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  • A Call To Scotland For Threatning Famine, by Anon, 1698, (English)
  • A Reply On Behalf of the Present East-India Company, by East India Company, 1698, (English)
  • A shorte treatise of politike pouuer, by John Ponet, 1556, (English)
  • An Husbandmans Harrow, by Ellis Bradshaw, 1649, (English)
  • By the Supreame Councell of the Confederat Catholicks of Ireland, by Confederate Catholics. Supreme Council., 1648, (English)
  • The Desires and Propositions of the Lord Inchequin, by Anon, 1647, (English)
  • The English Factories in India, Volume 9: 1651-1654, by anon., 1915 , (English)
  • The General HISTORY of Earthquakes, by R.B., 1694, (English)
  • The Resolver, by N. T., 1648, (English)
  • The Voice of Conscience, To All Well Meaning Citizens, by Anon, July 16, 1648, (English)
  • The World's Catastrophe, by William Lilly, 1647, (English)
  • The blacke rod, and the white rod (justice and mercie,) striking, and sparing, [brace] London, by Thomas Dekker, 1630, (English)
  • The odious, despicable, and dreadfull condition of a drunkard, by Richard Younge, 1649, (English)
  • The raging Turke, or, Baiazet the Second A tragedie written by Thomas Goffe, Master of Arts, and student of Christ-Church in Oxford, and acted by the students of the same house, by Thomas Goffe, 1631, (English)
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