The Alcoran of Mahomet

The beginning and proceedings of the
Rebellion in the County of Cavan, within the
Province of ULSTER in IRELAND,
From the 23. of October, 1641. untill the 15.
of June, 1642. Whereof hitherto no-
thing hath been reported.
Whereunto is added, The Acts, and
twenty nine Conclusion of that great
and generall Congregation
Archbishops, Bishops, and others,
All of the Romish Clergy in IRELAND,
met in the City of Kilkenny in that King-
dom, on the 10 11 and 13 of May, 1642.
Concerning the present State of the
Warre in IRELAND; and for the ordering
of matters appertaining to the same, both
there, and by Negotiation eith forraign Princes.
Written, set forth, and presented to the most
Honourable the Houses of Parliament,
By Henry Jones, D.D.
There is also added a Letter written from Dublin,
August 4. 1642. Containing some late and very
remarkable passages in IRELAND.

August 11. London, Printed for Godfrey Emerson, and are
to be sold at the signe of the Swan in Little-Britain. 1642

PUBLISHED FOR Godfrey Emerson
August 11. 1642

1. CHAP. VI.
The Chapter of Gratifications, containing one hundred and seventy five Verses, written at Medina.

[Page 88]

God shall not destroy Mecca for the injustice therein committed, untill he hath sent an Apostle to [Page 89] the Inhabitants, to teach them his Commandements; every one shall be punished according to his works, thy Lord knoweth whatsoever is done in the world. Hee hath no need of his people, he is altogether mercifull, he can destroy you if it please him, and establish in your place another people, as he hath established you in the place of your predecessors. If you be not converted, you shall not escape the torments of Hell; Say unto them, do as you understand him, I will comport my selfe, as I shall apprehend him; you shall in the end understand who shall have the good part in the other world. None shall give succour to Idolaters, they, they offer to their Idols of the fruits that God hath created, and say, (following their thoughts) behold our God! Such sacrifices ascend not to God, their Idolatrie hath induced many of them to sacrifice their own Children to their false Gods, they have destroyed them, and were ensnared in their Religion; which they had not done, had it so pleased God; Separate thy selfe from them and their blasphemies they have said, that the fruits of the earth, and the benefits of God were unclean, and would not eat of them. God giveth food but to those whom he is pleased to gratifie. They have prohibited to ride on some beasts that God gave them, and slew them for food, without pronouncing the name of his divine Majestie, which is a great sin, but they shall be punished according to their demerits, They have said it is lawfull for men to eat what is in the bellies of beasts, and that it is unlawfull for their wives, and when they had slain them, they did eat for company; but God shall chastise them for their discourse, he is most wise, and Omniscient. Such as slay their Children are wretched men, fooles and ignorant, they have forbidden to eat the good things that God hath given them, to blaspheme, and are gone astray from the right way. It is God who created the gardens full of fruits, and herbs of divers colours, with Olives, Pomegranets, and other fruits alike, and different: Eat of the fruits of the Earth: Pay the due, appointed when you reap, and dispense not your substance lightly; God abhorreth prodigals: Of clean beasts, some there be that [Page 90] have borne the burden, and others that are young, and have not borne it; Eat what God hath given you, and follow not the foot-steps of the Devill, he is your open enemie. Say unto them, behold eight paire of beasts, viz.See Kitab el tenoir. two paire of Weathers, two of Ewes, two of Camels, and two paire of Cowes, of which is it permitted, or forbidden you to eat? Is it lawfull for you to eat the males, or females? Which are those that God hath forbidden you? Who is more wicked then he that blasphemeth, to seduce from the right way the people that are ignorant? God guideth not the unjust; Say unto them, In all that God hath inspired into me, I finde not that it is prohibited to eat of those beasts, except they die of some disease, and if they be slain without pronouncing the name of God. The flesh of Swine is forbidden you; if you eat of it, you incurre the wrath of God; If any one be in necessity, and eateth without designe to provoke God, he shall find God gracious and mercifull. We forbad the Jews to eat of beasts whose feet were cloven, and of the fat of Beasts, except of such as is interlarded in the flesh, the entrails and the bones. We enjoyned this prohibition by reason of their sinne, and we are veritable in our words, and exact in our promises: If they slander thee, Say unto them, the mercy of God is great, and the wicked shall not avoid the punishment of their crimes. The Infidels have said, had it pleased God, we had not been unbelievers, neither our fathers also, and nothing had been prohibited. Their predecessors spake as they, untill they felt the punishment of their sins. Say unto them, Are you assured that God is content with your proceeding? Tell us, whence ariseth this assurance? You, in this, follow but your opinion, you are but lyers, Gods providence is great; he had guided all of you in the right way, had it so pleased him. Cause them come before us, who said, It is unlawfull to eat of clean Beasts; were they present when God made the Prohibition? If they say they were present, say not as they, Neither follow the appetites of blasphemous Infidels, who believe not in the end of the word, and worship many Gods. Say unto them, Come, I will instruct you what is [Page 91] by God forbidden to be eaten; there is but one sole God, say not, he hath companions equal to him; do good to your Father and Mother, and slay not your children, in fear of dying with famine, God shall bestow on you and them also, what shall be necessary; commit not whoredome, either privately or publikely; kill no man, if justice do not command it: God requireth you to observe what is above (ordained) perhaps you will consider it. Take not the goods of Orphans, but to succour them, untill they be of age, of discretion, measure, and weight, with good weight, and just measure. I enjoyn no man any thing, but what is in his power to performe. Judge with equity, although it be against your parents and allies; satisfie what is above (ordained) God commandeth it, peradventure you will consider it; it is the right way, which you ought to pursue: go not aside, God commandeth it, perhaps you will fear his divine Majestie. We taught Moses our Commandements; it is a peculiar grace to instruct the righteous, and guide the people in the right way; it may be you will believe in the Resurrection. O ye Inhabitants of Mecca! We have sent to you the Alcoran, full of benediction, perform what is ordained, the impiety, your sins shall be forgiven you; say not, That God hath sent his Law to the two Nations that preceded you; and that it is hid from you.The Jews and Christians. Will you say, That had God taught you the Scripture, you had been more obedient then they? Certainly he hath taught you his Commandements, it is a speciall grace to guide you into the right way: Who is more unjust, then he that blasphemeth against his divine Majesty, and departeth from his Commandements? Such men shall be rigorously chastised in the fire of Hell. Will they expect that the Angels came to visit them? That God should punish, and declare to them his miracles? Will they look for the day of Judgement, wherein repentance and conversion shall be unprofitable? Such as believe in one part of the Law, and reject the other, have no foundation in their belief. God shall make them to know their errors, and shall punish them after the enormity of their crimes: He that shall do a good work, shall [Page 92] have a reward tenfold. Whosoever acteth any wickedness, shall be punished in like manner; neither shall he receive injustice. Say unto them, God hath gvided me in the way of his Law; such as professe the Law of Abraham, profess the unity of God; Abraham was not in the number of unbelievers; my prayers, my vows, my life, my death shall be consecrated to God; he hath no companion, I wholly commend my selfe to his divine pleasure. Say unto them, Do I desire to worship other God, then the Lord of the Universe? The good that a man doth, is for himselfe, and the evill that he committeth is against him; you all shall one day appear in the presence of God, he shal resolve your disputes. He it is that prolongeth your posterity, and exalteth some above others, to prove you; your Lord is exact to chactise the wicked, and gracious and mercifull to the righteous.

