Iniunctions set down by the L. Provest Bailzies and Counsel of Edinburgh to be observed by the stablers within the famyne in time comming

Iniunctions set down by the L. Provest Bailzies and Counsel of Edinburgh to
be observed by the stablers within the famyne in time comming.

PUBLISHED by John Wreittoun


IMPRIMIS. There shall be appointed by the Provest, Baillies and Counsell foure honest men [...] blers, who shall be called Poast-masters, who being receaved & sworne shall serve the Kings whole sleiges within this Burgh, and repairing thereto at all times when they shall be required by any of the Kings leiges with sufficient horse and furniture thereto, for the pryces and hyre following, To wit. [...] Item if any person hyre an horse for aught myles or within, if he please either to quite the horse there at his lighting or returne thereon that same night, provyding he stay not above halfeane day, he shall be free paying pennies [...]. But if he deeme him all that day, he shall pay for that dayes jorney a [...] detene him all night, he shall pay a mark with the horse and mans charges, provyding he ride no further myles, and .day that he deterns the horse longer, he shall pay vi shillings viijd. with the horse and mans charges ay and while the delivery of the said horse.

Item, if any man come to hyre an horse being unknowne or suspect of unsufficiencie; it shall be [...] Post-master to crave a caution for, the delivery of the horse, and payment of the hyre. Item every person that hyres an horse, shall be subject to ryde jorney ryding onely, & no galloping for spoy- ling of mens horse, and if any person shall betryed and found to have done the famine either myle or half myle or above, hee shall pay an unlaw of 40 Shillings to the awners of the horse, and if the horse be spoiled thereby, he shall pay the valour and price of the said horse. The price of the said horse being tryed by the Baillies. Item, the saids Post-masters shall be obleist to furnish the King whole leiges at all times with sufficient horse and horse geare, & shall observe and keep the whole injunctions given and set down to them as said is, under the paine of five pounds so oft as they [...], & farther punishment of their person at the will of the Magistrats. Item, the saids, Poast-masters shall have for their paines and travel & onwaiting for serving the Kings leiges as said is, of [...] shillings of hyre silver twelve pennies to be payed by the awners of the horse at the pay- ment of the hyre.

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Title: Iniunctions set down by the L. Provest Bailzies and Counsel of Edinburgh to be observed by the stablers within the famyne in time comming.

Author: Edinburgh

Publisher: John Wreittoun

Publication date: 1634

Edition: 2nd Edition

Place of publication: Edinburgh

Provenance/location: Imprint: Edinburgh : Printed by John Wreittoun., 1634. Date: 1634 Bib name / number: STC (2nd ed.) / 7484 Physical description: 1 sheet ([1] p.) Notes: Headpiece, initial. Regulations for rental of post horses, w. blanks for pennies-per-mile charges to be added. Imperfect: stained and torn with slight loss of text. Reproduction of original in: National Library of Scotland Crawford Collection. Copy from: National Library of Scotland Crawford Collection UMI Collection /reel number: STC / 2385:13

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