Guzidah Ash‘ār-e-Sabk-e-Hindi

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Ne‘mat Khān Ali was a satirist, historian, and poet (d. 1709-10). His father, Hakīm Fath-al-dīn, and his son, Hakīm Hādeq Khan, were famous physicians. Educated in his ancestral city of Shiraz, he served the court during the reign of Shah Jahān (1628-57) and continued into Aurangzēb’s reign (1658-1707). He became superintendent (dārūḡa) of the royal kitchen, and received the title of Neʿmat Khan in 1692-93. He was promoted to keeper of the crown jewels, with the title Muqarrab Khan. With the accession of Shah ʿĀlam I (1707-12) he was given the title Dāneshmand Khan and appointed to the office of court historian. Most of his poetry consists of gazals, characterised by a gentler tone of moral criticism than his satires.


Be neyāz az khalq boodan behtar az sultāni ast /
nizd-e- ‘āqil inqadar az ne‘amat-e- dunya khushast


To be indifferent to the world is better than a kingdom;
For the wise, only this much of the worldly wealth is good.

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history, poet, possessions, wealth

Source text

Title: Guzidah Ash‘ār-e- Sabk-e-Hindi

Author: Ali Reza Zakavati

Publisher: Markaz-e-Nashr-e-Danishgahi

Publication date: 2016

Original compiled c.17th century

Edition: 1st Edition

Place of publication: Tehran

Provenance/location: Original compiled c.17th century

Digital edition

Original author(s): Ali Reza Zakavati, Ne'amat Khan Ali

Original editor(s): Md. Ehteshamuddin Institute of Persian Research, Aligarh Muslim University , Azarmi Dukht Safavi Institute of Persian Research, Aligarh Muslim University

Language: English


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Genre: India > poetry

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