[Page 146]

The Chapter of Joseph, containing an hundred and thirteene Verses, written at Mecca.

IN the Name of God, gracious and mercifull. I am the mercifull God. These signes are the signes of the Booke which distinguisheth good from evill. We have caused to discend from heaven the Alcoran, written in the Arabique tongue, peradventure yee will learne it. I deliver unto thee in the Alcoran, one of the best things that I have inspired into thee. Thou were before the comming thereof, in the number of the ignorant. Remember thou, that Joseph said to his father, My father, I saw in a dreame eleven Stars, the Sunne, and the Moone, I saw them adoring me. My sonne, said his father, discover not thy dreame to thy brothers, they will conspire against thee, the devill is an open enemy to men, thou shalt be elected of the Lord in this world, he shall teach thee the explication of Dreams, he shall accomplish his grace upon thee, and upon the lineage of Jacob, as he did accomplish it upon thy fathers, Abraham, and Isaac; the Lord knoweth all things, and is most wise. The History of Joseph shall serve for example to posterity; remember thou, how his brothers said, our father loveth our brother Joseph more then all us together, he is in an exceeding great error, let us kill Joseph, and cast him into some secret place remote from us, his absence will render the face of our father more gentle towards us; after his death we will be converted. One of them said, you shall not doe well to kill him but cast him into the well, some passengers will take him, and carry him into an unknowne Countrie: They said to their Father, Father, wherefore doest thou not send Joseph into the Fields with us? Wee will bee very car full, hee shall sport and recreate himselfe; I feare, said hee, that yee will neglect to preserve [Page 147] him ; dost thou feare (said they) that a wolf should devoure him in our presence, and that we want strength to defend him? In the morning they led him with them, and cast him into a Well. We inspired him to prophesie to them what should befall them for the mischief they acted, but they wanted knowledge to comprehend it; they in the evening returned to their fathers house, with eyes full of dissembled teares, and said unto him, father, we sported, and ran who should run the best, Joseph remained with our baggage, a wolf came that devoured him; thou wilt not believe us although we speak the truth; then they shewed him his shirt, which they had sprinkled with blood; it is you that hath done it, said he, you shall answer it before God, he is my protector, and was patient, without lamenting. There past that dayThe Levantinswell; a Caravan, a number of persons travelling together. a Caravan near to that Well, who desiring to draw water to drink, let downe a bucket, on which Joseph took hold to get out; they gave him cloathes, led him away secretly, and sold him at a good rate for ready money; they would not kill him, in which they were honest men. He that bought him in Egypt commanded his wife to have care of him, that he might one day be usefull for their service, and be to them instead of a son. Thus did we establish Joseph in the country of Egypt, and taught him the exposition of dreams, thy Lord is Omnipotent, but few men know him: when Joseph came to the age of manhood, we gave him knowledge and prudence; thus doe we reward the righteous. His Masters wife became amorous of his beauty, she one day shut him into her chamber, and solicited him with love; God defend me (said he) to betray my Master, and be unchaste (he was in the number of the righteous) and fled to the door; his Mistrisse ran after him, and to stay him, tore his shirt through the back: she met her husband behind the door, to whom she said, what other thing doth he merit, who would dishonour thine house, then to be imprisoned, and severely chastised? Lord, said Joseph she sollicited me, that infant which is in the cradle, and of thy parentage shall be witnesse: Then the infant in the cradle said, if Josephs shirt be torne before, she hath spoken [Page 148] truth, and Joseph is a lyar; if the shirt be rent behind, Joseph hath delivered the truth, and she a lye: then her husband b held Josephs shirt torne behind, and knew that it was extreame malice, and said to Joseph, take heed to thy self, and beware this act be not divulged: doe thou, speaking to his wife, implore pardon for thy fault, thou art truly guilty. The women of the City, said among themselves, that the rich mans wife was amorous of his Slave, and that she had sollicited his love, and had erred from the right way, which she understanding, made them an exceeding fair feast, and caused Joseph to enter the Parlour where they sate; while they carved their meat, they were so surprised, and entangled with Josephs beauty, that they instead of carving their meat, cut their fingers. O God! said they, this is not a man, but an Angel; then said she unto them, behold him whom I loved with so much passion: she another time importuned him, to satisfie her desire, and perceiving that he would not condescend to her will, menaced him with the prison, and to make him miserable: O God! said Joseph, I had rather be a prisoner, then do what she desireth, deliver me from her malice, defend me from inclining to her lubricity, and from being in the number of the wicked: his Lord heard his prayer, he understandeth and knoweth all things. This woman seeing Josephs resolution, judged it requisite to imprison him for some time; he was put prisoner with two men, one of which told him that he had dreamed that he prest grapes to make wine; the other said, that he dream'd that he caried bread upon his head, which the birds did