A Declaration of the Resolutions of His Majesties Forces

Resolutions of His Majesties Forces,
published by the Marquisse of Clanrickard
against the Parliament of
A DECLARATION signed by the
Officers in ULSTER
And a copy of a Letter from Collonell Jones to



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My Lord,
YOur Letter of May 2.together with your Lordships,therein inclosed Declaration, came to my hands the 27 of the same, being here delivered by the Lady Dungar.

Concerning which you desire I should give my Resolution by some Gentl. expresly imployed to your Lordship,rather then by Letter, but I have fixed on this course of writing rather, this being the way lesse subject to misconstruction.

In that your Letter and Declaration,I find your Lordship resolved on a Sessation,with the Rebels(grounded as is presented) on misgovernment in England, and on those short supplies thence, made over to your Lordship, and that Army under your command.

I passe by what causeth those grievances pretended as from England,whereof,as none here can be competent Judges, so, can I not conceive why the interest in this Service may not be performed and prosecuted,without our overneer prying into the grounds or parts, in this more remote distractions, whereunto none here are called out, as to be ingaged.

As for your Lordships discouragements in the service, in your so great want of supplies, and for so long time, I have my Lord,laboured under the same perplexities, being every way, and as long,and as neerly pinched with the like evills. Yet as nothing of all that want, though much more, could draw me to resolutions of expecting a subsistance from the Rebells,by compliance with them: So, could I never cast the retarding of our supplies out of Engl. on any sinister designes or disaffections of the Parliament towards us, but on the home distractions rather of Engl. which I beseech God, the God of peace,to make up, as in his good time I nothing doubt, but he will perfectly do.

The good beginning whereof, even now very hopefully appearing, and we heare at present gathering the comfortable fruits therof, in those plentifull supplies designed for us,
[Page 2] and more daily expected. And I am very confident your Lordship had before now found the like, and as fully, had not those obstructions bin most unhappily cast in, which I doubt not but yourLordship may yet remove in your timely application to the Parl.which I most heartily desire you would doe,and wherein you cannot want those in Engl.who will very really & effectually serve you. As to those your Invitations given mee,for running that course in joyning with the Irish in Lemster & Munster; may be avenged the blood of those in whose quarrell wee have fought; and those just ends accomplished which wee ever proposed to our selves. The Lord Taffe & his adherents being content to subscribe (as your Lordship saith) in Declaration for His Majesty, & a free Parliament in Engl. Your Lordship also adding; that upon perfection of the Articles between you; provisions should bee made for mee or any of the Protestant profession who shall adhere to the agreement. Wherein I am nothing satisfied how the Munster and Lemster Rebels (being by their Oath of association; professed enemies of the Protestant Religion) and involved in the same guilt of blood equally with others of their party; and appearing in the present horrid Rebellion, & that principally & above others of that party in other Provinces; should be thought notwithstanding fit instruments to avenge the blood of those in whose quarrell we have fought, & for accomplishing those just ends by the Parl.propounded.

As for my self therfore; I shall rather hazzard; that in your Lordships Declaration of your resolution to your best power; to give opposition to all such as shal not cooperate with you in this your intended way. For; as I nothing feare any opposing powers; God assisting me in his own cause; so shall no advantages; or byrespects whatsoever; draw me off from that principle of fidelity; whereunto I am resolved to stand unmoveable: In order whereunto I am my Lord, Your Lordships Most humble servant.
Dublin June 26. 1648.
For the Lord Inchequin.


The Declaration of the Lord Marquisse of Clanrickard.

