Tyajia Ashol Dhon

1. Forsaking true treasure


Forsaking true treasure, why, my heart, are you drawn to the interest?
Giving up the true thing for mere usury, I know, is the sign of a fool.
Shun the interest, cling to the true, then will your business succeed.
Know you not that from truth springs all gain, in this world?
Then why shirk the true, sing praise of usurious gain, wander in folly?
He who keeps with quiet care his true treasure is truly rich.
Adding cockleshells of interest, like lentils in a kedgeree mix, is wise, they say.
In the ocean, says Phikirchand, finding a true pearl quenches the burning soul.
That true treasure not seeing, I look to turn usurer.

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famine, food, hunger, natural dye, oral narrative, patachitra, scroll, starvation

Source text

Title: Tyajia Ashol Dhon

Author: Kangal Phikirchand

Editor(s): Ayesha Mukherjee

Publisher: University of Exeter

Publication date: 2021

Place of publication: Exeter

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Original author(s): Kangal Phikirchand

Language: Bengali, English


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Genre: India > poetry

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