All such proclamacions

All suche
Proclamacions, as have
been sette furthe by the Kynges
Majestie (and passed the Print) from
the last daie of Januarij, in the firste
yere of his highnes reigne, unto the
last daie of Januarij, beeyng in
the .iiij. yere of his said moste
prosperous reigne, that
is to saie, by the
space of .iiij.
Anno. 1550.

PUBLISHED BY Richard Grafton


[Page lxxxix]

And in case any Fermour or Fermours, Owner or Owners shall refuse, or doo not bryng to Markettes, his or their Corne and Grain, accordyng to the theffecte of this [Page]Proclamacion, or as he or thei shalbe appoyncted by thesaied Justices, that then every suche offendor shall forfaict, for every suche default .x.ii. and suffre imprisonment, by the space of three monethes, the one moytie of thesaied forfaicture, to be to the use of the partie, that shall first present and approve thesame, and the other moytie, to the use of the kynges majestie, or to the use ofsuche chief lorde or lordes of the Fraunchesis, as by his graces graunt, or otherwise shall have good right to thesame, and the recovery thereof to be had and taken, in forme aforesaied.

Provided alwaies, that if thesaid Owner or Owners, shall not have so muche grain, as he or thei shalbe commaunded to bryng to the Market, or if thesame porcion so appoyncted, shall happen to be taken up afterwardes, to the kynges majesties use, by any of his highnes takers or Purveiors of grain and thesame duely proved before thesaied Justices, that then thesaid Owner and Owners, shalbee clerely [Page xc]discharged of thesaid penaltie and imprisonment, and every part thereof, this Proclamacion, or any thyng therein conteined, to the contrary notwithstandyng.

And for the continual true and inviolable observacion, of this Proclamacion, for bryngyng of all maner of graines to the Markettes, the kynges majestie pleasure is, that the Justices of Peace of every Shire, Citee, Borough, or toune corporate, shal at their severall divisions to bee made, as is aforesaied, take suche order, that some one Justice of Peace, at the least, bee alwaies from tyme to tyme personally present, in every Faire and Market, within their severall limites, and ther remain, duryng al the tyme of the same faire or Market, serchyng and examinyng, with the assistaunce of the officers of thesame place, whether every Fermor and Owner of corne, do effectually without all fraude and covyn, bryng to the Market suche proporcions and quantities, of every sortes of grain, [Page]as hath been appoyncted unto theim, and suche as shalbe found faultie therin, his Majesties pleasure is, that thesaied Justices and every of them, shall do the best that in them maie be, to have every suche offendor furthewith punished, accordyng to the tenour of this Proclamacion, wherein his highnes requireth, and straightly chargeth the saied Justices to bee diligent and upright, as thei tender his majesties plesure, and will answere for the contrary. This Proclamacion to indure, duryng the kynges highnes pleasure.

2. The .xx. daie of October. A Proclamacion, con [...]er [...]yng the prices of Victualles.

WHere as at the Parliament holden upon prorogacion at Westminster, the .xv. daie of Januarii, in the .xxv. yere of the reigne of our moste dere father, of famous memorie, kyng Henry theight it was ordeined and enacted, by aucthoritie of thesame Parliament, that the Lorde Chauncellor of Englande, the Lorde Threasorer, the Lorde President [Page xci] of the Kynges moste honorable counsaill, the Lorde Privie scale, the Lorde Stuard, the Lorde Chamberlain, and all other Lordes of the Kynges counsail, the Threasorer and Comptroller of the kynges moste honorable house, the Chauncellor of the Duchie of Lancaster, the Kynges Justices of either Benche, the Chauncellor, Chamberlaines, under Threasorer and Barons of the Kynges Exchequer, or seven of theim at the least, whereof the Lorde Chauncellor, the Lorde Threasorer, the Lorde President of the Kynges counsaill, or the lorde Privie Seale to be one, should have power and aucthoritie, from tyme to tyme, as the cause should require, to set and taxe reasonable prices, of all kyndes of Chese, Butter, Capons, Hennes, Chekines, and other kyndes of victualles, necessary for mennes sustenaunce, mencioned in thesaied act, how thei should be sold in grosse or by retaile, for relief of the kynges subjectes: and that after suche prices set and taxed, in forme aforsaid


