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  • Ain-I-Akbari.Vol.2, by Abū'l-Fazl'Allāmi, 1877, (English)
  • An acte that purveyors shall not take victualles, within five myles of Cambrydge and Oxforde, by England and Wales, 1555, (English)
  • Battle of Kanarpi Ghat, by Sri Narayan Singh, 1885 , (English)
  • Letter to Robert Clive from Issac Sage, by Isaac Sage, , (English)
  • Mr. Boltons Last and Learned Worke of the Foure Last Things, by Robert Bolton, 1632, (English)
  • Tabaqat-I-Akbari.Vol.03, by Khwajah Nizamuddin Ahmed, 1939, (English)
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