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  • THE Mystery of Husbandry, by Leonard Meager, 1697, (English)
  • Husbandry anatomized, by James Donaldson, 1697, (English)
  • A new voyage round the world, by William Dampier, 1697, (English)
  • A full and true relation of the most terrible, by I. Tord, 1697, (English)
  • Discourse of trade, coyn, and paper credit, by John Pollexfen, 1697, (English)
  • Unto His Grace His Majesties High Commissioner, by George Mackenzie, 1697, (English)
  • The Sham-Lawyer OR THE LUCKY EXTRAVAGANT., by James Drake, 1697, (English)
  • Miscellany Poems, by Ovid, 1697, (English)
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