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  • A Full and Perfect Account of the State and Condition of the Province of Ulster in Ireland, by Anon, 1690, (English)
  • CVIII Lectures Upon the Fourth of John Preached at Ashby-Delazouch in Leicestershire, by Arthur Hildersam, 1632, (English)
  • Chhiattor-er Monnontor, by Dukhushyam Chitrakar, 2020, (Bengali English)
  • Ruka'at-I-Alamgiri, by Emperor Aurangzeb, 1908 , (English)
  • Travels in the Mogul Empire, A.D. 1656-1668, by Francois Bernier, 1891, (English)
  • Tuzuk-e-Jahangiri, by Emperor Jahangir, 2016 , (English)
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