Letters from the Council Chamber



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Captain Welsh
Commanding Officer of the late Assam Detachment at Dinapore

The Governor General in Council having considered your explaination of 26th Janry. on your grain accounts, has this day passed the following Resolutions on the Several Charges, and directs me to communicate them for your information

Decr. 1792 …. Rs. 599„9 …. Passed
Janry. 1793 …. Rs. 2117„12„6 — . Do„
February — … Rs. 237„14„6 — Do„
March Rs. 193„—„— — Do„
March— 1793– Rs. 322„7„P. Passed
— — — – – – „ 403„15„6
— — — – – – „ P 97„4„–
April– – – Rs.264„7„– Passed. But Captain Welsh to be informed that Detailed and Specified Accounts of his purchases should have been furnished.
— — — – – – „ 261„4„6
— — — – – – „ 595„3„–
— — — – – – „ 5,411„6„11
May– – – Rs. 3,946„6„6 Passed. But the Accts of the Public and private Suppliers ought to have been kept distinct,and a Separate receipt produced for the former.
— — — – – – „ 914„15„3
December– – – Rs.2000„—„— Passed
Janry.– – 1794— Charge for Oil— Disallowed
Febry.– – – – – – Rs. 2449„10„3 Passed for 2000 Rs.
— — — – – – 140„—„—

the amount Specified in the Burrah Fogan's Receipt for Cash—advanced to him for Rice, and Rice and Rs. 140 on the amount of Wheat purchased for the Use of the Detachment. The Remainder of the first Charge in February 1794 Vizt. Rupees 449„10„3 to continue at Captain Welsh's Debit, untill the letter to which he refers from Lieutt. Cresswell, dated the 11th of February 1794, shall have laid before the Board by the adjutant General.—

It appearing that the total amount debited to the company in your Grain Accts. [Page 59] is Rupees 23,294„7„P and the amount accounted for provisions Sold, Rupees 5763, only leaving a balance of Rupees 17,530; or deducting Rupees 3000 the value of articles left in the Golaks a Balance of Rupees 14,530; I am further directed by the Governor General in Council to Call upon you for an explanation of this very heavy loss to the Company in the sale of so small a quantity of provisions.—

I am &c


Coll. P. Murray
Adjutant General

Captain Welsh, in explanation of a Charge for Rice, made in his accounts for February 1794, having referred to a Letter from the late Lt. Cresswell, dated the 11th of that month, the Governor General in Council desires you will furnish a Copy of it from Your Office.

I am &c


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Abraham Caldecott Esqr.
Accountant General
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I am directed by the Governor General in Council to inform you an advance of 72,000 Rupees has been made to the Garrison Store Keeper for the purchases of supplies of Rice and Rum for the use of the Troops and Squadron at the Cape of Good Hoop and that the Marine Board have freighted the Ships Superbe Captain G. Romaine and Ann and Eliza Captain Robert Haldane for the transportation of those supplies and that it has been resolved [Page 114] that the payment for the freight of these and of all Ships and Vessels engaged by the Marine Board shall be made by the Marine Paymasters in whose favor the orders on the Treasury for this purpose will be issued.—

I am therefore further instructed to desire you will give the necessary notice to the officers of the Civil Departments of the heads and in which then payments should be charged in accounts observing at the same time, that all Expenses on accounts of his Majesty's Squadron and the Military Force employed on the Expedition against the Cape of Good Hope are to be Kept under a distinct [Page 115] head.—

I am &c

The same To the Civil Auditor Omitting the Last Paragraph
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