1. Overview
  2. Contexts
  3. Content and approach
  4. Sources and searchability
  5. Languages and translation
  6. Genres
  7. Apparatus
  8. Blog
  9. Selected bibliography

8. Blog

The project blog Food Security: Past and Present is intended as both a teaching tool and a means of discussing how examples from the past can be brought to bear upon current food security issues. It contains not only blog posts, but information on our project workshop, and links to recent official documents and discussions on food security, as well as active campaigns. This is for users who may wish to explore the themes of famine and dearth in relation to their current socio-economic implications. It is an open blog and if any of our readers wish to contribute a blog post, please contact Dr Ayesha Mukherjee

For more information about the project, contact Dr Ayesha Mukherjee at the University of Exeter.