The Last Offers of the Noblemen

to the Earls of Craford Glencairn and Lanerk, George Munro and others joyned
with them in the late unlawfull engagement against the
kingdome of England.

PUBLISHED BY Evan Tyler-Printer to the Kings most excellent Majestie


WHil'st by the reedy bancks of aged Cam,WEe have seriously considered the sad and deplorable condition, to which this Kingdome is now brought, by your proceedings and actions in pursuance of the late engagement, against our neighbour Nation of England, with whom Wee are joyned in Covenant, and the fearfull desolation that is like lie further to come upon it, by the return of a part of that Armie which invaded England; And after severall debates and conferences with your Lordships, these severall dayes by past, both by word and writing, Wee do find the state of the the difference betwixt your Lordships and us to be this. That which hinders agreement upon our part, is the point of conscience, forbidding us to do any thing, which may inferre an accession to the late engagement, the desire wee have to keep the Covenant and Treaties, and not break the Union betwixt the Kingdomes, and to avoid a quarrell with England, which may destroy this Kingdome and entayle a warre upon us and our posteritie, and to prevent the exposing of the cause and Kingdome to the same dangers under which they now lie, from which grounds Wee cannot part; Whereas the Arti[...]les on your part, which hinder agreement, are such, from which your Lordships may easilie recede. Wee have verie much endeavoured in our last paper to give your Lordships all just and reasonable satisfaction; Yet that it may further appear how desirous Wee are to prevent an Intestine Warre, and to have the peace of the Kingdome setled, Wee offer unto your Lordships these Articles following to be agreed on.



That for easing the Burdens of the Kingdome, and to prevent famine and desolation, all forces on both sides whither in the field or in the Garisons of Berwick and Carlile, or the Garisons within the Kingdome be disbanded betwixt the 25th day of this instant moneth of September.


That the secureing and setling of Religion at home, and the promoteing the work of Reformation abroad in England and Ireland, be referred to the determination of the Generall Assemblie or their Commissioners, and that all Civill questions and differences whatsoever be referred to the determination of a Parliament to be speedilie called.


To prevent the imminent dangers to Religion and a quarrell with our neighbour Nation in the mean time, un till the meeting of a Parliament (which cannot be done without a Treatie betwixt the Kingdomes) That all of your number who have been employed in publick place or shall forbear the exercise thereof, and not come to the Committee of Estates, to the end there may be a Committee of Estates consisting of such members as are free of the late engagement, & against whom England may not have this exception, That such have the manageing of the affairs of this Kingdome as they esteem their Enemies, and with whom they cannot treat. And if your Lordships shall out of love to this almost ruined Kingdome yeild to those our just desires, Wee are verie confident that the peace this Kingdome shall be setled, the union betwixt the Kingdomes continued, and all quarrells prevented.


Signed by command of the Commissioners for the Treatie. M. Tho. Henderson. Woodside 16. September. 1648.
Printed by Evan Tyler Printer to the Kings most Excellent Majestie. 1648.

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