A proclamation, for a solemn national fast and humiliation

For a Solemn National Fast and Humiliation.

PUBLISHED BY Heirs and Successors of Andrew Anderson




WILLIAM By the Grace of GOD, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, To
Macers of Our Privy Council, Messengers at Arms, Our Sheriffs in that Part, Conjunctly and Severally, Specially Constitute, Greetting; Forasmuch as, the Displeasure & wrath of Almighty GOD, in very visible against the Land, in the Judgements of great Sicknesse and Mortality, in most parts of the Kingdoms; As also of growing Dearth, and Famine threatned, with the Imminent hazard of an Invasion from our cruel and bloody Enemies abroad, all the just deservings, and effects of our continuing and a bounding sins, and of our great security and impenitency under them: And which certainly do call for our deep Humiliation, under the mighty hand of GOD, and our most earnest and solemn application, and prayers for his gracious pardon, and the removing and averting of the foresaid Judgements, upon which consideration, the Commission of the General Assembly hath likeways Addressed the Lords of Our Privy Council, That a Day of Humiliation may be appointed, and keeped for these Causes, throughout the Kingdom; Therefore, We, with Advice of the Lords of Our Privy Council, Command and Appoint a Day of Humiliation, and Prayer to be observed throughout the whole Kingdom, upon the tuenty first day of January nixt to come; Upon which We are to be deeply humbled before God, for our manifold sins and provocations, that so openly abound, and in which Men still continue secure and hardned, notwithstanding of Gods greatmercy & deliverances wrought for us, and of ourfrequent confessions, and former Fastings, which yet have produced no amendment, or Reformation: And therefore to deprecat his deserved wrath, and to implore his Mercy and Grace, that we may be delivered from the foresaid Judgements already Incumbent; And likewayes from the Invasion, and other evils wherewith we are so imminently threatned; which day of Solemn Humiliation and Prayer, above appointed, We, with Advice foresaid, Require and Command, to be most Religiously and Seriously observed by all our People, by publick Prayer, Preaching and all other Acts of deep Humiliation, and Devotion suitable to the foresaid Causes and Occasions, OUR WILL IS HEREFORE, And We Charge you strictly, and Command, that incontinent thir Our Letters seen, ye pass to the Mercat Cross of Edinburgh, and to the remanent Market Crosses of the Head Burghs, of the Several Shyres, and Stewartries within this Kingdom, and in Our Name and Authority, make publication hereof, that none pretend Ignorance. And We Ordain Our Solicitor to dispatch Copies hereof, to the Sheriffs of the several Shyres, and Stewarts of Stewartries, and their Deputs, or Clerks, to be by them published at the Mercat Crosses of the Head Burghs, upon recept thereof, and immediately sent to the several Ministers, to the effect that the same may be intimate, and read in their several Paroch30/ Churches, upon the Lords Day, immediately preceeding the day aboveappointed, and Ordains thir presents to be Printed, and allowes the Causes of this Fast, given in to the Lords of Our Privy Council be the Commission of the General Assembly of this National Church, to be Printed herewith.

Given under Our Signet at Edinburgh, the twelfth day of December, and of Our Reign the eight year, 1696 .

Per Actum Dominorum Sti. Concilii.
DA. MONCRIEFF. Cls. Sti. Concilii.
GOD save the KING.


Edinburgh, Printed by the Heirs and Successors of Andrew Anderson, Printer to His most Excellent Majesty, 1696.

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dearth, famine, sick, sin

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Title: A PROCLAMATION For a Solemn National Fast and Humiliation.

Author: Privy Council. Scotland.

Publisher: Heirs and Successors of Andrew Anderson

Publication date: 1696

Edition: 2nd Edition

Place of publication: Edinburgh

Provenance/location: Date: 1696 Bibliographic name / number: Wing (2nd ed.) / S1794 Physical description: 1 sheet ([1] p.) Copy from: National Library of Scotland Reel position: Wing / 2776:34

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