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  • A Brief Apologie of Certen Newe Inventions, by Hugh Platt, 1593, (English)
  • A Short Consideration of Mr. Erasmus Warren's Defence, by Thomas Burnet, 1691, (English)
  • Ain-I-Akbari.Vol.3, by Abū'l-Fazl'Allāmi, 1877, (English)
  • An epitome of chronicles, by Thomas Lanquet, 1559, (English)
  • An history of the late warres, by Galeazzo Gualdo Priorato, 1648, (English)
  • Antiprognosticon That Is To Saye, An Invective Agaynst the Vayne and Unprofitable Predictions of the Astrologians, by William Fulke, 1560, (English)
  • Certaine experiments concerning fish and fruite, by John Taverner, 1600, (English)
  • Cornucopiae, by Thomas Johnson, 1595, (English)
  • Enquiries concerning Agriculture, by Daniel Coxe, 1665, (English)
  • Five Treatises of the Philosophers Stone, by Alphonso V King of Portugal, 1432-1481, 1651, (English)
  • History of India, Volume V, by anon., 1907, (English)
  • John Marshall in India: Notes and Observations in Bengal, 1668-1672, by anon., 1927, (English)
  • Relations of the Most Famous Kingdomes and Common-wealths Thorowout the World, by Giovanni Botero, 1630, (English)
  • Review, by Hugh Platt, 1675, (English)
  • Samuel Hartlib, his legacy of husbandry, by Samuel Hartlib, 1655, (English)
  • The Complaint of English Subjects Delivered in Two Parts, by Richard Newnam, 1700 , (English)
  • The Herball Or Generall Historie of Plantes, by John Gerard, 1633, (English)
  • The Herball Or Generall Historie of Plantes, by John Gerard, 1633, (English)
  • The defence of conny catching, by Robert Greene, 1592, (English)
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