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  • Board of Revenue Proceedings, 15-26th August, 1788, by anon., , (English)
  • Board of Revenue Proceedings, 1st-18th July, 1788, by anon., , (English)
  • Comparative State., by John Darlrymple, 1785, (English)
  • Epigrammes in the Oldest Cut, and Newest Fashion, by John Weever, 1599, (English)
  • Letter to Robert Clive from Issac Sage, by Isaac Sage, , (English)
  • Letters from the Council Chamber, by Council Chamber, , (English)
  • Medium of the Bazar Price at Poornea and Denagepoor, by Richard Becher, , (English)
  • Tuzuk-I-Jahangiri Vol.01, by Emperor Jahangir, 1909, (English)
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