eat, they demanded of him the interpretation of their dreams, because he seemed to them to be a good man: he said to them before ye break fast, I wil interpret your dreams. I wil first tell you what God hath taught me, and how I quit, & abandon the law of Infidels, & embrace the Law of our fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, we ought not worship many gods; such as believe in the unity of God, are endued with his grace, but few men give him thanks. O Prisoners! who hath more power, Idols, or one sole God, who is omnipotent? The gods which ye adore are [Page 149] but Idols, whom ye and your fathers call by such a name, as seemeth good to you, ye have no reason to worship them; God doth not enjoyn you th s, he commandeth you to worship him alone; this is the right way, but the greatest part of the world, of this are ignorant. O prisoners! the one of you shall give wine to drink to his Master, the other shall be hanged, the birds shall feed on his head, the interpretation that ye have required shall be accomplished. He besought him that should be saved, to remember him when he should be neer to his Master; but the devill caused him to lose the remembrance of Joseph, who remained prisoner, the space of nine years: At that time the King of Egypt saw in a dream seven fat kine, which seven lean kine devoured; and seven green eares of corn, with seven drie eares, of which he required the interpretation of his Doctors; they answered, that the dream was very obscure, and that they knew not the interpretation; the prisoner that had been set at liberty, said, that he would forthwith give the interpretation of the dream, remembred Joseph, and calling him unto him, said, O righteous man! explain unto us what is the signification of seven fat kine, devoured by seven leane, and seven green eares of corn, and as many dry, peradventure I shall return to the King and his people, and they shall understand the interpretation of this dream. Joseph said to him, yee shall sow the earth seven years following, which shall abound in fruits, preserve your Harvest in the ears, and take only what shall be necessary for life; after this, there shall come seven years barren, and unfruitfull, in which the people shall suffer much. The King of Egypt having learned the interpretation of this dream, commanded to call Joseph; the Messenger said unto him, O Joseph! return to thy Master, and require of him the meaning of the women who did cut their fingers, he hath knowledge of their malice, hath caused them to assemble, and demanded of them what was their designe, when they solicited thee with love; they answered, they knew no sinne in thee, and his wife confessed the truth, saying, she had importuned thee, but that thou art a very just man. Joseph answered, by this it appears [Page 150] that I am no traitor to my Master in his absence, God guideth not traitors; I will not say I am a man without sin, the spirit of man inclineth to evill, except such to whom God hath given his particular grace, he is gracious and mercifull to whom seemeth good to him. The King having talked with Joseph, entred him into the number of his domesticks, and made him superintendent of hisAll the revenues of the Crown. revenews, because he knew him to be a man of spirit, faithfull, and thrifty. We, by our speciall grace, establish Joseph in the Country of Egypt, where he did what seemeth good to him. I deprive not the righteous of their reward on earth, the recompence of the other world is yet greater for them that believe in my Law, and have my fear before their eyes. The brethren of Joseph returned to buy corn; he said to them, when ye shall come again, bring with you your yong brother by the father, you shall find I will make you good measure, and lodge well my guests; if you bring him not, there shall be no corn for you, approach not this kingdom without him: They answered, Lord, his father loveth him exceedingly, nevertheless we shall endeavour to perform what thou enjoynest us; he commanded his servants to put their money for corn in the bottoms of his brethrens sacks, perhaps said he, they will return, or acknowledge this favour when they shall come into their Country. When they arrived at their father, they said, Father, there is no more corn for us, if our young brother go not with us, if he go thither we shall have good measure, and we will be carefull of him. You will be carefull, said he, as you were heretofore of your brother Joseph; God wil defend him better then you, he the merciful of the mercifull. When they poured forth their corn, they found their money at the bottomes of their sacks, and said, our father, what shall we desire more, our money is restored to us, and we have bread for our family, permit that our brother go with us, we shall have better measure, that is a small thing to the King of Egypt; I will not send him with you, unlesse ye all sweare before God to bring him back again, if there be no great impediment. They swore to fulfill his will; then said he, I take God to be witness of [Page 151] your oath: O my sons! enter not all together into the City, but go in at severall gates, to the end the people may not be jealous of you; God commandeth what to him eemeth good, I rely on him, all true believers ought to esign themselves to his divine will; they entred the City as their father enjoyned them, to content him; be ng arrived before Joseph, he took his little brother by the hand, and said to him, trouble not thy self for what shall become of thy brethren; having filled their sacks, he causad a Cup adorned with precious stones to be put into the sack of his little brother; caused it to be given out, that they of the Caravan had