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  • Klinike, or The diet of the diseased Divided into three bookes. wherein is set downe at length the whole matter and nature of diet for those in health, but especially for the sicke; the aire, and other elements; meat and drinke, with divers other things; various controversies concerning this subject are discussed: besides many pleasant practicall and historicall relations, both of the authours owne and other mens, &c. as by the argument of each booke, the contents of the chapters, and a large table, may easily appeare. Colellected [sic] as well out of the writings of ancient philosophers, Greeke, Latine, and Arabian, and other moderne writers; as out of divers other authours. Newly published by Iames Hart, Doctor in Physicke, by James Hart, 1633, (English)
  • An Explanation of the Generall Epistle of Saint Jude, by Samuel Otes, 1633, (English)
  • The Doctrine of Fasting and Praier, and Humiliation for Sinne, by Arthur Hildersam, 1633, (English)
  • Noble Blastus, by John Randal, 1633, (English)
  • The Herball Or Generall Historie of Plantes, by John Gerard, 1633, (English)
  • The philosophers banquet Newly furnished and decked forth with much variety of many severall dishes, that in the former service were neglected. Where now not only meats and drinks of all natures and kinds are served in, but the natures and kinds of all disputed of. As further, dilated by table-conference, alteration and changes of states, diminution of the stature of man, barrennesse of the earth, with the effects and causes thereof, phisically and philosophically. Newly corrected and inlarged, to almost as much more. By W.B. Esquire., by Michael Scot, 1633, (English)
  • The Gluttons Feaver, by Thomas Bancroft, 1633, (English)
  • Poems, by Robert Gomersall, 1633, (English)
  • The Temple Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations, by George Herbert, 1633, (English)
  • Poems, by J.D. With Elegies On the Authors Death, by John Donne, 1633, (English)
  • Divine Fancies, by Francis Quarles, 1633, (English)
  • Divine Poems, by Francis Quarles, 1633, (English)
  • Nicetas or the Triumph Over Incontinencie, by Jeremias Drexel, 1633, (English)
  • Agas Map of London 1561, by Not given, 1633, (English)
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