Proclamacion should bee made in the kynges name, under the greate Seale, of thesaied prices, in suche parties of this Realme, as should be convenient for thesame. And it was further enacted by thesaied Estatute, that all Fermors, Owners, Broggers, and all other Victuallers whatsoever, havyng or kepyng, any of the kyndes of victualles, mencioned in thesaied act, to the intent to sell, should sell thesame, to suche of the kynges subjectes, as will buy them, at suche prices as should be set and taxed, by thesaid Proclamacion upon the paines to be expressed, and limited in thesaied Proclamacion, to be lost, forfaicted and levied to the Kynges use, in suche wise, as by thesaied Proclamacion should bee declared.

And further, by thesame act it was provided, that thesame act or any thing therein conteined, should not be hurtfull to Majors, Shirifes, Bailifes, or other officers of citees, Boroughes, or tounes corporate, nor to any persone or persones, or bodies pollitique, havyng [Page xcii]aucthritee to set prices of suche victualles, or of any of theim, but that thei and every of them, might set prices therof, as if that act had never been had or made. And it was also enacted by thesame act, that no persone or persones, onlesse it wer by licence under the kynges greate Seale, from thence furthe should carry or conveigh, or cause to be carried or conveighed, any corne, Befes, Muttons, Veales, Porkes, or any other of the victualles aforesaid, to any the parties beyonde the sea, excepte onely for the victuallyng of the toune of Calice, Guisnes, Hammes, and the Marches of thesame. And excepte for victuallyng of Masters, Mariners, and Marchantes shippes, passyng the seas. And also except barelled Butter and Meale, to be carried to the partes of Iselande, as hath been accustomed, upon pain of forfaictyng of the value, of the thyng conveighed and carried, into the parties of beyonde the sea, contrary to thesame act: the one half therof to thuse of our said soveraigne lorde [Page]the kyng, and thother halfe to the partie that will sue for thesame, by Bill, plaint, writte or informacion, in any of the Kynges Courtes of Recorde: In whiche suetes, the defendant shall not wage his lawe, nor any Proteccion or essoyne, for hym shalbe allowed, as by thesame act more at large it maie and doth appere.

