For In-bringing the Accompt of all the Hearths in this Kingdom.

PUBLISHED BY Heir of Andrew Anderson.



WILLIAM and MARY by the Grace of GOD, King and Queen of Great-Britain, France and Ireland, Defenders of the Faith, To Our Lovits,

Macers of our Privy Council, Messengers at Arms, our Sheriffs in that part conjuctly and severally, specially constituted Greeting: Whereas the Estates of the Parliament of our Antient Kingdom of Scotland, but their Act of the date the tenth day of September Current, upon the particular Considerations therein-exprest; And in Lieu and Recompense of the sixth part of the Annual rent and Annuities for one year, granted to Us by an Act of the second Session of Our Parliament: Have made an humble Tender and Offer to Us, of Three Moneths Supply payable at the Term of Martinmas next, and the Sum of Fourteen Shilling Scots for every Hearth within this Our Kingdom, to be payed at Candlemas next to come, one thousand six hundred and nintie one, by the Inhabitants dwelling in the Houses where the saids Hearths are, without exception or exemption of any, except the Hearths of Hospitals and poor People, who are upon the Charity of the Paroch; And where any Houses are not Inhabited, that the said Hearth-money shall be payed by the Heretors or proper Wodsetters to whom the same for the time doth belong:

And by which Act is Declared, that the Hearth-money, and the three Moneths Supply thereby given to Us, shall in the first place be Applyed for payment of the Sums due to the several Shires and Burghs of this Our Antient Kingsom, Furnished, Advanced or Payed by them to Our Forces, the samen being instructed and liquidat, according to the rule prescribed by the third Act of the Parliament one thousand six hundred eightie one; And likewise for paymenty od the bygone Arriers due to Our Army. And We Resolving, that the foresaid Imposition of Fourteen Shilling Scots granted to Us for every Hearth within Our Kingsom, alswell as the said Three Moneths Supply, shall in the first place be applyed to the Effect above-written.

And Considering, that by an other Act of the Third Session of Our Current Parliament, of the date the said tenth day ofSeptember instant, The Lords of our Privy Council, are Impowered to give such Orders for Collecting and Ingathering of the said HearthMoney granted to Us by the faresaid Act of Parliament, as they shall judge fit;

Therefore, We with Advice of Our Privy Council, hereby peremptorly Command and Require, the Magistrates of our Burghs Royal, on this side of the water of Tay, betwixt and the fifteenth day ofOctober next, and these beyond the samen, betwixt and the Twenty day of the said Moneth of October next, to meet in their several Burghs, and make a true and exact Tryal and Inquiry what number of Houses and Tenements, Milns, Smiddies, Kills for drying of Grain, Ovens, Furnaces for Brewing. Salt-pan [...]oap, and Glass-works are within their respective Jurisdictions and Liberties, as well these Inhabited, as these which are Waste, and who are the Possesso [...] the houses, and others forsaids Inhabited, and who are the owners of such as are waste, (excepting always Hospitals, and the huses of poor People, who are upon the Charity of the seve [...] Burghs) and what number of Hearths are in each House, Lodging or Tenement and others foresaids, and what the total Number of these Hearths [...] mount to , and transmit an Duplicat thereof under their hands to the Clerks of our Privy Council, conform to the said Act of Parliament, betwixt and the [...] following,viz. the Burrows on this side of the water of Tay betwixt and and the first of November next, & these beyond [...] & the tenth day of the said moneth.

And We with Advice of the saids Lords of Our Privy Council, Do in like manner strictly Require and Command, all the Heretors, Liferenters and proper Wodsetters, and the Tutors or Curators of such of them as are Minors, and the Factors and Chamberlains of such as live not on the place, or are absent forth of this Our Realm, in the several Paroches on this side of the Water of Tay, to meet at the Paroch-Kirk of the faith respective Paroches, at any time betwixt and the twenty day of October next to come;

and the Heretors, and others foresaids beyond the said Water of Tay, to met at the Paroch Kirk of the saids Paroches respective, at any time betwixt and the twenty fifth [...] Moneth of October next, and to make true and exact Lists, what number of Hearths are in the several Houses and others foresaids of the [...] to the Heretors, Liferenters and proper Wodsetters themselves, and how many hearths are in the several Roums, Steids and [...] their Tennents, Sub-tennents, Cottars and others, or waste and un-inhabited within their Ground, and the names [...] Proprietars thereof, (excepting always Hospitals, and the Houses of poor people, who are upon the Charity of [...] what is the total number of Hearths as aforesaid of the respective Paroches;

And We appoint all, or the major [...] subscribe the said Accompt, and Transmit the same to the Commissioner od Supply, or their Clerks, within the [...] whom We hereby appoint to meet at the Head-Burgh of the several Shires or Stewartries, where the Stewartries lyes no [...] dayes, after the respective last dyets appointed for Meeting of the Heretors, and there to examine out of what [...] take the most effectual and speedy course for making full and true Lists of all the Hearths above specified within the [...] the Lists to be reported to them, whether by appointing particular persons for maling up the exact Lifts of these [...] think fit.

And We Ordain the Clerks of the saids Commissioners of Supply, carefully to Transmit the saids [...] Council, betwixt and the dayes following, To wit, These on this side of the Water of Tay, betwixt and the fifth [...] these beyond the famine, betwixt and the fifteenth day of the said Moneth of November. And We do hereby Decl [...] Liferenters or proper Woodsetters, or others foresaid, who shall meet the saids days, albeit there be but one of them, effect above-written. And We Command the Magistrats of Our Burrows-Royal, and the Heretors, Liferenters an [...] saids of the Landward Paroches, to give exact and punctual obedience to Our Commands in the Prmisses, as the [...] perril;

With Certification to such who shall contemn or neglect the famine, they shall be Charged to the effect above [...]on; and in case they shall prove Contumacious and Disobedient, that they shall be Denounced Our Rebels, and [...] be inbrought to Our use. Our Will is herefore, and We Charge you straitly and Command, that incontinent these [...] Mercat-Cross of Edinburgh, and to the remanent Mercat-Crosses of the Head-Burghs of the several Shires and Stewartries [...] Our Name and Authority make publication hereof.

And We with Advice foresaid, Ordain the Sheriffs and Stew [...] Stewartries, and where there are no Sheriffs or Stewart-Clerks, the Clerks to the Commissioners of Supply, to [...] burghs of th several Shires and Stewartries, and transmit a Copy thereof to each one of the Royal-Burrows, and to [...] jurisdictions, to be publickly read the Sabbath following, after the Forenoons there, in the Church or Meeting-hour [...] otherways, incase there be no Preaching, in Paroch, to one of the Heretors thereof, that he may make Intimations [...] Heretors, Liferenters and proper Wodsetters, and others foresaids within the Paroch, who shall be obliged to meet and [...] under the former Certification.

Given under Our Signet at Edinburgh, the 29th day of September. And of Our Reign the second [...]
Per Actum Dominorum Sti. Concilii.
Glib. Eliot. Cls. Sti. Concilii.
God save King William and Queen Mary.

Edinburgh, Printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson, Printer to Their most Excellent Majestys, 1690.

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Title: A PROCLAMATION. For In-bringing the Accompt of all the Hearths in this Kingdom.

Author: Privy Council. Scotland.

Publisher: Heir of Andrew Anderson

Publication date: 1690

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