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  • A Collection of Emblemes, Ancient and Moderne, by George Wither, 1635, (English)
  • A Declaration of the Resolutions of His Majesties Forces, by Ulick de Burgh, Earl of Clanricarde, 1931, (English)
  • A Discourse of the Necessity of Encouraging Mechanick Industry, by Anon, 1689, (English)
  • A Reply On Behalf of the Present East-India Company, by East India Company, 1698, (English)
  • A woorke of Joannes Ferrarius Montanus, touchynge the good orderynge of a common weale, by Johannes Ferrarius, 1559, (English)
  • An Husbandmans Harrow, by Ellis Bradshaw, 1649, (English)
  • Discourse of trade, coyn, and paper credit, by John Pollexfen, 1697, (English)
  • England's Calamities Discovered, by James Whiston, 1696, (English)
  • Rebellion Strip't and Whipt, by Rexophilus Londinatus Christianus Protestans, 1648, (English)
  • The Church's Request, by Digby Bull, 1695, (English)
  • The clothiers complaint, by Anon., 1692, (English)
  • The surueyors dialogue Divided into five bookes, by John Norden, 1607, (English)
  • Unto His Grace His Majesties High Commissioner, by George Mackenzie, 1697, (English)
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