 97 to 98


Texts collected by: Ayesha Mukherjee, Amlan Das Gupta, Azarmi Dukht Safavi

Texts transcribed by: Muhammad Irshad Alam, Bonisha Bhattacharya, Arshdeep Singh Brar, Muhammad Ehteshamuddin, Kahkashan Khalil, Sarbajit Mitra

Texts encoded by: Bonisha Bhattacharya, Shreya Bose, Lucy Corley, Kinshuk Das, Bedbyas Datta, Arshdeep Singh Brar, Sarbajit Mitra, Josh Monk, Reesoom Pal

Encoding checking by: Hannah Petrie, Gary Stringer, Charlotte Tupman

Genre: India > poetry

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