And for as muche, as diverse and sundery greate complaintes, of inhansyng of the prices of victualles, necessary for mannes sustenaunce, and inespeciall of Corne, Grain, Butter and Chese, bee had and made, not onely to the kynges moste excellent Majestie, but also to his moste honorable counsailors, by reason that diverse his subjectes, and others, upon their unsaciable coveteousnes, myndyng and purposyng, of their perverse myndes, to make greate dearth and scarcitie, more then necessitie requireth, of Corne, Grain, Befes. Muttons, Veales, porkes, Butter, Chese, and other victualles, necessary for mannes sustenaunce, [Page xciii]not onely by unlawful ingrossyng, forstallyng and regrating of thesame, but also by unlawfull transportyng, and conveighyng thesame victualles, and other the premisses, into sundery parties beyonde the seas, contrary to thesaied statute, and contrary to the kynges Majestes Lawes and Proclamacions, in that behalf had and made, and to the greate hurte and perill, of the common wealthe of this his Realme: Where upon, the kynges moste excellent Majestie, havyng a vigilant and mercifuliye, and respect towardes his lovyng Subjectes, and willyng and straightly chargyng his said subjectes and others, from hencefurth, to enterprise no suche offences, contrary to his Lawes, Statutes, or Proclamacions upon the paines and forfaictures, conteined in thesame, and upon his high indignacion and displeasure, hath accordyng to the tenour of thesaied acte, willed & required his honorable counsailours, named in thesaied acte, to set furthe reasonable prices, of all kynd of [Page] Corne, Grain, Butter and Chese, accordyng to the tenor of thesaid act. Incosideracion wherof, the lorde Chauncellor of Englande, the lorde Threasorer of Englande, the lorde Prisident of the kynges moste honorable counsaill, the lorde Privie Seale, the lorde Chamberlain, and all other limited and appoyncted by thesaid act, for the taryng and settyng the princes of all kynde of victualles, mencioned in thesaied acte, have by aucthorite of thesaied acte, set and taxed reasonable prices of al kynde of Grain, mencioned in thesaied act, to be sold in forme folowyng. That is to saie, that from the feast of al Sainctes next ensuyng without delaye, all and singuler person and persones, havyng or kepyng any of the kyndes of Grain. Butter or Chese within this realme, to the intent to sell, shall sell thesame to suche of the Kynges Subjectes, as will buye them, at the prices hereafter mencioned, or under, and not above, that is to saie, white wheat of the best sorte, cleane and swete and not tailed, [Page xciiii]for .xiii. s .iii. d. the Quarter and not above, and white wheate of the seconde sort, and redde wheate of the best sort, cleane, swete, and not tailed, for .xi. s. the quarter, and not above, and graye wheate of the best sorte, cleane, swete, and not tailed, for .x.s. the quarter, and not above. And all other wheat, aswell white, redde and graye, of the meanest sort, not cleane or tailed, for .viii. s. the quarter, and not above. And that malt cleane, swete, and of the best sort, shalbe solde for .x. s. the quarter, and not above, and malte of the second sorte, for viii. s. the quarter, and not above. And Rie of the best, cleanest, and swetest sorte, for .vii. s. the quarter, and not above. And Rie of the seconde sorte, for vi. s. the Quarter, and not above. And barly of the best sort, cleane and swete for .ix. s. the Quarter, and not above, and Barly of the second sort, for .vii. s. the quarter, and not above. Beanes or Pease of the best sort, cleane & swete, for .v. s. the Quarter, and not above. And Beanes or Pease, of the seconde [Page]sorte, for .iii. s .viii. d. the Quarter, and not above. Otes of the best sort, clene, and swete, for .iiii. s. the Quarter, and not above, accomptyng viii bushelles to the quarter.

Provided alwaies, that in what place or Countie soever, within this the Kynges realme of Englande, or other his graces Dominions, the Measure or Reisure, shall fortune to bee more or lesse, then is above expressed, that then the prices shalbee likewise taxed, limited and appoyncted, accordyng to .viii. galones to every bushell of lande measure, and not otherwise.

And that from the saied feast of all Sainctes, the pound of swete Butter, not to bee solde above .j. d. ob. and barrelled butter, of Essex, the pound, not to be told to any the kynges subjectes, above. ob. di. qr. and barrelled Butter of any other partes, not to bee solde to the kynges subjectes above. ob. qr. And Chese of Essex, to be sold to the Kynges subjectes, from Hallowmas next, till the new yeres croppe, for. ob. di. qr. [Page xcv]and not above. And chese of other parties, not above. ob. qr. And in case any persone or persones, by hymself or by any other, by his assent or procurement shall sell or attempt to sel, any kynd of grain, butter, or chese, above the prices aforesaid, contrary to thesaied act and this proclamacion, that then the offendor or offendors in that behalfe, shall forfaict and lose to the king .xiij. s .iiij. d for every Bushell, of any kynde of the corne or graines before mencioned, to be sold, contrary to the tenor and effect of this Proclamacion, and upon pain of forfaicture of .ij. s. for every pounde of Butter or Chese, to be sold contrary to the tenor and effect of this Proclamacion, the moytie of the whiche forfaictures, the kynges majesties plesure is, that the first presentor or approver, that wil sue for thesame, shal have thesame moitie of his highnes gift, and that for all and every suche forfaicture the Kyng our soveraigne Lorde, shall and maie have his recovery and remedy, by informacion, bill, plaint, or [Page]accion of debt, in any of his highnes Courtes of Record, in whiche sute no essoyne, Proteccion, ne wager of lawe shalbee allowed.