stolne the Kings Cup; and sent men after them to search; those strangers protested they saw it not, and that they came not into Egypt to steal, that they were sureties for each other, and that he who had stolne it deserved punishment. The Cup was found in the sack of his young brother; he caused him to be apprehended, and accused them all of theft; Lord, said they, his father is old, he will be extreamly afflicted for his absence, take one of us in his place, thou shalt in the end find us to be honest men: God forbid, said he, that I should detain other then him who was found guilty of theft, that would be injustice; finding themselves out of hope to free their brother, they saved themselves in a secret place remote from the City; where the eldest said to his brethren, you know the oath we took at our departure, and how heretofore we intreated Joseph, I will not go out of Egypt without my fathers permission, God is most just, he shall dispose of me and my brother as shall please him, return to your father, and say unto him, thy son was taken in theft, we saw him, and endeavoured to our power to deliver him, they of the Caravan shall be witnesses. Jacob said at their return, they were the cause of that accident, that did not displease you; and he took patience, saying, God perhaps will favour my sons to return in health; he knoweth in what condition I am, he is most prudent in what he ordaineth. He retired from among his sons extreamly afflicted, and bewayled the losse of his son Joseph; had his eyes continually covered with tears, and he bore [Page 152] in his heart great sorrow. His sons said unto him, Do thou yet remember Joseph, to adde to thy grief, and hasten thine end? I am (said he) extreamly desolate, I leave all to the will of God; he hath taught me what ye know not. My sonnes return into Egypt, and inquire t dings of your two brethren; dispair not of the Spirit of God, none dispaire of Gods Spirit, but the wicked. When they came unto Joseph, they said unto him, The famine that is in our Country, hath extreamly afflicted us, it hath often constrained us to come to buy Corn; thou, of thy favour, hast made us good measure; thou hast caused our money to be restored for alms, God will reward thee, he recompenceth such as are Alms-givers. He said unto them, Ye remember what ye did unto your brother Joseph: They replyed, Certainly thou art not Joseph. I am Joseph, said he, and behold my brother Benjamin. God hath given us his grace; he rewardeth him that hath his fear before his eyes, and is patient in his afflictions; he depriveth not the righteous of recompence. God, said they, hath poured his favours upon us in saving thee, whom we have exceedingly offended. Be not (said he) ashamed, God this day pardoneth you that sinne, he is gracious and mercifull; return to your Father, and bear to him this shirt, cast it upon his face, hee shall recover sight, and return hither with him, and with your whole family. The Caravan was then halfe way upon return, when Jacob said to them that attended him, I smell the odor of my sonne Joseph; you deride me, but what I speak is most true: They told him, that he was still in his old error; some dayes following, one of his sonnes arrived with tidings of Joseph; and cast the shirt that he had given him, upon him; and incontinently he recovered his sight, and said, Did I not alwayes tell you, that I knew what ye knew not; they said, Our Father pardon us, and ask the forgiveness of God for us, who have exceedingly offended him: He answered, I will beg pardon of God for you, he is gracious and mercifull. When they arrived before Joseph, he took his Father by the hand, saying, Enter without feare into Egypt, caused him to fit [Page 153] down and his brethren fell prostrate before him. My Father, said he, behold there the interpretation of mine did dream, God hath rendred it true, hee hath favoured thee, in delivering me from prison, and conducting you hither; he hath put an end to the jealousie which the de ll had procured between me and my brethren. The word is liberall to whom seemeth good to him; he know h what is necessary for his people, and is most prudent on what he ordaineth. Lord, thou hast given me wealth, nd knowledge to interpret dreams. Creator of Heaven nd Earth, thou at my protector, give me the grace to die in thy Law, and place me in the number of the righteous.He speaketh to Mahomet. This History of Joseph, is an ancient History which I relate to thee. Thou wert not with his brethren when they conspired against him; nevertheless, the greatest part of the people are incredulous. Demand no reward of them for having preached the Alcoran, it instructeth onely the wise. How many signes be there in Heaven and Earth, of the unity of God? yet the people believe not therein, and most of them adore Idols; assuredly God shall punish them at an unexpected houre, and in a time which they know not. Say unto them, Behold the right way, I call to the way of Salvation and Light, such as follow me. I return thanks to God, for that I am not in the number of unbelievers. We sent aforetime none but men to instruct the people, will not men consider what hath been the end of the wicked that were before them? Paradise is for them that are righteous; will yee not be converted? They caused the Prophets to lose all hopes of their Conversion, and believed them to be lyars; but we protected them, and delivered from their malice such as seemed good to us. nothing shall exempt the wicked from the punishment of their pains; they shall serve for example to men of spirit. The Alcoran containeth no blasphemies, it confirmeth the ancient Scriptures, and reacheth True-believers the way of Salvation.

