Exclamatio Pauperum

Exclamatio pauperum:
THE Exclamation,
Those State Gudgeons at Westminster, who have
swallowed up their lively-hoods by their unlawfull taxes, to
uphold their Rebellion, to the ruine of the Kingdom in ge-
nerall, and the absolute beggering of many thousands of
Tradsmen (who before the ravenous state had the power to
stretchg them upon the tenters of their libidinous wills) lived
happily and plentifully with their families, but now for want
of Trade, they are in a perishing condition, and altogether
voyd of any reliefe fromthose who grind the face of the
Poore, and hate them, because they are the Image of God.
But I would wish all good men to observe the words of So-

Prov. 14. 31.
He that oppresseth the Poore, reproveth him that made him: but he honoreth him, that hath mercy of the Poor.
O cursed Monsters, and incarnate Devills,
Thus on the Kingdom still to vent your evills;
What! do you think there is no God at all,
That surely will with vengeance on you fall?
Yes, yes our God is just, and he will try
You in the fire of Hels eternity:
If you repent not, and for mercy crave,
Damnation you are certaine for to have.

July 13th Printed in the Yeare, 1648.

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1. Exclamatio Pauperum.

WHat! will you still run on to our destruction? without any remorse at all of our miseries; not so much as once to take notice of our future calamities, which are like to be greater than our present sufferings, although they be altogether insupportable, according to our weak abilities, for which we may think your ungracious inhumane proceedings; who that you may bee glutted with the riches of the Kingdom, and inebriate your selves with the blood of Loyall Subjects, you have hitherto, and still do by all means possible, both publick and private, both by intreaty and threates, endeavours to perswade and seduce divers to hazzard their lives, that so they might support your cursed and worse than heathenish cause: But now your hellish intentions having been found to be so horrid and cruell, even as to extend not onely to the murdering [Page 2] of many poor subjects of this Kingdom (which is a crime both by the law of God and man deserving death)but you have also endeavoured your selves: First to divest the King of his Royal Power, and by false and scandalous papers and pamphlets to alien the hearts of his Subjects from him; but you too would turne Regicides and destroy him (which if not happily prevented (by that good and loyall Gentleman Mr.Osborne) had doubtlesse in a short time effected by your agent, that wretched Cative, and ever infamous desperate Rebell Captaine Rolph, under the command of that cursed Cerberus, Hammond) an act so horrid in the sight of God and man, that if it had bin executed, must needs a hastned Gods indignation upon this milcreant Parliament, however the intention of the murther of so sacred a Person as is our King (whom we ought not to harbour an evill thought of) is sufficient to cause the earth to swallow them, as it did Chora and his complices, for their conspiracy and treachery against Moses, that so succeding ages might be forewarned, how they sought the overthrow of him that is appointed to be their King and Ruler.

Thus while you spare not any thing to perpetrate our miseryes, and make our dolors greater: Wee, our Wives and Children (to whose indigent and sorrowfull cries you stop your eares, like men who wish rather to continue our woes, than remedy them) are like to suffer by that miserable plague of Famine, our Wives so disabled with want, that they are not able to nurse their young children, who are in a perishing condition, not having reliefe according to their age; we our selves miserably afflicted and almost starved, victuals is so deer and chargeable, and our trading hath so failed us with your oppressions, that wee are many thousands of us enforc'd with hunger to beg for our livings, which is so [Page 3] poor a subsistance, to our needy and hungry soules (Charity is so slender) that without some speedy remedy, whereby we may be againe restored to our former callings, wee shall certainely dye in the streets by want of sustenance, while you at Westminster like so many Neroes (having your delight with your wantons and all varieties) sit upon the stage and laugh to see our miseries every way increasing, with Cities, Townes and Villages burning, the Innabitants some by the Sword, and others by the Famine or Pestilence consuming, and the earth all staynd with innocent blood, for which you must surely give an account in the last day, when your shifts, evations, and subtleties will not relieve you, nor mony purchase your freedoms before the dreadfull Judgement Seate of God.