And to the intent this Proclamacion, maie be put in good execucion, the Kynges majesties pleasure, by the advise aforesaied is, that the Justices of the Peace in every Shire, shall with all convenient spede, after this Proclamacion made, devide theimselfes, into Hundredes, Rapes, and Wapentakes accordyng as heretofore, in other his highnes affaires thei have dooen. And that three or twoo of them at the least, within the limites of their division, shall with all diligence, repaire to all Farmes, Barnes, Stackes, Garners, Sellers, Sollers, Loftes, wikes, Daries, graunges, and other houses with in the precinct, or limites of their saied division, and there shall, by all the wayes and meanes thei can, view, searche and trie out by their good discrecions, what quantitie of kyndes of Corne, Grain, Butter and Chese, every [Page xcvi]persone and persons have, within the precinct of thesame their division, and after the certaintie thereof, (as nere as it can) bee knowen unto theim, thei shall allot, appoinct and allow, to the Owner of thesaied Corne, Grain, Butter and Chese, so by them found in barnes Stackes, Garners, Granges, Wikes Daries, loftes, Sellers, Sollers, and other houses, sufficient and competent Grain, Butter and Chese, for the findyng and maintenaunce, of his or their houses and familie, untill the .xx. daie of September, nowe nexte commyng, and also for necessary sede corne, to bee employed on his or their ground, farme or farmes, to bee sowen before the .xx. daie of June now next commyng. And for the overplus of thesaied corne, grain, butter and chese, founde in barnes, stackes, and other houses aforsaid, the saied Justices shall by vertue hereof, have aucthoritee to charge and commaunde, in our name and behalf, upon pain of imprisonment, thesaid Owner and Owners, to bryng to the [Page]markettes next adjoynyng, suche porcion of the same overplus, as thei thesaid Justices shall thynke mete and requisite, and in suche sort, as by their discrecions, shal be thought mete and convenient, there to be sold, accordyng to the rate of prices, before limited by this Proclamacion. And his highnes pleasure also is, that the Justices so viewyng, and seeyng the premisses as before, shall after the viewe taken, by their writyng, signifie unto the chief officer or officers, of the Market or Markettes, Faire, or Faires, the just proporcion of al suche kind of grain, as thei shall so appoynct to thesame, and also what kind of grain it is, to thintent thesame maie be sold, accordyngly.

Provided alwaies, that in case any of thesaied Owners do sell, suche porcion, or part of the porcion of the corne grain, butter or chese as he or thei shal be so appoyncted, to bryng to the market, to any his neighbors, beyng house holders or common labourers, havyng not competent grain, butter nor chese [Page xcvii]for his or their familie, and for the onely sustenaunce & maintenaunce of hym self, his house and familie, that then thesame Owner and Owners, shalbe discharged from the bryngyng of thesaid porcion, to the next Market, so to his neighbor sold, in forme aforesaied.

And in case any Fermor or Fermors Owner or Owners, shall refuse or do not bring to the markettes, his or their Corne, Grain, Butter or Chese, accordyng to theffect of this Proclamacion, or as he or thei shalbee appoyncted by thesaid Justices, that then every suche offendor, shall for every suche default, suffer imprisonment, duryng the kynges pleasure. And if it shal happen any variance or doubt to arise, for the goodnes or basenes, of any of the kyndes of graines aforesaid, then thesame shalbe tried and finally judged, by any twoo justices of the Peace, within thesame Shire, or by the Maior, Bailief, or other hedde Officer, with twoo Conestables, or one of theim of the Toune, Parishe, Village, Faire or Markett, [Page]where thesaid grain shalbe put to sale or offered to be sold.