[Page 165]

The Chapter of the Bee, containing an hundred and eight Verses, written at Mecca.

IN the Name of God, gracious and mercifull.See Gelaldin. The chastisement of God is not far remote; desire it not before its time; praised be God, he hath no companion, he causeth the Angels to descend, and sendeth his inspirations to whom it pleaseth him; preach his power, and the pains of Hell to unbelievers; there is no God but he, fear him, he created the earth and the heavens, he is more powerfull then your Idols, and created man of the mire of the earth, neverthelesse he is obstinate in his pride: he created cleane beasts for your use, you draw (from them) great emolument, and advantage, to cloth and nourish your selves, yee see their beauty when they feed; and and when they lead them to pasture, they beare the burthen and whatsoever ye will send into Cities, what ye cannot carry without them, but with exceeding great travell; God is gracious and mercifull towards you; he created horses, and mules, and asses to beare you; he created many glorious things, of which you have not [Page 166] knowledge. He teacheth them the right way, who observe his Commandements; had it pleased him, he had guided all into the way of his Law. He sendeth you water from Heaven to take away thirst, and causeth plants to bring forth, and trees that nourish your flocks; he maketh the Olive trees to produce, the Date trees, Vines, and all sorts of fruits. These things are arguments of his Unity, to such as consider them; he created the night, the day, the Sun, the Moone, and the Stars, that move at his pleasure, these things are signs of his Omnipotency to them that are wise; He created whatsoever is on Earth of divers colours kind, and species; he created the sea, which affordeth you fish, pearles, and other precious stones to adorne you; thou seest how the ships saile upon the waters, and divide the waves for the advantage of commerce, peradventure you will give God thanks for his favours. He raised the mountaines to make firm the Earth, and to hinder it to move, he created the rivers, and established wayes to guide you; he made the Stars to conduct you by night upon the sea, and the mountains to direct you in your way by day: who but he could have created what he hath made? will you never consider it? It is not in your power to keep account of his mercies, he is altogether gracious and mercifull, and knoweth the secret of your souls : the Idolls that yea adore can create nothing, but are things dead, without motion, and know not in what time the world shall rise again; your God is one sole God ; such as believe not the end of the world, such as deny his Unity, and boast of their false beliefe, are abhorred of his divine Majesty ; when they are interrogated concerning what God hath inspired into Mahomet ; they answered, that he preacheth Fables of antiquity, but they shall bear their burthen at the day of Judgement, who have seduced them from the right way, and have not known it. They that were before them were deceivers, God overthre their inhabitations, the ruines fell upon them, and he chastised them, when they least thought of it; he shall make them ashamed at the day of Judgement, and shall deman of them, where be the Idols for which they disputed [Page 167] against true-believers? Such as have knowledge of Gods Commandements, assure that shame shall be upon the foreheads of Infidels, and that the Angels shall cause them to die, because of the enormity of their sins; They will say at the houre of death, that they believe in God, and are penitent for their faults, God knoweth what they have done; he shall command them to enter into hell, where is the abode of the proud: He shall command them who have his feare before their eyes to enter the house of Eternity, and the gardens Eden, wherein flow many rivers, there shall they dwell eternally with the height of their desire. Shall the wicked continue in their sin, untill the Angels cause them to die, or untill the day of Judgement? Thus did their predecessors. God was not unjust towards them, they drew mischief on themselves through their iniquity; they were chastised and felt the punishment which they had despised; they have said, had it so pleased God, our fathers and we had adored him alone; so spake their predecessors. The Prophets are not obliged, but to preach and instruct the people. We sent a Prophet to every Nation, to instruct it, and to command the worship of one sole God, and to quit the adoration of Tagot, and of Idols; God guided some into the right way, and others were seduced; consider what is the end of the wicked; if thou indeavourest to put them into the right path, thou shalt lose thy time, God guideth not them that desire to erre, they shall be deprived of protection at the day of Judgement; they have sworne by their faith, that God will not make the dead to rise againe, but he shall cause them to rise againe, to chastise them according to his promises; but the greatest part of men doe not know it, did they know it, they would acknowledge their errors, and the impious would acknowledge their blasphemies. When we willed any thing, we said, be thou, and it was! They that depart from the wicked for the love of their Lord, and shall convert themselves, shall be rewarded in this world, and yet more in the other, had they knowledge to understand it. Such as patiently endure the injuries of unbelievers, and trust in their Lord [Page 168] shall be recompensed when they least think of it. We heretofore sent but men to preach our Law;The Jews and Christians. ask of them that have knowledge of the written Law, if it be not true? We have sent to them the Alcoran, to the end thou maist instruct men in our Commandements, peradventure they will consider it. The earth shall produce nothing to them, that shall conspire against the Prophet, they shall be