The Traveller's Song

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Traveller's Song;
Or, Pleasant
On the WAY.

In Edinburgh.
Psal. 104. I will Sing unto the Lord as long as I Live, and my Meditations of him shall be Sweet.
Psal. 143. I will Muse of the Works of thy Hands.
Printed for the Author, and Sold by Thomas Parkburst at the Bible and Three Crowns in Cheapside. 1699

PUBLISHED For George Liddell


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1.1. Cent. II.


WHEN I the pleasant Lilly see,
And all their Stalks so tall,
Makes me to mind that Promise great,
Of God to Israel.
Hos. 14
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When I do see the Scepter fine,
That does our Law so sway,
Makes me to mind that Promise great,
Of Shiloh in Juda's Day.
Gen. 49.


When I the Ram see Bitter sight,
And hears their Horns so snell,
Makes me to mind that Blast of them,
When Jericho's Walls down fell.
Joshua 6.


When I the flakes on Roofs do see,
Our Countrey People dries,
Makes me to mind that Rachab right,
Where she did hide the Spies.
Joshua 2.


When I the Covetous Worldling see,
And no Truth in his way,
Makes me to mind that Judas right,
That did his Lord betray.
John 18.


When I do hear the Birds in Cage,
So pleasantly to Sing,
Makes me to mind great Babylon,
That was a Cage of Sin.
Rev. 18.


When I do hear the Arguments,
That the blind World do show,
Yet I did know a Man in Christ,
Above Fourteenth ago.
2 Cor. 12.


When I do mind that Moses great,
Did Egypt's wealth despise,
And to the Recompence of Reward,
Did wholly set his Eyes.
Heb. 11.
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Abel has been 5000 years in Heaven,
And Glory yet to come,
When he has been a Million of Millions more,
It's but as new begun.(more,
I'll throw away my Quill,
Such Compting's pass my skill.
Gen. 4.


When I do see the Shepherds thick,
As I do walk the Land,
Makes me to mind those Patriarchs great,
That dwelt in Goshen's Land.
Gen. 46.


When I do drink the waters sweet,
It's to my Nature kind,
Makes me to mind my Saviour dear,
That turn'd it into Wine.
John 2.


When I do see the Corn so thin,
And that it is so blawn,
Makes me to mind that Famine great,
That fell on Canaan's Land.
Gen. 42.


When I do see the Hunter fierce,
Pursue his Chase so bold,
Makes me to mind that Hunter great,
Which Nimrod was of old.
Gen. 10.


When I am hungry and hard sted,
I do forget to Sing,
Yet I will mind Emanuel,
My Everlasting King.
Matth. 1.


When I do hear the Bells so loud,
And pleasantly to Ring,
Makes me to mind the glorious Day,
That Christ shall Reign as King.
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Are not the Ravens fed, great God, by thee!(me
And wilt thou cloath the Lilies, and not me
I'll ne'er mistrust my God for Cloath and Bread,
While Lilies flourish, and Ravens feed
Luke 12.


When I those pretty Birds do hear,
So pleasantly to Sing,
Shall I not warble forth the Praise,
of my Eternal King.


When I hear the Kine so low,
At Even when it is dark,
Makes me to mind the Philistines Kine,
That did bring home the Ark.
1 Sam. 6.


When I consider the Sparrows young,
And Hairs that s on my Head,
Makes me believe on God my King,
When I am scarce of Bread.


When I do see the Dew so thick,
That covers all Earth's Face,
Makes me to mind that Dew from Heven
That wet all Gideon's Fleece.(ve
Judge. 6.


When I do see the Greyhound fair,
That every thing outruns,
Makes me to mind my time so swift,
That to Eternity turns.


When I do see the Droves of Beasts,
All going to be Slain,
Makes me to mind our gracious God,
How he provides for Men.
[Page 23]


When I am by the Nettle stung,
And Blurs upon my Skin,
Makes me afraid that Pitch to touch,
Defiles my Soul with Sin.


When I do see the Rising Sun,
With all his Glorious Beams,
Makes me to love that Righteous Son,
With Healing under his Wings.


When I behold the Falcon fly,
And Steers her Course so even,
Makes me to mind Elisha bright,
In Chariot went to Heaven.
2 King. 2.


When I do mind Othniel stout,
That fought so for a Wife,
When he destroyed Debir strong,
That might cost him his life.
Judg. 1.


When I the tired Shearers see,
Do hardly lift their Hook,
Makes me to mind that Harvest great,
Few Labourers has to work.
Mat. 9.


When I the Fig leaves sees so broad,
That pleasant are and Green,
Makes me to mind our Cloaths at first,
Of neither Silk nor Seam.
Gen. 3.


When I do see the Ocean deep,
With all her Banks of Sand,
Makes me to mind Jehovah high,
That measures her in his Hand.
Isa. 40.
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When I do see the Flock so thick,
That's on bare Commons fed,
Makes me to mind the Flock of Chick,
By World no better sped.


When I do see the Chariots,
That's in so fine attire,
Makes me to mind Elisha's Guard,
Those Chariots of Fire.
2 King.6.


