Rebellion Strip't and Whipt

all its principles and pretences;
from the first to the last.
By way of appeale to the con-
sciences of the City of London in parti-
cular, and the whole kingdom
in generall.
In the behalfe of his most sacred Majesty,
and the Church now trampled on by traytors.



[Page 59]

Blesse the famuos City of London; grant the Inhabitants a serious consideration of their former wayes, repentance and pardon for all their offences; turne them, turne them O Lord into thy paths, Let thy word be a Light unto their feet, and thy testimonies a guide unto their step. Restore unto them their ancient Government, and to that end give them Governours, Magistrates, and all other Officers according to thy own will; Religious, not Rebellious, faithfull, not factious, carefull to discharge that trust which God and His Scared Majesty shal intrust them with, propounding thy Law for their imitation; the knowne Laws of the Land for their direction, studying onely the glory of thee our God, the Honour of our Royall Soveraigne and His Posterity, The peace and plenty, [Page 60] wealth and weale, prosperity and happinesse of all their fellow Citizens, from the greatest to the least and meanest.

Preserve them and the whole City from the boundlesse rage of devouring fire, from Plague, pestilentiall diseases & famine, defend it from the ravenous violence of maliciously ambitious men, from being tyrannized over & oppressed by the insulting sword: let not, O let not the wealth and glory thereof, nor any of the Inhabitants be exposed a prey to the unsatiable fury of avaricious, revengefull, bloodthirsty men: purge it from all heresie, schisme, profanenesse, and whatsoever is contrary to thy word and Commandments; and to this purpose bestow upon them faithful dispensers of thy Word, feeing their flocks with wholsome food; not leading them unto Rockie Mountaines to famish, nor leaving them amongst Wolves, killing heresies, to be destroyed, not giving the children of thy family either for fear or hope, stones instead of bread, Serpents in place of Fishes; not Preaching themselves but the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in truth and sincerity.

O Let not my Lord be angry and I will speak but this once; Be thou, (O Almighty, Omnipotent God) a strong tower of defence to all the particular Citizens, Members of that Honourable Corporation, with all the rest of the people within His Majesties Realms and Dominions, high and low, rich and poor, young and old, even from our Soveraigne Lord the King, to the tender infant newly stept into the world out of the darke prison of the wombe, and together with them all others belonging to His Royall Family and household wheresoever dispersed; Take thou every one of them into thy all-securing protection, give them blessings proportionable to their severall degrees, conditions and necessities, showre downe thy blessings upon all men from one end of the earth to the other; Let the sunshine of thy Gospel breake forth in all dark corners of the world, dispelling the black clouds of Judaisme, Turcisme, Paganisme, and all other Errours whatsoever: Accomplish the number of thy Elect, and then come Lord Jesus, come quickly. Grant these Petitions O thou Father of all mercies and God of all consolations, for the sake of thy Son our Saviour, to whom with thee and thy holy Spirit, be ascribed all Honour and Glory, now and for evermore. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Soli Deo gloria.
Si quid novisti rectius istis
Imperti, si non, his utere mercum.
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bread, flock, food, necessity, security, wolves

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Title: Rebellion Strip't and Whipt

Author: Rexophilus Londinatus Christianus Protestans

Publication date: 1648

Edition: 2nd Edition

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