chastised when they least think of it; God shall afflict them in their commerce, they shall not escape his punishment, and their substance shall diminish by little and little before their eyes; God is gracious and mercifull to them only that honour him: See they not the shadow of that which God hath created, sometimes at the right hand, sometimes at the left, to adore his divine Majesty, they certainly are contemptible; whatsoever is on the earth, and in the heavens, beast, and Angels, worship God with humility, feare their Lord, and obey his Commandements. God hath commanded them to worship and to feare one God, alone, to whom obedience is due, eternally; whom will ye feare but God? who but God shall protect you? when evill befalleth you, you have recourse to his divine goodnesse; being delivered, some of you give him thanks, and yet believe not in his Law: You seek only the riches of the earth, but you shall see what shall be your end, they say that their wealth proceedeth from their Idols: by God! an account of their blasphemies shall be required of them; they affirme that God hath daughters; assuredly they deceive themselves, and are not well satisfied, when it is said to them, that a daughter is born to them; they fly such as declare to them the punishment of their sins, God shall leave them in igmony, and they shall be contemned as the earth which they trample under their feet; because they believe not in the day of Judgement, misery shall perpetually pursue them; God shall command for ever, and be eternally powerfull and victorious. Should God chastise men when they offend, he should leave no living creature upon the earth, he deferreth their punishment untill the time appointed, they can neither advance nor retard it; they affirm God to have that [Page 169] which themselves are not satisfied to have; they lye, when they say that paradise is for them, doubtlesse they are erroneous, and shall be precipitated into the fire of hell. By God! we have sent heretofore Prophets to the people, the devill seduced men, and was master of the wicked in this world, but in the other they shall rescent great torments: We have sent thee the Alcoran, to cleare to men the doubts touching Religion, and to guide true believers into the right way. God sendeth raine from heaven to refresh the earth, this is an evident signe of his omnipotency, to them that heare his word; ye have yet a token of his omnipotency in the beasts that give you milk, to nourish you, and another marke in the fruits of the earth, in the fruits of Date trees, and the Vines, from which you extract wine, and receive profit. These things are signes of his omnipotency, to such as comprehend them. The Lord inspired the Bee to dwell in the fields, to lodge in trees, in Hives, and to eat of all sorts of fruits, it produceth honey of divers colours, that serveth for a remedy to the diseases of men; these things are signes of Gods omnipotency to them that consider them. God hath created you, and shall cause you to dye; There be persons among you that shall be full of ignominy in their life, to the end they may understand that God is omnipotent, conferreth benefits on some more then on others. Slaves have no part in the faculties of their Masters, neither are they associate with them, neverthelesse they associate to God another God equall to him, and blaspheme against his grace.) God hath created you men, and women, hath given you Children, and Children to your Children, he hath enriched you with the riches of the earth; Will you after this grace believe in your Idols, which are things inanimate, vaine, and unprofitable? Will yee bee ingratefull for the benefits of God? Will yee Worship what can neither benefit not hurt you? Believe not that there is another God companion and associate with God; Hee knoweth what yee know not, hee teacheth you a Parable: A Slave that is poore cannot give Almes, and [Page 170] he who is rich giveth almes secretly and publiquely, as he seeth good; are they both alike? Ought they to be put in paralell? Praise be to God: Certainly, the greatest part of men know not his graces, he teacheth you a parable: Behold! two men, the one was borne deaf, and dumb, and given in charge to his Guardian, he knoweth not how to imploy him, he is capable neither of doing, nor speaking well, is he like to him that speaketh, that understandeth, teacheth men Justice, and followeth the right way? Whatsoever is in Heaven, or on Earth appertaineth to God, when he commandeth any thing, it is performed in the twinkling of an eye, yea sooner, he is omnipotent: He it is that causeth you to come out of the wombe of your mother, that giveth you hearing, sight, and sense, perhaps ye will return him thanks; See ye not the birds that flye in the Aire; who sustaineth them but God? It is an evident signe of his omnipotency for the True-believers, he hath given you houses to inhabit, and the skins and furres of beasts to cover you, he hath given you their haire, and wooll, to furnish your houses, and enrich you; he created trees and clouds to overshadow you, made the Mountaines and Caves to cover you from rain, created garments to defend you from the heat of the Sun, and the rigour of cold, he hath accomplished his grace upon you, peradventure you will resigne your selves to the will of his divine Majesty, and professe his Unity. If the unbelievers depart from the way of the Law, thou art obliged only to preach to them intelligibly; they know the grace of God, and contemne it, for that the greatest part of them are impious; preach unto them the day, wherein I will raise againe all the Nations of the world, and the Prophets and Apostles who have preached to them my Commandements, there shall be no excuse for Infidels, neither shall they find protection, or relaxation of their miseries: When they shall behold their Idols, they shall confesse that