When I do see the Archers shute,
And Bows abiding strength,
Makes me to mind our Joseph right,
Whose Arms abode in strength.
Gen. 49.


When we have Eaten and are full,
Of what is in our Hand,
Let us be thankful unto God,
That gave this plenty Land.
Deut. 8.


When I our pretty Children see,
With Coats of divers Colour,
Makes me to mind our Joseph right,
Who had just such another.
Gen. 37.


When I Sun, Moon and Stars do see,
So glorious in the Heavens,
Makes me to mind our Joseph right,
With all his Noble Dreams.
Gen. 37.


When I that Reuben right do mind,
A tender hearted Brother,
Should we not Loving Christians be,
Preserving one another.
Gen. 37.
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[...]how doth the hunted Hart,
For Water Pant and Bray,
So was our David for his God,
When hunted in Saul's Day.


When I did drink the Water sweet,
That comes from Jacob's Well,
Makes me to love that great Reward,
That Jacob got himsel.


When I the light at Morn do see,
Come in the Window clear,
Makes me to mind how light of Saints,
Ought to the World appear.
Matth. 5.


When I do mind great Joshua,
With God such favour fand,
As to possess him fairly in,
Into that Canaan's Land.
Deut. 1.


When I observe the Sabbath-day,
To my Eternal King,
Makes me to mind that Sabbath still,
That Saints enjoy in Heaven.
Isa. 58.


When I do hear our Ministers,
Those Gospel-Tydings tell,
Makes me to mind Jehovah high,
That spoke them first himsel.
Exod. 20


When I do hear the Psalm so loud,
Praising Jehovah King,
Makes me to long to see that Day,
When Saints shall Praise and Sing.
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When I behold the Promises great,
And on them cast my Eye,
I think not much that Angels make it,
Their delight to pry.
1 Pet. 1.


When I do lye on Cheviot Hills,
All Night among the Heather,
Makes me to mind that Bethel right,
And Jacob with his Ladder.
Gen. 28.


When I the Yellow Yalderon seen,
That pretty Bird so fine,
Makes me to mind Jehovah great,
Created every kind.
Gen. 2.


When I do see the Birds in Nests,
So curiously to breed,
Makes me to mind my Saviour dear,
Knew not to lay his Head.
Luke. 9.


When I do see the Garden fair.
And Flowers so pleasant in,
Makes me to mind that Paradice,
Where first began our Sin.


Hosanna's high Jerusalem,
Your King comes on an Ass,
With all those Palm-trees in your Hands,
The way that he is to pass.
John 12.


When I do feel that pleasant smell,
The Balm has under shade,
Makes me to mind that Balm so fine,
That came from Gilead.
Gen. 37.
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When I do see the Stone so swift,
That from the Sling proceed,
Makes me to mind how deep it sunk,
Into Goliah's Head.
1 Sam.17.


When I do see the Ax so sharp,
That cuts the Wood so green,
Makes me to mind Elisha right,
That caused Iron to swim.
2 King.6.


When I do see the Dew so thick,
Upon the Grass that's mowen,
Makes me to mind the Duty right,
That Magistrates are owing.
Psal. 72.


When I do mind Electing Chains,
In Romans Eight that be,
Wish God may shew me the first Link,
The rest will come to me.
Rom. 8.


Make haste Zacheus, and climb the Tree,
By comes Zion's King,
Which to thy House Salvation,
This Day shall freely bring.
Luk. 19.


When I do hear a Flatterer,
For all his pleasant words,
Yet I will mind his Tales to me,
Is like to Drawn Swords.
Psal. 55.


When I do see the Worldly proud,
And no good in their mean,
I think they're as great Fools to see,
As Cokers to the Queen of Heaven.
Jerem. 7.
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When I those Heads so high do see,
Our Female Sex do wear,
Makes me to think the Judgment-Day.
Should make them all to fear.
Isa. 3. 16.


When I do see them Patch and Paine,
That does their Face so tear,
Makes me to mind the sad lament,
Of Judah, tho' they wear.
Jer. 4.


When I unthankful Men do see,
Fed in our Land so thick,
Makes me to mind Jesurun right,
When he with fat did kick.
Deut. 32.


When we do hear Idolaters,
For all their fair pretence,
Yet let us look the Scripture clear,
It's wholly our defence.
Deut. 13,


When I do see Idolaters,
At their Devotion false,
Makes me to mind Jeroboam so clear,
His Dan and Bethel's Calves.
1 King.12.


When I do see the Kine so fat,
That's fed on Meadows green,
Makes me to mind that Emblem right,
Of Pharaoh with his Dream.
Gen. 41.


When I do see the Smoke so thick,
That from the Chimney fly,
Makes me to mind how Smoke of Sin,
Ascends the Heavens high.
Isa. 66.
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When I do see the raging Sea,
So throwing out her filth,
Makes me to mind the wicked's Life,
With pity in their mirth.
Isa. 57.


