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  • A Confutacion of That Popishe and Antichristian Doctryne, by Gracious Menewe, 1555, (English)
  • A National Fast, A Mockery of God, by M.M. Merrick LL.D., 1761 , (English)
  • A proclamation, for a national fast, by Privy Council. Scotland., 1698, (English)
  • An Admonition to the Towne of Callays, by R. P., 1557, (English)
  • Ane compendious and breve tractate, by William Lauder, 1556, (English)
  • How Superior Powers Oght To Be Obeyd of Their Subjects, by Christopher Goodman, 1558, (English)
  • None But Christ, by John Wall, 1648, (English)
  • Sermo Secularis, by Benjamin Hubbard, 1648, (English)
  • The Causes of Scotland's Miseries, by Anon, 1700 , (English)
  • The Thre Bokes of Cronicles, by Johannes Carion, 1560, (English)
  • The Vision of Pierce Plowman, by William Langland, 1550, (English)
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