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  • Vicissitudes Progress, Anon (1648)
  • View of Englands Present Distempers, A, William Beech (1650)
  • Virgidemiarum Sixe Bookes, Joseph Hall (1602)
  • Virgo Triumphans, Edward Williams (1650)
  • Vision of Pierce Plowman, The, William Langland (1550)
  • Voice of Conscience, To All Well Meaning Citizens, The, Anon (July 16, 1648)
  • Vox Infantis. Or, The Propheticall Child, Sampson Jones (1649)
  • Voyage and Travaile of M. Caesar Frederick, The, Caesar Federici (1588)
  • Voyage of Francois Pyrard, Volume I, The, (1887)
  • Voyage of Francois Pyrard, Volume II, The, Francois Pyrard de Laval (1887)
  • Voyage of Thomas Best to the East Indies, 1612-14, The, (1934)
  • Voyage to East-India, A, Edward Terry (1655)
  • Voyage to Suratt, A, J Ovington (1696)
  • Voyage to the East-Indies, A, Gabriel Dellon (1698)
  • Voyages and Travells of the Ambassadors Sent by Frederick, Duke of, The Holstein,, Adam Olearius (1669)
  • Voyages to the East Indies, Volume I, Christopher Fryke, Christopher Schweitzer (1929)
  • Voyages to the East Indies, Volume II, Christopher Fryke, Christopher Schweitzer (1929)
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