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  • A Pepys of Mogul India, by Niccolao Manucci et al., 1913, (English)
  • An Introduction to Dogri Folk Literature and Pahari Art, by Lakshmi Narain et al., 1965, (English)
  • Journal from Surat to Agra & Dehly By the Way of Ugein, by Captain Charles Reynolds, 1785, (English)
  • Observations on Affairs in Ireland, by Nicholas, Lord Viscount Taaffe, 1767 , (English)
  • Strange and Terrible Newes from the North, by R. S., 1648, (English)
  • Tawi Tales:Folk Tales from Jammu, by Noriko Mayeda et al., 1974, (English)
  • Translation Chaitanyamangal, by Jayananda, 2016 , (English)
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