And furthermore, the kynges majestie of his aucthoritie and power royall, straightly chargeth and commaundeth, all and singuler his subjectes, of what estate or degree, soever he or thei be, that thei ne any of them, from hencefurth, transport, ship or carry, over the Seas, out of this his highnes realmes of Englande, or any other his graces Dominions perteinyng to the same, or into the Realme of Scotlande, or els where, into any other forrain realmes or countries, willyngly there to make port sale, of any Wheate, Malte, Rie Barly, Pease, Beanes, Otes, Mustardsede, or any other kynd of Grain, or the Meales of any of thesame, or any Befes, Muttons, Veales, Chese, Butter, Tallowe, Candle, Bere, Ale Bread, Bisket, Lether, Salte Hides, Wodde, Coles, Wolle, Felles, or any other kynde of Victuall, upon pain to forfaict the thyng so transported or conveighed, and further to incurre the [Page xcviii] daungier, paines and forfaictures, of the Kynges Lawes and Statutes, in that behalfe mencioned and provided, any licence, or dispensacion, to the contrary in any wise notwithstandyng.

Provided also, that all and every of the Kynges highnes said subjectes, borne within this Realme, by vertue and aucthoritie of the Kynges letters Patentes, maie carry over and transport, any of the kyndes of commodities aforsaid, for the necessary victuallyng and furnishyng of Calice, Guysnes, Hammes, Rice bancke, and the Marches of thesame, this Proclamacion not withstandyng, so that by coloure thereof, thesaied kyndes of commodities, ne any of theim, bee not in other places bestowed or emploied, contrary to the true intent and meanyng of this Proclamacion.

Provided also, that it shalbe lefull for all maner of persones, aswell marchauntes as other, havyng good and lawfull occasion, to repaire to the seas to furnishe their shippes and vesselles [Page] with necessary provision of victuall for thesame, and not otherwise, this Proclamacion, or any thyng therin conteined, to the contrary notwithstandyng.

Provided alwaies, that all Brewers and Bakers, maie buy all and every thesaied kyndes of Graines, and the Meales of thesame, so that thei convert thesame, so by theim bought, or to be bought, into bread and drinke, to bee sold at reasonable prices, accordyng to the auncient estatutes and lawes of this realme, or one of theim.

Provided also, that all and every Inne kepers, maie sell and utter, in their Innes or houses, Beanes, pease, and Otes, to suche as bee or shalbee their Gestes, and shalbe Lodged with theim, or any of theim, so that thei sell thesame at reasonable and convenient prices, accordyng to the lawes and statutes of this realme.

Provided also, that all Baggers and common carriers of Grain, maye buye and sell any of the saied Graines, so that thesame be sold to any Bakers [Page xcix] Brvers, Inholders, or in open Market, accordyng to the tenor and effect of this Proclamacion, forseeyng alwaie that thesaid baggers and common carriers, ne any other to their use, have at any one time of their awne, in their possession, or in the possession of any others to their use, above the nomber of twentie Quarters, of any one of the kyndes of Grain aforesaied, over and above the Grain and Corne, that he carrieth to the Market to be sold, from Market daie to Market daie, takyng for the carriage of the same grain to the Market, suche like gain and advauntage, as heretofore thei have used, for thesame carriage.

And further, the kynges majestie, moste straightly chargeth & commaundeth, all and every his Subjectes, of what degree soever he or thei be, that in no wise any of them, upon his or their dutie of allegeaunce, meddle or enterprice, to putte any article or clause of this proclamacion in execucion, by colour or pretence of thesame, but onely [Page] the Justices of Peace, or suche other as have especiall aucthoritie, by this present Proclamacion.

And we consideryng the premisses to bee for the wealthe and commoditie of this our realme, will and commaunde all Shirifes of our Countie, Majors, and Bailifes of every Citee and Borough, within this our Realme, within sixe daies, nexte after the receipte of this our Proclamacion, that he or thei with all spede, shall proclaime the premisses, in all Market Tounes within their limittes, and that all maner our Subjectes shall obeye thesame, upon pain to incurre our indignacion and displeasure. And this Proclamacion to continue, duryng our pleasure.

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Title: All suche Proclamacions, as have been sette furthe by the Kynges Majestie (and passed the Print) from the last daie of Januarij, in the firste yere of his highnes reigne, unto the last daie of Januarij, beeyng in the .iiij. yere of his said moste prosperous reigne, that is to saie, by the space of .iiij. whole ye res. Anno. 1550.

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