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  • A Brief historical account, by Gent., 1699, (English)
  • A Declaration, by Wellingborough (England), 1650, (English)
  • A Discourse of the Necessity of Encouraging Mechanick Industry, by Anon, 1689, (English)
  • A Faythfull Admonition, by John Knox, 1554, (English)
  • Amygdala Britannica, Almonds for Parrets, by George Wither, 1647, (English)
  • An Husbandmans Harrow, by Ellis Bradshaw, 1649, (English)
  • Comedies and Tragedies, by Francis Beaumont et al., 1647, (English)
  • Miscellany Poems, by Thomas Heyrick, 1691, (English)
  • Miscellany Poems, by Ovid, 1697, (English)
  • Of the Childs Portion, by Ezekias Woodward, 1649, (English)
  • Orders for the redresse of abuse in diet, by William Redman, 1595, (English)
  • Poetry- Binish Kashmiri, by Binish Kashmiri, 2013 , (Persian)
  • Poetry- Binish Kashmiri, by Binish Kashmiri, 2016 , (English)
  • The Case Is Altred, by Anon, 1649, (English)
  • The Case Is Altred, by Anon, 1649, (English)
  • The Church's Request, by Digby Bull, 1695, (English)
  • The Famine of Samaria: A Sermon, by Rev. John Black, 1795, (English)
  • The Prophecie of Agabus, Concerning a Generall Famine to Come Upon the Worlde, by Peter Barker, 1597, (English)
  • The Prophecy of Famine, by Anon, 1763, (English)
  • The Resolver, by N. T., 1648, (English)
  • The Satires of Decimus Junius Juvenalis, by Juvenal, 1693, (English)
  • The Sham-Lawyer OR THE LUCKY EXTRAVAGANT., by James Drake, 1697, (English)
  • The sure way to wealth, by Daniel Burgess, 1693, (English)
  • Travels of Fray Sebastien Manrique, 1629-1643, Volume II, by Fray Sebastien Manrique, 1927, (English)
  • XXX. Sermons Lately Preached at the Parish Church of Saint Mary Magdalen Milkstreet, by Anthony Farindon, 1647, (English)
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