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  • A Voyage to Suratt, by J Ovington, 1696, (English)
  • A new voyage round the world, by William Dampier, 1697, (English)
  • A shorte treatise of politike pouuer, by John Ponet, 1556, (English)
  • Akbar and the Jesuits, by Father Pierre Du Jarric, S.J. et al., 1926, (English)
  • An acte that purveyors shall not take victualles, within five myles of Cambrydge and Oxforde, by England and Wales, 1555, (English)
  • By the Queene, by England and Wales. Sovereign (1558-1603 : Elizabeth I), 1588, (English)
  • Iniunctions set down by the L. Provest Bailzies and Counsel of Edinburgh to be observed by the stablers within the famyne in time comming, by Edinburgh, 1634, (English)
  • No Peace to the Wicked, by John Shower, 1694, (English)
  • Orders devised by the especiall commandement of the Queenes Majestie, by England and Wales. Privy Council, 1587, (English)
  • Poems, by J.D. With Elegies On the Authors Death, by John Donne, 1633, (English)
  • Proceedings of the Committee of Circuit, 3rd October-27th November, 1772, by anon., , (English)
  • The Reward of Religion, by Edward Topsell, 1596, (English)
  • Two Discourses Concerning the Affairs of Scotland, by Andrew Fletcher, 1698, (English)
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