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  • Waqiat-e-Kashmir, Muhammad Azam ()
  • Waqiat-e-Kashmir, Muhammad Azam (2016)
  • Waters of Marah sweetned, The, Timothy Batt (1648)
  • Whimzies: or, a new cast of characters, Richard Brathwaite (1631)
  • Woorke of Joannes Ferrarius Montanus, touchynge the good orderynge of a common, A weale,, Johannes Ferrarius (1559)
  • Workes of that famous chirurgion Ambrose Parey translated out of Latine, The and compared with the French. by Th: Johnson,, Ambroise ParĂ© (1634)
  • World's Catastrophe, The, William Lilly (1647)
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