Nay further, your malice is so great, and to shew how willing you are to destroy us, you would gladly have raised foure shillings upon each Chaldron of Coales for to have maintained that Helbound Haslerigge, and his Beagles, a company of Schismatical Sectaries, thinking thereby to uphold your drooping, dying, fading, falling, fainting Cause; but that our good Rulers of the City, in their clemency towards us, would not agree to your wicked desires: Oh what hellish Machiavilian inventions are these! still to plunge us further into extremity, not being satisfied to extort by Taxes, and other Oppressions (both numerous, and well nigh insupportable) from such who in some shall measure were contributary to our necessity, but likewise by the raising and inhancing of our necessary fire, that was the nipping cold of Winter come, wee may dye with the want of fuell, and by that meanes you be eased of [...] and teares, but be certaine they will ascend to heaven and plead against you.

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These, and thousands more of mischeifes are daily hatched by that wicked cruel, and bloudy Conventicle of Traitors against us, who like poore wormes are bruised and trodden to death by your pondrous and heavy foote-steps, daily walking upon, and as hungry Dogges devouring us, our Wives and Children, that you may be accounted the greater Tyrants by your insulting and domineering over us the poorer sort of People, after you have almost ruined many gallant Gentlemen with their Families, who we are confident would with the large extent of their Charities have relieved some of our indigencies, but by your diabolical useings, and worse than Turkish torturings, and most unlawfull Extorting both their Goods, and Revenues for this seven yeares now last past, to make up the ends of a few needy Scoundrels (who before these unlucky broyles (which were begun by you) knew not scarcely how to provide themselves bread to sustaine their hunger, but now by fishing in the troubled waters of this distracted Kingdome have raised to themselves great fortunes. And you who dayly ride up and downe in Coaches, sit and vote our miseries; yes, and feast, drinke, and drab at pleasure; never remembring the Kingdomes sufferings; nay you are grown to such a height of lewdnesse that there is not any thing which may be called sinne, but you endeavour to commit it without once reflecting upon the events of your ungodly proceedings; although it hath pleased GOD to give you so many, and convenient opportunities to procure a happy Peace, and stoppe all our distractions, and desolations which are so apparently falling upon us by all the Handmaydes of Warre, Pestilence, Fire, and Famine.

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While you (the Grand Assembly of incarnate Devills at Westminster, who have all along by your retoricall Orations, Lyes, and Forgeries blind foulded and led us into a Captivity, for the number of yeares farre worse than that of Egipt, pretending still it was for our Religion, Lawes, and Libertyes, and so ensnared us by your damned subtleties, where now a short time (to our hearts breaking hath layd open your reprobate intentions and made manifest to us your abhorred deceites and delusions, how instead of being the conservators of our Freedomes, you are the destroyers of our future good Hopes, to enjoye either Religion, or any good by your meanes: For you like Hedge-hogges not contenting your selves with the Milke of the Cowes dugges will suck till bloud come: I meane you, who not satisfied with the detaining of mens liveliehoodes from them, doe seeke to spill their innocent lives (because they begge for their owne) that so you may the better assure your selves to enjoy their Vineyards in safetie: But God is the revenger of all wrongs, and will make his Arrowes sharpe in the hearts of the KINGS Enemies, to their shame, and confusion.

Nay, it is not the Temporall Devills alone that worke our Woes, but it is likewise those Spirituall Fiends, and Sinagogue of Satan, who call themselves the Reformers of the Church, but are indeed the Deformers, which having changed their old Principles of Religion, Preach nothing but Rebellion and Treason, bespattering the Pulpits [Page 6] with Sedition, Blasphemie, and Heresie, and exciting all people to the murthering Kings, and killing Subjects, that they may bee upheld in their treble Beneficies, besides their foure shillings per diem, not caring who are the parties in sufferings and losses, if they may be principles in gaining.

Which divelish acts of theirs will surely be
Revenged by the heavenly Deity.
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