they were mislead, they shall understand the unity of thy Lord, and that their Idols are not able to intercede for them. God hath added to the punishment of Infidels, hath sent them evill upon [Page 171] evill, because they hinder the world to follow his Law: Preach unto them the day, wherein I will cause to rise again all the Nations of the world, with the Prophet who preached to them, to be witness of their actions; I will be witness against them of thy Nation; I have sent thee the Book that unfoldeth the mysteries of my Law, to guid the people into the right way, and to declare the joyes of paradise to such as professe my unity. God commandeth you to do only that which is reasonable, he commandeth you to give almes, and do good to your parents, he forbiddeth whordom, disobedience, and injustice, enjoyneth you to do good, perhaps you will consider it. Perform what ye have promised to God, break not promised faith, ye call God to be witness of your promises, hee knoweth all your actions. Do not like the woman who spun a thred, foulded it, and afterwards entangled it and spoyled it, believe not that there is deceit and error in your Law; If the unbelievers be more in numbers then you, God permitteth it, to prove you; he shall clear to you at the day of Judgement the doubts that be among you; had it so pleased him, you all had observed one and the same Law; he guideth, misleadeth whom it pleaseth him, and will exactly require of you an accompt of your actions. Believe not that there is deceipt in your Law, take heed of stumbling; having once confirmed your steps, ye shall be severely chastised, f ye seduce the people from the right way; do not violate what ye have promised to God, for any price, his grace is of more advantage to you then the wealth of the earth, had ye knowledge to understand it; your wealth is perishable, and the riches of heaven are eternall; he shall recompence them that persevere in wel-doing, and whosoever shall doe good works, shall be blessed in this world, and in the other. When thou shalt read the Alcoran, implore God to deliver thee from the malice of the Divell, abominable to all the Creatures, he hath no power over them that trust in his divine Majestie, his power extendeth over such as go astray, who obey not him, and adore many Gods. When we alter any precepts (God well knoweth what he [Page 172] ordaneth), they say thou art a lyar, but the greatest part of them are ignorant; Say unto them, that assuredly the Holy Ghost hath taught it from thy Lord, to confirme believers in their faith, and to guide into the right way them that professe his unity, and to anounce to them the joyes of Paradise. I know, that they will say that a man hath taught him the Alcoran. He whom they presume to have taught him, is a Persian by Nation, and speaketh the Language of the Persians, and the Alcoran is in the Arabique tongue, full of instruction and eloquence. They who will not believe in God, shall suffer great torments; such as renounce his Commandements, blaspheme against his divine Majesty; those that reject his Law, after having professed it, shall feel the effect of his wrath, and be punished for preferring the wealth of the earth to the riches of Heaven; God guideth not unbelievers. They in whose hearts he hath imprinted disobedience, those whom he hath deprived of hearing, and sight, are ignorant, they doubtlesse shall be at the end of the world in the number of the damned; he is mercifull to them that convert, and repent to have mislead the people from the right way and persevere in obedience to his Commandements. Be thou mindfull of the day, wherein man shall dispute against himself, and every one shall be rewarded according to his works without injustice. God teacheth you a Parable; Behold a free and Priviledged City, on the which God poureth his graces on all sides with abundance, and is ingratefull for his benefits; but he sent upon it misery, famine, and feare, because of its ingratitude. God hath sent to the Inhabitants thereof a Prophet of their Nation, they have slandered him, and were chastised, because of their sinne. Eate of what God hath given you, and give him thanks for his grace; if it be he whom ye worship, he forbiddeth you to eat of Carrion, of Bloud, and Swines-flesh, and whatsoever is not slaine in pronouncing the name of God; he will be gracious and mercifull to them who shall eat through necessity, without designe to offend him. Lye not, in saying, Behold that which is permitted to be eaten! blaspheme [Page 173]not against God; such as blaspheme against him, shall not prosper in this world, and in the ot er shall suffer grievous torments. We did heretofore prohibit the Jews to eat of what we have recounted to thee, we did to them no injustice, they drew mischief on themselves through their sinne; thy Lord is gracious and mercifull to them that ignorantly offend him, who convert, and doe good works. Abraham was obedient to God, and professed his unity, he adored not Idols, and gave thanks to God for his mercies; God elected, and guided him into the right way, he gave him wealth in this world, and placed him in the other, in the number of the blessed. We have inspired thee to follow the Law of Abraham, he professed the unity of God, and adored not Idols, he established the Sabbath among the Jews, of which they dispute; God shall judge their d fference at the day of Judgement. Call the people to the Law of God with prudence, and preachings, and dispute against them with good arguments, God knoweth them that depart from the right way; if they evilly intreat you, intreat them as they shall intreat you; if ye be patient, patience is advantagious to them that take it willingly, have patience for the love of God, and afflict not your selves with the deportments and malice of the wicked, God is with the righteous, who have his feare before their eyes.

