Famine and Dearth

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  • A New Account of East-India and Persia, in Eight Letters, by John Fryer, 1698, (English)
  • A Pepys of Mogul India, by Niccolao Manucci et al., 1913, (English)
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  • An Account of Tibet: The Travels of Ippolito Desideri of Pistola, S. J., 1712-1727, by anon., 1937, (English)
  • England as Seen by Foreigners in the Days of Elizbeth and James the First, by W.B Rye, 1865, (English)
  • Five Treatises of the Philosophers Stone, by Alphonso V King of Portugal, 1432-1481, 1651, (English)
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  • Unfortunate Englysh Princes, by Anon, c.16th century, (English)
  • Voyages to the East Indies, Volume I, by Christopher Fryke et al., 1929, (English)
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