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  • Akbar and the Jesuits, by Father Pierre Du Jarric, S.J. et al., 1926, (English)
  • Bengal District Gazetteers - Manbhum, by anon., 1911 , (English)
  • Jahangir's India, by Francisco Pelsaert, 1925, (English)
  • Mirat-I-Ahmadi:Supplement, by Ali Mohammed Khan, 1928, (English)
  • Proceedings of the Committee of Revenue, 25th September-30th October,1783, by anon., , (English)
  • Remarks on the present state of the Husbandry and Commerce, by H T Colebrooke, 1795, (English)
  • The Cause of the Present Threatened Famine, by Common Sense, 1800 , (English)
  • The Commentary of Father Monserrate, S. J. on His Journey to the Court of Akbar, by Father Monserrate, SJ., 1922, (English)
  • The Imperial Gazetteer of India - Volume I, by anon., 1885 , (English)
  • The Imperial Gazetteer of India - Volume XIII, by anon., 1885 , (English)
  • The Land of Nineveh, by The President of the Board of Agriculture, 1795 , (English)
  • Tuzuk-I-Jahangiri.Vol.02, by Emperor Jahangir, 1914, (English)
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