Epigrammes in the Oldest Cut, and Newest Fashion

in the oldest cut, and
newest fashion.
twise seven houres (in so many
weekes) studie

No longer (like the fashion) not un-
like to continue.
The first seven.
John Weever.
Sit voluisse, Sat valuisse.
At London
Printed by V. S. for Thomas Bushell, and are to be
sold at his shop at the great north doore
of Paules 1599

PUBLISHED FOR Thomas Bushell

1. To the Author.

Of Hemp and wooll our country weavers make,
Such kind of cloth as keeps us whole and cleane,
This silken Weever subtler loomes gin take,
And sev'n weeks web hath warpt with finer beam,
His cloth discovereth vice,
adorning vertues lore,
Wherefore of greater price,
then Weavers heretofore.

2. Epig. 4. In Cormungum.

Cormung did wish wel alwaies to the poore,
Wishing they had of Corne or money store:
When wishing would not fill the poor mans box
The poore man wisht, and Cormung had the pox.

3. Epig. 5 In Crassum.

Thou'rt medling with my hat, and medling with my shoos,
Thou'rt medling with my ruffes, and medling with my hose:
Thou'rt medling with my gate, and medling with my lookes,
Thou'rt medling with my wit, and medling with my bookes:
Crassus, thy medling hath this guerdon only gotte[n]
Medlers are never ripe before that they be rotten.
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corn, money, poor, pox, price, rotten

Source text

Title: Epigrammes in the Oldest Cut, and Newest Fashion

Author: John Weever

Publisher: V.S.

Publication date: 1599

Edition: 2nd Edition

Place of publication: London

Provenance/location: This text was transcribed from images available at Early English Books Online: http://eebo.chadwyck.com/home Bibliographic name / number: STC (2nd ed.) / 25224 Physical description: [110] p. Copy from: Bodleian Library Reel position: STC / 1160:08

Digital edition

Original author(s): John Weever

Language: English

Selection used:

  • 1 ) tp,5 (to the author), 9 (week 1, epig 4, in cormungum).


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Genre: Britain > poetry

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