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  • A Call To Scotland For Threatning Famine, by Anon, 1698, (English)
  • A Caveat for Covenant-Contemners and Covenant-Breakers, by John Vicars, 1647, (English)
  • A Declaration, by Wellingborough (England), 1650, (English)
  • A Short Consideration of Mr. Erasmus Warren's Defence, by Thomas Burnet, 1691, (English)
  • A View of Englands Present Distempers, by William Beech, 1650, (English)
  • ACT Of the Synod, by Synod of Lothian and Tweeddale. Church of Scotland., 1698, (English)
  • An Appeal To All True Englishmen, by Samuel Grascome, 1699, (English)
  • An Husbandmans Harrow, by Ellis Bradshaw, 1649, (English)
  • Bloudy news from Germany, by Anon., 1670-1696, (English)
  • CHURCH-LANDS NOT TO BE SOLD, by John Warner, 1647, (English)
  • Of the Childs Portion, by Ezekias Woodward, 1649, (English)
  • Poems, by Robert Gomersall, 1633, (English)
  • Psyche, or, Loves mysterie in XX canto's, displaying the intercourse betwixt Christ and the soule, by Joseph Beaumont, 1648, (English)
  • Relations of Golconda, by anon., 1931, (English)
  • Sundrie new and artificiall remedies against famine, by Hugh Platt , 1596, (English)
  • THE Mystery of Husbandry, by Leonard Meager, 1697, (English)
  • The General HISTORY of Earthquakes, by R.B., 1694, (English)
  • The Sacrifice of a Contrite Heart in Teares, Meditations, and Prayers, by John Evans, 1630, (English)
  • The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up In America or Severall Poems, by Anne Bradstreet, 1650, (English)
  • The commoners complaint: or, A dreadful warning from Newgate, to the commons of England, by Richard Overton, 1647, (English)
  • The newe and admirable arte of setting of corne, by Hugh Platt, 1600, (English)
  • The odious, despicable, and dreadfull condition of a drunkard, by Richard Younge, 1649, (English)
  • Vox Infantis. Or, The Propheticall Child, by Sampson Jones, 1649, (English)
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