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  • A Brief historical account, by Gent., 1699, (English)
  • A Confutacion of That Popishe and Antichristian Doctryne, by Gracious Menewe, 1555, (English)
  • A Myrrour or Cleare Glasse, by Thomas Palfreyman, 1560, (English)
  • A National Fast, A Mockery of God, by M.M. Merrick LL.D., 1761 , (English)
  • A Sermon Preached Before the Queen at White-Hall, by Richard Meggott, 1691, (English)
  • Amygdala Britannica, Almonds for Parrets, by George Wither, 1647, (English)
  • Calendar of State Papers, Colonial Series, East Indies and Persia, 1630-1634, by anon., 1892 , (English)
  • England In Its Condition, by John Benson, 1648, (English)
  • Fifty Sermons, by John Donne, 1649, (English)
  • How Superior Powers Oght To Be Obeyd of Their Subjects, by Christopher Goodman, 1558, (English)
  • Maasir-I-Alamgiri, by Saqi Mustaid Khan, 1947 , (English)
  • May 24, 1649. A True Representation, by Anon, 1649, (English)
  • Mulakhkhas, by Inayat Khan, 1990 , (English)
  • Muntakhab-Ut-Tawarikh.Vol.2, by Abd al-Qadir Badauni, 1990, (English)
  • New Observations Upon the Creed, by Jean Despagne, 1647, (English)
  • Tabaqat-I-Akbari.Vol.02, by Khwajah Nizamuddin Ahmed, 1936, (English)
  • The Doctrine of Fasting and Praier, and Humiliation for Sinne, by Arthur Hildersam, 1633, (English)
  • The General HISTORY of Earthquakes, by R.B., 1694, (English)
  • The Miraculous Supply; or, the Widow Sustained in the Time of Famine, by Anon, 1797, (English)
  • The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up In America or Severall Poems, by Anne Bradstreet, 1650, (English)
  • The history of Herodian, a Greeke authour, by Herodian, 1556, (English)
  • The humble remonstrance, by Church of Scotland. General Assembly. Commission., 1647, (English)
  • Translation Chaitanyamangal, by Jayananda, 2016 , (English)
  • Tuzuk-I-Jahangiri Vol.01, by Emperor Jahangir, 1909, (English)
  • Vicissitudes Progress, by Anon, 1648, (English)
  • Vox Infantis. Or, The Propheticall Child, by Sampson Jones, 1649, (English)
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