By the Supreame Councell of the Confederat Catholicks of Ireland

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ALthough wee find our selves much afflicted, for the expressions wee are forced to make, of the Lord Nuncio his violent proceedings, against the government of the Kingdome, & the just liberties of the Nation; yet being obliged to render an accompt to God and man, of the trust reposed in us, & seeing his Lopp: squares his actions by principles, apparantly contrary to the intrest of this Nation: Wee must (in opposition to the Course hee steeres) manifest to the world our dislike of his actions, and express some parte of those Iellousies and distrusts, which (upon just grounds) wee have entertained of his proceedings, in the ensuing reasons, by which wee are induced at present to inhibitt the meeting of a Nationall Synod appointed by his Lopp:to be held at Galway the fifteenth of August next.

  1. First, it is not unknowen, that the Lord Nuncio hath made such use of a declaration drawen from a few Prelats against the Cessation concluded with the Lord Barton of Inchiquin, and of the unjust Censurs temerariously issued there upon, that hee hath introduced a Civill war among the Confederatts, & thereby exposed the Catholick Religion and this Kingdome to apparant hazard of destruction. And now observing many Prelatts, all the Nobility and men of intrest, and all the Citties and Townes Corporat with in our Quarters, resolved with us to suppress those in Armes opposing the Goverment, who are supported by his Countenance, & the ayds sent for maintenance of our cause, which (contrary to his Holines pious intentions) are applyed to foment and encrease dissentions, hee (by the assistance of a few seditious persons) calls this Nationall Synod, intending [by that unlimited power which hee assumes unto himselfe] and the terror of his Judgements, which are already extended [to the uttermost of severity on the persons of Father George Dillon, and Father Valentine Browne, for no other reason, then that they are not of his opinion, concearning the Cessation; to force an approbation of his most unjust and unexampled procedings against those adhering to the Government, and to anticipat [asmuch as in him lyeth) his Holiness, [to whom wee have appealed) his judgment of our Cause
  2. Secondly, hee convenes it at Galway, a place inconvenient, as being seated in a remote parte of the Kingdome, unsafe in the way to it, & in a Province, which is now made the seate of warr: A place where inuectives, against authority, are frequently preached by his allowance, where his Lopp:by his, and the influence of some seditious Cleargymen, upon a parte of the ignorant and misled multitude, have already affronted the Magistrat, and best men of that Towne.
  3. Thirdly, wee have just cause to feare some practize for surprizall of the Towne, at such a tyme, when some ill affected persons in the neighbourhood of it, have rebelliously taken armes, in opposition to our authority; and are countenaced in it, & (already by seizing & piladging some Castles belonging to men of Gallway) do express their disaffection to the inhabitants, and their inclinations to the plunder of that Towne. What opportunity will such a meeting (to which all men are promisscuously invited by offer of safe Conduct, in the summons) affoard to such a designe in these distracted tymes, when perhapps the Towne may be declared to have incurred the Censures, because it submitts to our authority; and the act of plundering it, therefore esteemed meritorious.
  4. Fowrthly, the Lord Nuntio, haveing made himselfe a partie, and adhereing to Owne ô Neill, now actually in Armes against the authority established by the Confederat Catholicks, what indifferency can be expected by the Nation, in a Synod wherein hee is to praeside?
  5. It is improper a Synod, should be called at such atyme, when noe corner of the Kingdome is freed from the horrid effects of warr, and all places are full of inexpressable distractions, and none exempt from the misery of famine wherein that Towne, and the adjoyneing Countrey, suffer in a high measure.
  6. The Generall Assembly (the hig hest authority among the Confederat Catholicks) being now conven'd, and the body of the Kingdome being to meete, the fowrth of September next, wee hould it necessary they should be first consulted with, in so great an affaire.
  7. Wherefore, It is ordered, and (by vertue of their oath of Association) it is straightly charged and enjoyned, that no Confederat Catholick, either of the Cleargy or of the Layety, of what degree, quaility, or Condition sover, do repaire to the Synod or meeting, summoned by the Lord Nuncio, to be held at Gallway the fifteenth of August next, or shall remaine there (if alredy gon thither, but shall depart thence imediatly, and shall not send his, or their Proxies thither; and shall revoke his or their said Proxie (is already sent) upon paine of being putt out of the protection of the Confederat Catholickes, and further proceeded against, as fallen from our union and oath of Association: Whereof the Generall Commanders, Mayors, Magistrats, and other Officers, subject to authoritie, are to take notice, and proceede accordingly in interrupting and stopping all and every person and persons, going to any such meeting or Synod, at the place or tyme aforesaid, as they will answeare the contrary. Given at Kilkenny Castle the 28 day of July 1648, and in the 24. yeare of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Lo: Charles by the grace of God King of Great Brittaine, France, and Ireland.


Dounboyn, Lucas Dillon, Richard Blake, Richard Bellings, Gerald Fenell, John Walsh, Patrick Bryan, Robert Devereux,
Printed at Kilkenny in the Yeare of our Lord, 1648.
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authority, destruction, disaffection, hazard, multitude, rebellion

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Author: Confederate Catholics. Supreme Council

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