WHereas I have often before now: since the beginning of the commotion; interposed my best indevors without regard of fortune;pains; or health; by all the wayes I could possibly conceive (for integrity and candor of intention therein, I appeal to God the true searcher of hearts)for the composing the
[Page 3] grieving;and still growing distractions of this kingdome; my Native Country ; and to reduce the same and the interest of religion; loyalty; and just liberties; thereby pretended; to the best and happiest condition I could; being constantly of opinion that a long continuance of war; would at last prove fatall and ruinous to the Natives (as by the present wofull experience of dearth; famine; and civill contentions doth to every one appear) then destructive to the foresaid; by them pretended; protested and sworn ends; though through mine owne & the Natives sins: or some secret judgement of God; produced no other effect then the increasing of jealousies and misconstructions; which at length forced me into the resolution of banishingmy self from my Native Country; and all that was dear unto me therein· rather then bee a spectator of its increasing calamities; or at leastwise not to intermeddle with its publick affaires untill their own wayes and wilfulnesse made them sensible of their omission and lost opportunities: Yet notwithstanding the feeling sense I have of the now threatning ruines; or rather present irrecoverable destructions; like to fall generally on all parts of the kingdom; as well by the power and invasion of his Majesties present; and the kingdomes professed enemies; the Parliament of Engl. Forces; and their adherents; as they yet stand in opposition to his Majesties just rights and authority, as by the sad effects of civill discord arising between the Natives themselves; the consequence whereof (if not timely prevented by a speedy reconciliation; or suppressing) will soon root out Religion; divert the due course of Loyalty; and instead of just liberty bring slavery on the Subjects; besides all kinde of incident losses and miseries.

After a deep and serious consideration and recollection of the premises; and especially of the desperate & deplorable condition this Province of Connought is in now; questionlesse intended to bee made the seat of Warre; and civill dissention.

I doe hereby declare my setled and unalterable resolution, to assume the command in chief of the Forces of this Province, both by former commission immediately derived from his Majesty, and the power and authority or the Supreame Councell of the confederate Catholickes of this Kingdom, intrusted to be over the party in this Province, by their Letters bearing date the twenty eight of May last and doe take upon me so far forth, as my ability can extend the defence thereof, against all His majesties knowne Enemies, and all other unauthorized invaders, and intruders, untill His Majesties pleasure for the happy settlement of this Kingdome, and advancement of his service be made knowne.

I doe likewise protest and declare, on the word and honour of a
[Page 4] Peere, so God vouchsafe to blesse my actions and intentions, that even as I had grace of being bred, and intrusted (as also my Ancestors before me) in the truth of the Roman Catholicke Religion, so I shall til death persevere in the same, and to the uttermost of my power, by all just honourable and fit wayes, advance the same, and preserve its splendor, and lawfull interest, and uphold and maintain His Majesties Rights, Power and Prerogatives, and of the Crown of England in this Kingdome, preserve the Rights and due Liberties of the Subjects therein.

And I doe further declare that I doe fully agree and concurre in opinion with the supreame Councell, and the Generality of this Kingdome, that the late Cessation by them concluded, with the Lord Baron of Inchequeen is of present great advantage to the Kingdome, and for the further advantage of these ends above expressed, the said Councell for quieting tender Consciences, having provided by an appeale, in the behalfe of the confederate Catholicks, from the Lord Nuntio, his proceeding in point of Ecclesiasticall censures, and by him allowed of, I shall indeavour to have the said Cessation accepted, and admitted in all parts of this Province, according to the Directions and Orders of the said Councell, to those in authority over their party therein, and wil to the best of my power oppose any Forces, that shall attempt to enter into this Province, and to suppresse all persons, that shall presume to raise Forces there in, without publique Authority.
Given at Portumne June 10. 1648. Clanrickard.


A Declaration by Eugenious O Neale Generall of the confederate Catholiques of Ireland of the Forces of Ulster and the rest of the Commanders of the same Forces.

