The sure way to wealth

The Sure Way to Wealth.
TO get and keep
Sufficient RICHES;
Even while
Taxes Rise, and Trade Sink.
Pastor of a Church near
Covent-Garden, London.

This is the way, walk ye in it, Isa. 30. 21.

My God shall supply all your Need, Phil. 4. 19.’
London, Printed forAndrew Bell and Jonas Luntley at the Pestle and Mortar, over against the Horseshoe-Tavern in Chancery-Lane. MDCXCIII

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1. S. Woodford in Paraphrase on Psal. 37, and 34.

I N War good Men are kept, in Famine fed:
In the worst Times, blush not, nor be afraid;
God, who's their Shield, himself doth find them Bread;
And only makes their Enemies dismay'd.
Sinners, like Fat of Lambs, shall waste,
And only leave a Smoak behind,
To be the Triumph of the Wind;
Their Goods ill gotten shall not last,
But like their sudden Growth, their End shall come as fast.
Say, Lord, this poor Man to thee cried,
And thou heardst him; why then am I denied?
I who no less am thy great Care,
Since equally round both encamp'd thine Angels are.
Try God but thus, and thou shalt know
Thy Joy as certain, as my Joys are now:
How good God is, how happy they,
Who make his Pow'r their Hope, his Love their Stay!
Dread him! for if he has thy Fear,
Thou may'st be confident thy Wants shall have his Ear.
He'l be himself thy mighty Store,
When savage Lions shall for Hunger roar:
While those that glory in their Gold,
And in his own Chains would the Prisoner hold,
Spoilers themselves are Captives made,
And into sudden Want, which they least fear'd, betray'd.


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For even they that fear God, seem but little more than others to trust him. Believers on his Son for the Salvation of their Souls, do tormentingly fear what will become of their Bodies. Men that have his Spirit, are saying as the old Israelites did, Who shall give us Flesh to eat? They that are satisfied with his Word for the Life to come, show plainly that they cannot rest thereon for the Life that now is.

So much Absurdity cleaveth to our Wisdom. We trust for a Crown of Glory, and distrust for a Crumb of Bread. As though holy Faith were the substance of Things hoped for in Heaven only, and not in the Way to it: The Evidence of Things therein not yet seen, and not of Things on our way thither. As though Godliness had not Promises of this Life; which is untrue. As though we duly trusted in the living God, while we distrusted him for our least and lowest Life; which is impossible.

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In short; good Clothes and good Estates, be such as are neither so narrow as to pinch and straiten us, nor so wide as to cumber us. Agur very well understood good Living. Defects and Excesses break its Rules with us. The word Riches signifieth two things: A sufficiency for ones real Occasions, and just Contentment therewith. Without these, Kings and Queens are very poor People; but with them we are as rich as they; We have as much Wealth, though less Gold. We have Enough; that is (at least) as good as their Feast. And as many as walk by these Rules, shall not fail of this enough: Shall be rich, above the controul of Stars, Wars and Taxes.

Direction I. Trust your Guardians. I suppose you to be true Christians; and if so, the Father, Son and Spirit are your Guardians. They have promised to care for you, in Temporals as in Spirituals; have they not? 1 Pet. 5.7. The Lord who careth for you. And you have chose God for your [Page 4] Guardian, have you not? 2 Cor. 8.5. They first gave their own selves to the Lord; themselves, and all they had. God hath promised, He will never leave nor forsake you, Heb. 13.5. unless you forsake him. 2 Chron. 15.2. The Lord is with you while you are with him; if you seek him, he will be found of you;but if you forsake him, he will forsake you. He hath not promised to take care of your Souls, and left you to shift for your selves in things that concern your Bodies. It is Christ's word, Take you no thought for your Life. Say not you, What shall we eat, or what shall we drink, or wherewithal shall we be clothed? Matth. 5.25, 31. And it is Christ's Command, that you cast all your Care upon him who cares for you: All your Care for your bodily Concernments. Wherefore depend upon his Care, and you shall have Success, Support, and Maintenance. Your Cottage shall be a Court. But if you relie not on him, marvel not if your Court sink to a Cottage; If your Abundance be brought to Nothing: For nothing [Page 5] is safe but what he keeps; there is no Ensuring-Office below Heaven. There indeed is one that deserveth well the Name. By your own and your Friends careful thought, you cannot to your Stature add a Cubit; nor to your Substance a Groat. It is God that maketh Rich and Poor: As little as you think of it, you dare not deny it. The Income of Christians, is according to their Behaviour towards their Guardians. Thou shalt never have an undoing Loss, if thou dost commit thy Way unto the Lord, Psal. 37.5.

Direct. II. Go to School to the Ants. Learn Diligence with your Trust. God doth not sell his Bread to us for our Pains; nor doth he promise it to us in our Sloth. He gives Food, but requires Sweat; true Labour in our Calling.

It's by the diligent Hand that he makes poor Men rich, Prov. 10.4. to stand before Princes, Prov. 22.29. and to bear Rule, Prov. 12.24. And it is for Sloth, and by it, that the Rich are [Page 6] made Poor. Prov. 23.21. Drowziness shall clothe a Man with Rags. Prov. 20.4. The Sluggard shall beg in Harvest, and have nothing. Prov. 12.24. The slothful shall be under Tribute, in a base underling Condition. 2 Thess. 3.10. This we commanded, (from the Lord) if any Man would not work, neither should he eat. It seemeth God's Will, that we be laborious as Ants, or poor as Snakes. And it's certain, that Fire and Sword make not so many Beggars, as Sloth. Plant and water, God will give Increase. You shall be little troubled with Poverty, if you but keep from the little Sleep, the little Slumber, the little folding of the Hands to sleep, Prov. 24.33.

Why should Drones eat the Hony of Bees? or the Earth feed its unprofitable Burdens? It may not be expected; and where it's permitted, 'tis always accursed.

Truly happy Kings be Day-labourers; and blessed Courts be very Workhouses. Could Idleness invade Heaven, it would make a Famine there. Cherubims [Page 7] and Seraphims have Wings and Feet, and do use them. Angels Food is not the Bread of Idleness; they eat no such Poyson.

Direct. III. Lean upon no Reeds. Earthly Gods be but mortal Men; it's a wonder they should be trusted in by any rational Ones. But generally they are so; nor doth any thing more hinder use of our Diligence, and trust to Divine Providence, than trust in Man. Great Expectations from Parents, and rich Friends, are such a Snare; and thereby the Means of infamous Poverty unto many. Few think so; but unerring Wisdom tells us, Men of high Degree are a Lie, Psal. 62.9. And unspotted Justice passeth this Sentence, Cursed be the Man that trusteth in Man, and maketh Flesh his Arm, and whose Heart departeth from the Lord, Jer. 17.5. Papists rely on Angels and Saints above; but they, and Protestants also, lean too hard on Men below. Beware hereof, and know this; Trust in the Rich makes many Poor; [Page 8] but he shall be well provided for, who hearkneth to the Prophet, Isa. 2.22. Cease ye from Man whose Breath is in his Nostrils; For wherein is he to be accounted of? If Creatures must be Accessories, I pray let God still be Principal [...]

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