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  • A prognostication of right good effect, by Leonard Digges, 1555, (English)
  • Anno Secundo & Tertio Philippi & Mariae, by England and Wales, 1555, (English)
  • An acte that purveyors shall not take victualles, within five myles of Cambrydge and Oxforde, by England and Wales, 1555, (English)
  • Anno primo & secundo Philippi & Mariae actes made at a Parliament, by England and Wales, 1555, (English)
  • A Confutacion of That Popishe and Antichristian Doctryne, by Gracious Menewe, 1555, (English)
  • The decades of the newe worlde or west India, by Pietro Martire d' Anghiera, 1555, (English)
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