WE might be held prodigall of our own honour and give occasion of suspition of our loyalty to our Soveraign if in the midd'st of the multitude of calamities & impostures that are belched forth against us, we should neglect to appologize for our integrity, we have by free and full consent without any reluctancy, in the view of the whole World taken the oath of Assotiation appointed by universall Vote, to be taken by all the Confederate Catholickes of Ireland, wherein wee have manifested our Religion towards God, and secure our loyalty towards our Soveraigne, this Oath wee have as frequently, and freely iterated, as any the rest of our Confederates in this Kingdome, We have also a
[Page 5] vowed that Solemne Protestation made by the Catholicke Clergy of the same confederacy, protesting to give unto Caesar what is due unto Caesar, and to God what is due unto God, as we never resolve to violate this Oath and Protestation,so do we resolve never to adhere to any that have, or shall indeavour to suppresse the one or the other, such boast most of loyalty, but are most conscious of disloyalty, who have by this Cessation given to the Kings sworn Enemies, two entire Counties in Munster, which were in the possession of the confederate Catholicks without receiving any assurance of his Loyalty or the restitution of the same Counties after the expiration of the Cessation, they have (as if they were Lords Paramount of the Subjects living) disposed as well of the spiritualty as temporalty without the Subjects consent, and to the use and maintenance of the Kings Enemies, Kilkenny and other quarters belonging to the confederate Catholicks, they have actually delivered unto that great personage, whom their soules knew to be wholly disposed to betray the Kingdome, unto the Parliament, unto this great parsonage, they doe still adhere, notwithstanding those horrid treasons committed in the delivering over to the Parliam. the Castles of Dublin, Drogheda, Trime, Dundalke, all those Garrisons remaining in his quarters: For him all industry is used to procure vast summes of money, even in the Quarters of the confederate Catholickes, by way of Loan, morgage,and otherwise,as the 11th. and 12th Articles of the unwarantable Cessation doe aboundantly insinuate, yet these would need be held Loyall Subjects, and all others who oppose their sinister practises though therein bound by oath, must be held disloyall, if wee have as freely and as often as any other our fellow Catholicks bound our selves with ligatures of Loyalty since these commotions, unlesse the depraved judgement of the disloyall (to choake their owne crimes) will censure it disloyalty in us, to defend with Christian resolution the freedome of our Religion, the Prerogatives of our Soveraigne, and Liberty of our Free borne Nation, whereby we are oblieged unto the present observance of this Oath and Protestation, The Sea apostolique, by its apostolicall Missions frequently exhorted us, and to second our indeavours therein, hath sent to the Catholick confederates frequente Subsidies, so far is it from truth, that either his holinesse or we, is against the Allegiance due by Subjects unto their Soveraigne, others who looke upon state policy more then Religion, and continue no longer in allegiance then the condition of time will permit, have no longer adhered to their Soveraigne,
[Page 6] then while they were necessitated, necessity being taken away they have sided with the Kings Enemies (the Parliament) against their Soveraigne, Ve auplice corde, unto such wee may not unlesse we wilfully violate our Oath, and adhere without some assurance of their Loyalty and Ingagement, not to prejudice the Catholick Faith, for which two points the late Cessation made by the Malignant party, of the supreame Councell, and of the whole Clergy, hath not so well provided as we could wish, who for their owne mischevous ends endeavour to set forward the same Cessation, by blemishing our integrity, and by that means to draw upon us the indignation of all such as either seemly or really are for His Maje. for not being capable to move the heavens, to second their Designes, they make their recourse to Archeron, unto these that truly and really adhere unto His Majesty, without prejudicing of our Religion we do and ever shal adhere to those who only counterfeit such adherents to avoid the Force of the Catholicks we may not adhere, and upon this resolution not only we, but all the confederat catholicks, together with these corporal Towns that christianlike resolved to observe two branches of their Oath, denyed to yeeld obedience on unreasonable and prejudiciall cessation, Therefore our Armies are taken to defend our selves as well against those distressed exiled catholicks that depend upon us against all others that have actually declared themselves against his Majesty and are knowne to continue still in resolution, beseeching the Lord of Hoastes who penetrates the secrets of our hearts never to blesse our Designes longer then we intend truly and unfainedly, even without respect of private ends, to observe that command of our Lord Jesus, give unto Caesar, what is due unto Caesar; and give unto God, what is due unto God, for accompishing whereof we conjure all the confederate Catholicks, together with those faithfull Subjects, of what Religion soever) that unfainedly adhere to His Majestie to joyne with us against all Parliamentary Rebels and all factionists, who for their own ends comply with them to the violation of their Oath, the prejudice of our Soveraigne, and ruine of the distressad Nation,
Henry O Neale, Lewis Moore, Bryon O Neale, Arthure Mac Genes, Phil. O Neal, Owen O Doharty, Owen O Neal, Hugh O Neale, Rory Mac Guire, Con, O Neale, Phil O Realy, James Mac Donnell, Arthere Fox, Milo Swily
God save the KING.

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