Orders for the redresse of abuse in diet

Orders for the redresse of abuse in diet, by her Majesties expresse pleasure, and ab-
solute commandement, to be observed in the time of this scarsitie and dearth,
both by the Ministers, and others of the Laitic of this Realme, within this dio-
ces of Norwich.



  1. IN primis, every minister shal reade and say publicke praiers, according to the booke of common praier, in every severall parish church, and chappel, on all Weddensdayes and Fridayes, orderly and devoutly, at due and convenient times.

  2. Item, all such Ministers as have any benefices, shall reside on their livinges, keepe hospitalitie there, relieve their neighbours: and such as have pluralities, shall doe the like by their Farmers, and such others as rent their livinges at their handes.

  3. Item, all and every the Ministers within this Dioces, shall recommend the orders by her Majestie commaunded unto the people, in their severall charges, carefully to be observed.

  4. Item, they shall in their sermons, and exhortations, earnestly and pithily exhort and stirre up every of their parishners to fervent praier, both publicke and private, to abstinencie, fasting and true humiliation, and to forbeare all excesse in diet.

  5. Item, they shall exhorte, and moove all and every their parishioners, to releeve the poore and needie, by good housekeeping, by setting them on worke, and by other deedes of almes, and brotherly compassion.

  6. Item, they shall exhort and move all and every their parishioners, to have patience in this time of scarsitie, and not to give eare to mutinies, and discontented persons, or the perswasions of idle braines, who swarve or repine from the humble dueties of good subjectes, to the further oftence of God, and discontenting of her Majestie, that hath so tender a care of their welfare.

  7. Item, the parishioners within this Dioces shall orderly, soberly, devoutly and diligently, frequent their severall parish Church, or chappell on all Weddensdaies, and Fridaies, to heare publike praiers, there read according to the booke of common praier of this realme.

  8. Item, all and every person such as bee of better abilitie, shall use a greater moderation in their diet then heretofore they have done.

  9. Item, none of what degree soever he or she be, shall suffer any fleshe to bee dressed or eaten in their houses, on such dayes as by law stand already prohibited, except that those persons by reason of infirmitie, be lawfully thereunto licensed.

  10. Item, on Fridayes, and other dayes nowe already by lawe appointed, for fasting daies, no suppers at all shalbe by them provided, or taken either for themselves or houshold.

  11. Item, all and everie person beeing not let by greevous sicknesse, shall abstaine from suppers, altogither on each Weddensdayes at night.

  12. Item, the collectors for the poore in every parish, shalbe diligent to make the collection carefully for their reliese: and the same shalbe increased, in respect of this present want, by those who bee of good abilitie, and reasonably bestowed sor the succour of the most distressed.

  13. Item, no persons which have housholdes shall for sparing, discharge any of their housholds, to shift for themselves: or sojourne from their usuall habitation themselves.

  14. Item, whatsoever is sorborne from anie meale, or meales: by abstinencie or sparing of any superfluous diet or fare, shall be especially by the vealthier sort charitably converted to the [...] of the poore and needie, so as not[...]e may be taken thereof according to her majesties expectation.

  15. Item, no person shall under colour of these orders, forsake their owne parish church in time of praier, and assemble themselves, as some heeretofore of their own heades offensively have attempted, under colour of generall fastes, and repaire to other churches.

  16. Item, all and every the said Ministers and Churchwardens, in everie parish, or other charitable discreet men by them to be appointed and nominated, shal carry a watchfull eye unto al Innes, Tavernes, and victualling houses, how both the keepers of them, with their houshold, and all their guestes and resorters to their houses, doe observe these here Majesties commandementes.

  17. Item, the Ministers and Churchwardens shal monthly make a true and just [...]ertificate to the Lord Bishop of the Dioces, containing aswel the names of disobedient delinquentes in any the premisses, as of those well disposed persons, who have had a duetifull regard to her Majesties commaundement, touching a charitable compassion for the reliefe of the poore, as is prescribed.

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Title: Orders for the redresse of abuse in diet, by her Majesties expresse pleasure, and ab solute commandement, to be observed in the time of this scarsitie and dearth, both by the Ministers, and others of the Laitic of this Realme, within this dio ces of Norwich.

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Publication date: 1595

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