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  • A Good Motion, by Anon, 1646, (English)
  • Ain-I-Akbari.Vol.1, by Abū'l-Fazl'Allāmi, 1872, (English)
  • CVIII Lectures Upon the Fourth of John Preached at Ashby-Delazouch in Leicestershire, by Arthur Hildersam, 1632, (English)
  • Jahangir's India, by Francisco Pelsaert, 1925, (English)
  • Poems, by J.D. With Elegies On the Authors Death, by John Donne, 1633, (English)
  • Skialetheia. Or, A Shadowe of Truth, In Certaine Epigrams and Satyres, by Everard Guilpin, 1598, (English)
  • The Complete Poems, by Ben Jonson, 1975, (English)
  • The Temple Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations, by George Herbert, 1633, (English)
  • Vicissitudes Progress, by Anon, 1648, (English)
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