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  • An Exposition Upon the Prophet Jonah, by George Abbot, 1600, (English)
  • Antichrist, That Is To Saye: A True Reporte, That Antichriste Is Come, by Rudolf Gwalther, 1556, (English)
  • Provision for the Poore, by Henry Arthington, 1597, (English)
  • The Commentary of Father Monserrate, S. J. on His Journey to the Court of Akbar, by Father Monserrate, SJ., 1922, (English)
  • The raging Turke, or, Baiazet the Second A tragedie written by Thomas Goffe, Master of Arts, and student of Christ-Church in Oxford, and acted by the students of the same house, by Thomas Goffe, 1631, (English)
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