When I the Scarlet fine do see,
So Curious and Red,
Makes me to mind that Rachab's Sign,
Was by a Scarlet Thread.
Josh. 2.


When I behold the Field in May,
So pleasant and so green,
Makes me to mind that glory still,
That Saints enjoy in Heaven.


When I do see the Boughs so green,
To spread themselves by Well,
Makes me to mind that fruitful Branch,
Of Joseph over Wall.
Gen 49.


When I do see the Serpent crawl,
On Belly as a Slave,
Makes me to mind its punishment,
Since it deceived Eve.
Gen. 3.


When I do see the Water run,
That hath her Banks so torn,
Makes me to mind that Reuben right,
That was to Jacob born.
Gen. 49.


When I do see the Fire burn,
With Colours Red and Blue,
Makes me to mind how it consum'd,
Nadab and Abihu.
Levit. 30.
[Page 30]


Now when the Meadow's full of Grass
It's pleasant to be seen,
Makes me to mind our David right,
With all his Pastures Green.
Psal. 23.


When I do hear the Black-bird sing,
In the Month of May,
Makes me to mind the pleasant Song
That Saints do sing alway.


Into us happily the Lines,
In pleasant places fell,
Because our Gospel firmly stands,
Against the Gates of Hell.
Psal. 16.


When I do see Professors fair,
With every Wind to shake,
Makes me to mind that Demas guile,
That did the Truth forsake.
2 Tim. 4.


When I the Tiles on Houses see,
With all their crooked forms,
Makes me to mind how Luther bold,
Went to the City Wormes.


When I do hear the Oxen Low,
And Bleating of the Sheep,
Makes me to mind such Sacrifice,
As Saul of Agag kept.
2 Sam. 15.


When I do hear them Curse and Swear
Such Oaths would tear thy Sky,
Makes me to think our God's most high,
Does not in Hell them tye.
Lev. 24.
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When I the Sun on Dial see,
It does my fancy raise,
How it went backward Ten Degrees,
On the Dial of Ahaze.
2 King. 20.


When I am tempted from Day to Day,
With Enemies Merciless,
Makes me to mind my Saviour dear,
How in the Wilderness.
Luke 4.


When I do drink the water clear,
That's in the River Tweed,
Makes me to mind that River still,
That does the Saints so feed.
Rev. 22.


When I behold the Chickens young,
And Hen their kindly Mother,
How carefully her Wings she spreads,
Them from all harm to coverĶ¾
Makes me to mind that Offer great,
Which Christ did give our Mother.
Matth. 23.


When I do see the Swallow swift,
So quick in Motion fly,
Makes me to mind my time so quick,
Posts to Eternity.


O who art thou great Pharaoh's Host,
Will not obey our King?
Before to Morrow-day be light,
Thou'lt find another thing.
Exod. 15.


When I the Hony-suckle see,
With all her Paps so fine,
How she does feed the industrious Bee,
Which makes her Honey mine.
[Page 32]


When I behold the glorious Stars,
From Heaven downward fell,
Makes me to mind proud Lucifer,
Like lightning's dropt to Hell.


When we the Poor hear at the Door,
That cannot help themsel,
Let us draw out our Bowels to such,
Lest we get Dives Hell.
Luke 16.


When I do mind the Loaves and Fishes few
That fed so many Men,
Makes me to love my Maker dear,
That does take care of them.
Mat. 14,


When I do see the glorious Sun,
So Red do set at Even,
Makes me to mind those Chariots Red,
That carries Martyrs to Heaven.


When I do see the Lilies fair,
That in the Vallies grow,
How pleasant all their Garments are,
Of neither Flax nor Tow.
Math. 6.


When I the Saints Graves do see,
And Bones about them lye,
Makes me to mind Ezekiel's Days,
When more of them was dry.
Ezek. 37.


When I do see the Salmons breed,
And their innumerable fry,
Makes me to praise my Maker good,
With his governing Eye.
[Page 33]


When I do see the Wind-Mill clear,
And all her Sails so wide,
Makes me to mind that Grinder strong,
Which bruised the Philistines Head.
Judg. 16.


When I do see the Dew so thick,
That on the Oxen lye,
Makes me admire that Babylonish King,
That once did ring so high.
Dan. 4.


When I do see the Peewits gay,
With their Top, and white Breasts,
Makes me to mind that rousing day,
Jehu with Baa's Priests.
2 King.10.


When I behold the Woods so Green,
So purely spread and smell,
Makes me to mind Jehovah's praise,
That made them all himsel.


When I the Butter-fly do see,
With her brave painted Wings,
Makes me to mind my Maker great,
That did create all things.


When I the Robin-Red-breast see,
That pretty Bird of fame,
Makes me to mind the Sons of Men,
Whose Tongues can never tame.
Jam. 3.


When I the Honey-comb do see,
So Curiously wrought,
Makes me to mind my Maker's praise,
Who hath all Creatures taught.
[Page 34]


When I do see the Wheels so quick,
And all its Spokes to turn,
Makes me to mind that Fortune sly,
Whose Wings are on the Wind.
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