[Page 381]

Chapter of the Covering, containing twenty six Verses, written at Mecca.

Gelaldin intituleth this, the Chapter of Judgement, because that day the damned shall be covered with fire and fear. See Exteri.

IN the name of God, gracious and mercifull. Hast thou heard mention of the covering? That day shal the countenance of the wicked be covered with affliction, they shall enter into fire that is extremely hot; they shall drink of boiling water, they shall eat nothing but bryers and thorns; they shall be extremely lean, and famine shall not deliver them from an infinite number of other miseries. That day shall the good be filled with content, they shall be recompensed for their labours; in Paradise they shall hear nothing spoken that may displease them, [Page 382] they shall see fountains flow, lying upon high beds, they shal drink in fair glasses, fixed on diamonds, upon pillows well disposed, and upon pallets well adorned; will not the wicked consider the miracle of the she Camell? how it was created? how heaven was elevated? how the mountains were disposed, how the earth was extended? Preach to the wicked the pains of hell, thou art sent to preach to them, and not to constrain them, God will chastise with his great chastisement him that shall abandon his Law, and traduce the Alcoran: All men shall be one day assembled before his divine Majesty, to give accompt of their actions.

[Page 391]

The Chapter of Coreis, containing four Verses, written at Mecca.

IN the name of God, gracious and mercifull. Coreis had no humanity for them; the people come every winter, and every summer, to worship the God of the Temple of Mecca, which nourisheth and delivereth them from famine and fear.

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