Devout Rhapsodies

Is Treated, of the Excellencie of Divine
  • GOD, His
    • Attributes.
    • Plurality of Persons.
    • Absolute Monarchie.
    • Good,
    • Bad,
    • Their Power.
  • How the Bad
    • Fell.
    • Tempt Man.
  • MAN, His
    • Fall.
    • Beatitude.

Haec omnia Liber Vitae (Continet) & Testamentum Altissimi, & agnitio Veritatis. ECCLES. 44. LONDON,
Printed by Thomas Harper, for Daniel Frere, and are to be sold at his Shop, at the Red Bull in Little Brittaine.

PUBLISHED BY Thomas Harper


[Page 67]
How shall our memorie, th [...],
[Page 68]
Of all Idaeas showing what has been,
Is extant, shall exist before us lay
All acts from the Worlds cradle to this day?
Present all passages through our life run,
The manie favours God for us hath done:
The many dangers we have scapt, the fights,
We had against the world, the flesh, the slights
Of Satan, how God aided with his grace,
And brought us Conquerours to this happy place,
Where (our browes circled with triumphant bayes)
Eternally we shall his mercies praise.
Then we surveigh the worlds Chronologie,
And entring in Gods Cabinet councell see,
Why he so oft hath suffered just men here
To be opprest, the wicked domineere.
Plainely perceive these miserable times,
To issue from the deluge of our crimes.
Our bloody sins have made so loud a cry,
Nothing can cure us but Phlebotomie.
We did abhor the very name of Peace,
The clamour of the Drum shall never cease.
We chase Religion out the Land, not any
One can content us, now we have too many.
Did too much plenty cause a surquedrie?
Famine shall cure it, and much penurie.
The stock of cattle spent, a barren yeare
Shall Victuals make, and Corne excessive deare.
Excises shall, set up on every score,
Adde to the famine, and undoe the poore.
Necessity caus'd taxes, the same Law,
Must keep 'em up to keep the rout in awe.
Why did th' ambitious Horse endure the bit,
To chase the hart, then would be free from it?
But cann't; who thrust themselves into a yoake,
Deserve to beare untill their backs be broake.
The Saints shall see why God permits all this,
And not a jot be troubled in their blisse.
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barren, cattle, cure, excess, land, plenty

Source text

Title: Devout Rhapsodies

Author: J.A. Rivers

Publisher: Thomas Harper

Publication date: 1647

Edition: 2nd Edition

Place of publication: London

Provenance/location: This text was transcribed from images available at Early English Books Online: Bibliographic name / number: Wing (2nd ed., 1994) / A67 Bibliographic name / number: Thomason / E.413[16] Physical description: [8], 79, [1] p. Copy from: British Library Reel position: Thomason / 65:E.413[16]

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Original author(s): J.A. Rivers

Language: English

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  • 1 ) tp, pp.67-68 (How shall out memorie ... troubed in their blisse)


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